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  1. Freddie was more interested in fat bottomed boys.
  2. Is this self-gratification stuff?
  3. I'm soon to be 63, still bump it from the back tees and am around a 3. Get off the range, make your brain melt pitching, chipping and putting. Swing speed means NOTHING if you have no clue with the most important part of the game. "Hey, we were both about 170,....I hit an 8(from the rough). What did you hit(from the fairway)?" "A 6(to about 25"). "Pay attention to that chip shot, the rough is juicy over there." "Dude, do you always drive it in the fairway?" "For the past 40 years,......yes, that has always been a goal."
  4. 18* XTD TI opened to 20*. 210 yards, perfect gap filler.
  5. Uhhhh,....stressing over a 16+ year old driver with a value of, on a good day, $50? Not much going on in your life, huh?
  6. How many beers am I trying to sneak in? The BIGGEST weight variable.
  7. Adams XTD Forged, hollow 4-7, solid 8-LW. Like butter.
  8. Black Tie is what I have in my M-2. Do it.
  9. The J33 460 changed driver design. Instead of making the clubhead shell as stiff as possible while trampolining the face, the firmed the face and thinned the clubhead top section. That allowed face flex without violating testing criteria. Soon, that concept was in every driver made. That is today still an integral part of driver design. Paper thin top.
  10. Adams had worked its way to the big boy table by 2012. TM stole their IP and said "see you in court". Deeper pockets at TM found Adams number and bye-bye Barney.
  11. Yes I do, and people also feather fade 190 yard 8 irons too. The internet is nothing but the truth. Because I said so.
  12. It's GolfWRX, home of feathered fade 190 yard 8 irons. Try hitting the most structurally solid part of the club, where physics works most efficiently,.....the sweet-spot.
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