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  1. So true about the ball flight laws. Instant amnesia would be good sometimes.
  2. I have just been reflecting on my last year's golf performance and I had a question pop into my head... "What would I do differently if I had to start again?" I thought it was an interesting question so I'd like to hear what others would do if they had to start again but keeping your current knowledge. If I were to start again I would be way less technical. I would focus on a few fundamentals of the swing and just go and play without filling my head with technical do's and don't's. I would also pick one shape of shot and focus on hitting that over and over again. That for me would be a fade because I've suffered with hook problems over the course of my playing career. What would you do differently if you had to start again?
  3. That's fine, if you're in position to do it. That may not match what you're doing. Hypothetical. You have too much extension in left wrist in transition. You're a 3 and can hit it well. That forces some pivot stall and hand action at the bottom. That first dril....total distaster for you. If you flexed your left wrist more, that would have the body react and hands would Work more up and left. You can't just say I want more body, less hands and swing more left in a vacuum. I like what this guy has to say about hand action:
  4. Found this: This is the sort of thing I was after. And found this as well:
  5. One of my big swing faults is overactive hands through the hitting area. So in the new year I want to focus on once and for all taking my hands out of the release and releasing more with the body and swinging more left. So can I please have suggestions for drills and/or gadgets to help me practice this, particularly at speed. For chip and pitch shots I can take my hands out of things quite successfully but for irons and drivers my hands are as active as ever. Thanks!
  6. Great, thanks for that suggestion. I remember looking at that some time ago but didn't like the stack and tilt aspect of it. I guess, apart from that there is some solid stuff there. Thanks again.
  7. I am 39. I have been playing since a kid. I was much better than I am now but I kept it much more simple. Now I know too much and have become overly technical. Then when I go more "natural" I just get loose and sloppy. I'm looking for the middle ground with some good swing fundamentals that I don't deviate from. Not setup related. My setup is good as has been verified by numerous pro's.
  8. It's not. I have too much going on in my head. I just want to simplify things by having some solid fundamentals to work on.
  9. Awesome! Just what I was looking for. I'll work on that. Thanks!
  10. There must be tour fundamentals. For example, tush line. Do most/all tour pro's keep there tush line or do most lose it. Another example is head movement. Do most/all tour pro's keep there head movement (horizontally) to within 2-3 inches or do most move it much more than that. I said in my original post this: "Look at Jim Furyk's swing and Tiger Woods swing. A big difference in "method's" there but what is the commonality?" I'm not talking about grip differences. I'm not talking about setup differences. You say there are things that most do (I would call those tour fundamentals), so what are they?
  11. Sorry, who? :-) It's a guy who was banned, I think, who used to claim he could make anyone into a great golfer in about 10 mjnutes. Lot of agreement between iteach and monte here. Tyler Ferrell too. These are guys who see the swing thru best technology, great eyes and lots of smarts. Thanks for the clarification. Not looking to improve in 10 minutes. I just want a proven set of fundamentals to follow.
  12. Thanks. I'll look into it. Is this like a modern version of the Swing Like A Pro book?
  13. That's the problem. Every pro will find a different "one" thing. I'm after proven tour fundamentals.
  14. What do all the tour pro's have in common when they swing? Obviously they all end up in a great impact position so I'm not talking about that. What I am asking is.... what are the common things all golf pro's have in common that us average golfers can focus on to get better results? I'm sick of going from one tip to another. I'm sick of trying to rebuild my swing. I just want a golf swing that I can rely on with sound fundamentals. I'm not after a perfect swing. I'm not after perfect shots all the time. I understand that's not possible. I just want a swing that has sound movements that will give me a good a chance at ball striking consistency without the need to try one tip after another. Look at Jim Furyk's swing and Tiger Woods swing. A big difference in "method's" there but what is the commonality? What do most tour pro's do that set's them apart from the average golfer. Swing speed is obviously one. But why? What method or teaching out there focuses on the common elements of tour pro's so us weekend warriors can copy that and get better?
  15. I have tried every putter and style under the sun. That's one of the points I added on how I became a bad putter!
  16. So you're saying that it largely comes down to expectations? I honestly don't know. Lol. Two camps on that thought. I'm one who is results oriented. But today's teaching says to be process oriented and not care what the result is. I struggle with this as I do care about the result. And it's very hard to lie to myself. But yes. You need to try. Yes try. To focus on the process. Preshot etc and just let it go. And then work out a way to trick yourself into not caring when it doesn't go in. My trick that works 97% of the time is to just smile and say " x number of holes left no biggie ". When it doesn't work is on say 16 and in. Then is when I struggle mentally. No way to make of up. Sorry. That's all I have. It's incomplete at best. Good thoughts. When I have putted my best I have wanted to hole the putt, obviously! But I have been heavily invested in the process and totally involved in putting a good stroke on the ball. Sort of irrelevant of holing the ball. It's like two minds. One is focused on the hole and the other is focused making a good stroke. When I putt badly I still know I want to hole the putt but the putting stroke is interrupted by trying to hit the ball in the hole. Don't know if that makes sense but it's what came to mind.
  17. So you're saying that it largely comes down to expectations?
  18. Thanks. I have that book I'll have to read it again. Another couple of things I thought that I did to become a bad putter was to change putters and styles too often. A lot of great putters stick to one putter and one style. Also, something I did that helped me to become a bad putter was take too long over the ball.
  19. I have started this topic up for a couple of reasons. The first is that as a teenager I was a great putter. Now as late 30's golfer I am a bad putter. After another bad putting day I thought I would jot down some notes on what I did to become a bad putter. And I'm sharing this to try and get some input from you guy's on what it takes to putt bad and conversely to putt great. So here's my list. Please make any more suggestions on both the bad putting and good putting list because I'm going to give my putting a complete overhaul and want a good place to start from. So here goes... How I went from a great putter to a bad putter 1. Tried to improve my putting technique so I would hole more short putts. 2. Put pressure on myself to hole short putts. 3. Had overly high expectations about holing putts. 4. Got frustrated when I missed putts. 5. Focused on the outcome too much and felt great if a putt when in and bad if not. 6. Become overly hole focused. 7. Didn't focus on one spot when making my putting stroke. Instead, let my mind and eyes wander. 8. Didn't hold my follow-through but started steering putts. 9. Putting became a chore and work. Ok, here's what I was doing when I was putting great... 1. Loved putting. 2. Enjoyed practicing putting and seeing the ball go in. 3. Always thought I could hole a putt. 4. Believed I was a great putter. 5. Focused on one spot on the ball as I putted. 6. Didn't get too upset at missing putts. 7. Focused on the process of putting for the sake of rolling the ball and let the outcome take care of itself. 8. Didn't focus on mechanics very much. Just tried to put a good roll on the ball. I'm sure there will be more things I can think of but that's it for now. So if you were a good putter and became bad please sure what mistakes you made. And if you're a great putter PLEASE share what you think you do that makes you great.
  20. What is your real goal? Longer distance to eliminate a long iron? As a 30 year blade guy, I need a thin line so any "so-called" improvement clubs look fat on the bottom. If you've been a pure blade guy for awhile, like me, you like that feel. You need to hit as many as you can! I go between Mizuno and Titleist MB's, wouldn't hit anything else! There's a dozen great forged clubs out there! The real goal is to eliminate one club so I have more options in the rest of my bag.
  21. A couple of years ago I went from mizuno blades to AP2's. You'e right, it's about feel. I feel like the blade cuts through the turf but with the AP2's the club seemed to bounce off it and produce pop-ups.
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