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  1. Tony Ruggario is hosting a few dewsweeper camps at Bay Point this summer. https://dewsweepersgolf.com/schedule/ Other good options are Rob Strano at Kelly Plantation in Destin, Chris Speight at Regatta Bay in Destin or Tolver Dozier in Dothan AL. My son just will be starting college in the fall on a golf scholarship and he’s had great instruction from all of them.
  2. I started with my kids by showing them what a good finished position looks like and then having them hold their pose after each shot. I also let them use a tee for every shot until ball striking improved.
  3. I had a lesson from Iteach in the fall where we worked on getting the hips more open at impact. My main swing thought was turning the lead knee to the target to start the downswing. When done properly the hips and shoulders follow. My hip was sliding in front of the knee and restricting the hips from opening before the lesson.
  4. This is my 15yr old son who struggles with heel and fat shots. Any advice would be appreciated.
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