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  1. What is the major difference between the TENSEI Pro Blue and TENSEI AV RAW Blue? Are there exotic materials in TX flex that's not present in rest of the flexes which makes the TX flex special compare to the other flexes? What is the fundamental difference between TENSEI AV RAW Blue and Diamana TB, considering they are both the epitome of Mid Launch/Low Spin shafts in the market?
  2. What is the major difference between the TENSEI Pro Blue and TENSEI AV RAW Blue?
  3. Does anyone have ZF 60 S and TX CPM measured at 45" or 45.25" playable length? (with swing weight of D2 or D3) My experience with Diamana DF and BF shafts are they play about a flex softer than indicated flex. (Maybe that's why it's smoother?) Tensei line-ups play more true to the flex. Diamana DF and BF have stiff, x-stiff, and TX flexes, whereas ZF only have S and TX flexes. So I'm just curious as to what the measured CPM is going to be for ZF stiff.
  4. MC Tensei Pro Blue/Orange! You also can't go wrong with GD Tour AD-DI. Oldie, but goodie!
  5. Oh my goodness... I actually won it? Unbelievable! Thank you for this great giveaway! I'm very stoked about putting this shaft in play!!!
  6. Black PVD Straight shaft will be fantastic. Thanks for the opportunity.
  7. Signed up !! I checked out these putters at the PGA show, and they were legit! Feels great too. Thanks for the opportunity.
  8. Oh, man... I would love to win this giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!
  9. Assuming all the spec is same between two shafts (length, flex, grip, grip weight, adapter, adapter weight, same driver head) except for the weight of the counterbalanced shaft (60g vs. 70g), which shaft is going to have higher swing weight and what would be the approximate swing weight difference? The particular shaft I'm referring to is Tensei Pro Orange. Since this is counter-balanced shaft, and the majority of the weight distribution is towards the butt-end of the shaft, would that mean it would lower the swing weight as the weight of the shaft increase from 60g to 70g?
  10. 1. Mizuno ST 190 2. Ping G410 Plus 3. Cobra F9
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