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  1. done. let me know if you need anything else! thanks!
  2. I apologize guys, i can't seem to figure out why the hell the pictures are upside down, they look fine until i upload them here. working on it.
  3. Hey guys, i have two pair of size 11.5 gallivanters that i bought in January or so of 2020. Because of Covid, didn’t put that much wear on them and actually just bought two new pair this year. I’m going to say i probably have about 30 rounds in the white/white and 20 in the white/blue (g/fore calls them snow and snow/twilight). Asking $100 per pair. See pics. Any questions let me know. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, two items tonight. Prices are shipped CONUS. Any questions let me know. Thanks! 1. Sim2 driver head only, 8*. This thing is flawless. Got it new from a fellow wrxer, hit about 25 balls on a monitor and decided to stick with the gamer. Comes with new headcover and wrench. 2. Graphite Design AD-XC 6s. Taylormade 2 deg tip. 44.5 inches from butt to tip. I don’t believe it’s been tipped. Has about 25 rounds on it.
  5. All prices are shipped CONUS. Only trade interests would be a SIM2 8* or a Ping G425 LST Driver. (1) SIM 8* head and headcover. Pictures tell the story. Head was played for probably 75 rounds and the paint has suffered a bit, however, this thing is still a rocket launcher. SOLD (2) Master's 1934 Berckman's Place Q zip. Light Blue. Got this as a gift. Retail was something like $325. Softest Fabric I've ever felt on a quarter zip. Wore it once, but I'm a bit too fat for it. My loss your gain. SOLD (3) Adidas Mammoth Dunes solid blue on top with stripes on botto
  6. Hello gents. All prices are shipped CONUS. Graphite Design AD-IZ 6s with a TM tip, no tipping, measures 44 from butt to tip. This was my gamer for this year, probably 40 rounds. A little bit of smudging on the graphics from going in and out of bag, but this thing has a ton of life in it. $old. Two pairs of Brand New True Ecoknits, size 11.5. Never even tried them on. Both come with the matching shoe bag as well. BLACK SOLD. Blue pair 65 shipped. Any questions, let me know. Thanks!
  7. those are some great looking CBs there! had mine in the bag the whole year. GLWS.
  8. gregrusso41, that is correct. thanks for responding in my absence. i appreciate it. also, thanks to everyone who messaged me, and sorry i didn't have the post updated to reflect items that had been purchased or were pending payment until now. i literally woke up to about 30 messages, but i believe i've now gotten back to everyone who was interested. if anybody has any other questions, let me know. thanks again everybody!
  9. all prices are shipped CONUS. if you want something, just paypal me, [email protected] and i will ship it the next day and send tracking. 6. blue tear drop Fj 7. Blue stripe FJ Two FJ shirts. The blue tear drop pattern one is a size M and has a Blackstone golf course logo, the blue stripe one is a size L has a Kishwaukee country club logo. Both have been worn twice and washed twice. The stripe one is a bit more cotton based than performance fabrics. $10 a piece. 9. Adidas q zip (middle one in picture) $15 Middle is grey adidas, size L, worn about 10 times but still in great condition.
  10. SIM $old love the SIM but i spin the hell out of the ball, so needed to loft down. For those of you with semi normal golf swings, this is an absolute rocket launcher of a driver head. I hit about 50 balls with this thing, half indoors on monitor, half outside before the lockdown Shorts 40 per pair or 70 for both vineyard vines links shorts from sale last fall. Took tags off, lost a bunch of weight over the winter, don’t fit me anymore. Full disclosure, the blue pair has a teensy mark on the back that you would only really see if you were examining the hell out of them. Minty color is
  11. Hey Guys, I found the Wishon 575mmc about 6 or 7 years ago and fell in love. Since then, I've been collecting them whenever I see them on here or the bay, and now I've got too many and its time to unload. I have two sets for sale, one with shafts and one heads only. I'm welcome to offers, and have no idea what shipping will cost, so I am going to try to ballpark prices that include shipping in the CONUS. 1.) 575mmc refinished in black carbon with gold detailing, with DG X100s and brand new white Pure grips. 4-7 in cavity back, 8-P in muscle back. These things are dope as hell, and will
  12. All prices include shipping. M5 Tour head - SOLD 2019 Bettinardi Studio Stock 2 - SOLD AD-DI 6S - SOLD Under Armour Storm Rain Pants size XL - SOLD Adida Gore Tex Rain Jacket size L - $40. basically brand new. Wore once and was too small in the shoulders. Adidas Clima Lite Rich Harvest Farms NIU Golf quarter zip size XL - $20 I’ve worn this thing about 20 times. No blemishes, but it’s been worn. Any questions let me know.
  13. Graphite Design AD-IZ 7x - $175 Tensei CK Orange 60 Stiff - $150 Both have no tipping and were butt cut to 44.25 with tip. The IZ has a mark from bag chatter that is pictured. The tensei has literally been swung about 10 times. The IZ was my gamer for the last 30 rounds or so. Any questions let me know. Can ship out next day. Thanks!
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