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  1. [quote name='joong' timestamp='1373159528' post='7400354'] do you still have ap2? [/quote] Yes they are.
  2. GolfWRX has forced me to use head covers on all my clubs (so my wife can see how often I get new/different ones).
  3. Told my wife and kids not to get me anything for fathers day, as I was going to buy my own gift. What did I buy??? Two complete sets of golf clubs (Driver, fairway, hybrid, irons, putters and bags)...for the kids. They outgrew their old sets and of course ones lefty and the other righty so no hand me downs. Now I need the cash to pay for them. Turned out to be the best father's day yet, here they are for the first time playing a "real" course like dad plays (I hope the start to many more father's days on the course with them): Titleist AP2 712 3-PW $585 $565 SOLD Standard L/L/L Ding
  4. Prices include shipping con/US only, using paypal. Kids are growing and need to pay for their new sets of clubs (of course on is lefty and the other is righty so no hand me downs). Best father's day gift ever, I bought my own gift, new clubs for the kids (figure at least maybe I can golf more). Here they are with their new clubs on the the "big" course for the very first time with dad on father's day. Titleist AP2 712 $585 3 - PW Standard L/L/L S300 Shafts Golf Pride Midsized Grips Ding in 8 iron heel (see pic), the rest normal wear and tear Titleist 910 D3 8.5* $190 Graphit
  5. [quote name='miket_81' timestamp='1372085112' post='7312680'] I think I am going to start saving for a set of the new AP-2's with those new C-taper lite's from KBS.. How sweet would those be.... [/quote] I was thinking the exact same thing.
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