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  1. Trying to figure out what the shaft offset was on the Yes Dianna putter? I own the putter but honestly looking at it it is hard to tell exactly what it is. Hard finding information on line since the company no longer exists. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. My favorite putter of all time and the one I keep going back to is the Yes! Dianna. It’s variable weighting and such a beautiful 009 style putter. Puts an amazing roll on the ball and great weight to the head.
  3. I’m going to look into this, thank you
  4. I have gamed a Spider for the last few years but I want to go back to my roots with a blade and curious everyones thoughts on the blade market right now? Toulon, Bettinardi, Ping Vault, Evnroll, Scotty I am going to test some out but curious if any really separate themselves from the others. Appreciate everyones feedback!
  5. I appreciate all of your feedback. I have explored the D grind and the S grind as well. I understand the grind is more important then the bounce, I have just really loved the K grind. I love how it has 10* of bounce but when you play it square it doesn’t appear it has that much bounce. The leading edge sits pretty tight to the ground. I love putting it back in my stance and hitting a low spinner, I love opening it completely and flopping one up, and I love how it slides through fluffy sand. I would love to be able to hit with the different grinds but I don’t have an option to do that out here which is why I am more hesitant to spend money on a grind I’ve never used which is why I would prefer to stick to the K. I know this is not the ideal way to go about it and I know between grinds and bounce and hand ground and every aspect of a wedge you could have numerous different clubs that would work. It’s also very possible the K grind is not the best for me but again without being able to hit them all I’m stuck. What I should really do is go get fit but I don’t have any good fitters out here which is a little crazy seeing that I live next to National, Shinnecock, Maidstone, Atlantic, and Montauk Downs.
  6. I understand that, there are so many options with grind and bounce that you can configure a club. Just curious to hear what everyone has to say.
  7. I have a Vokey 60* K grind with 10* bounce. It was one of Vokeys special releases many years ago. I have been hesitant to let it go for years now because it’s been such a reliable club for me but leading edge is butchered, grooves are all worn down and I think it’s time to make the jump. I love the K grind for the versatility and bunker play so I want to get another one. I use this club for green side shots, pitch shots, and bunker, rarely do I take a full swing. I am a steep swinging player and I play golf on the eastern end of Long Island where courses are pretty firm. They no longer make a 60/10 so I am torn between getting the low bounce K that Vokey has out right now which is a 60/6 or the stock 60K that has 14* of bounce. What are your thoughts, should I go with the 6* or 14* of bounce? Is the less bounce really going to be apparent and have me digging on shots, is the 14* just too much on tighter lies? Or is the difference either way not a big deal?
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