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  1. Thread title makes me think it was pregnant.
  2. Federal rule requires the issuance of a 1099-K,G,NEC,M...for any deductible transaction(from the payor perspective) to the individual or entity who received the income. The recipient should file a Schedule C(sole proprietorship) to reconcile any expenses against the income and derive the net income(loss) which is then added(subtracted) on the individual's 1040. If no C is included, then the taxable amount is what is on the 1099. Also, if there is taxable income, self-employment tax is calculated at the rate of 15.3%. This is the full social security(FICA) tax. An employ
  3. The death of Golf Channel is apparent. This commercial just played. Probably paid $5 for the air time.
  4. Needing it is NEVER the thinking process for a true GolfWRX'er, WANTING it is all that matters. Grab some Benjamin's from the slush fund and satisfy that want!!!!!
  5. Adams XTD Forged. $250,....if you can find them.
  6. Sound = Feel Always has, always will.
  7. Adams didn't use "made for" shafts, strictly premium components. BTW, anybody remember how this model changed driver R & D? Looks pretty SIM like, huh? The most epic thread of all time at GolfWRX.
  8. Adams were so far ahead of the R&D curve that TM said screw it,.....we'll steal it and see you in court. My 2014 XTD Forged irons are 5 years ahead of what the big 3 had. Hollow, foam filled through the 7, blades the rest of the way. Titanium fairway woods and hybrids. Finally received an offer they couldn't refuse.
  9. Tour numbers. Which one do you play om?
  10. TM pushing out Adams is not anyway near as good as real Adams putting cutting edge establishing equipment like they did before.
  11. Are you a PGA Tour player or a true believer on GolfWRX?
  12. Adams XTD Forged 5-LW. Turned my 18* Adams XTD Ti down to 20*. 180 to 205 gap. Tried my old TM Burner 5 iron. Strong lofted shovel,.....PERFECT! Maxed out at 194.
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