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  1. Anyone know if that sweater in the pics is available to the public?
  2. I thought this before, I did notice that after hitting few shots my left hand seemed to work it's way more left and my right hand more right. I sometimes feel like it slips and my gloves always tear up really easily.
  3. Sometimes I get a tad hooky and I struggle a out of the rough. My 3 wood especially can be very erratic and the duck hook comes in quite often. Maybe I just don't like the look of it
  4. My flight isn't really impacted, it was more of a visual annoyance. I am probably better just focusing on practicing with my current swing rather than trying new stuff 24/7. Thanks for the help bro!
  5. Hi all, I have been struggling to achieve a square face at the top of my swing now for what seems to be like forever. I'm starting to get to the point in which I want to forget about it and play. I was wondering if the community has any tips or if anyone has overcome a similar issue. Any help will be hugely appreciated. Kye
  6. Anyone know when the TW 20's are coming to the UK?
  7. Pretty happy with this, retail from Nike UK
  8. I just got fit for the SubZero with the Smoke 60 (s). A tad tentative to pull the trigger but I probably will by the end of the week. Quite a big jump up from my original M1. Only issue I may get refit as they didn't have a standard Mavrik to try...
  9. For the ZIT does anyone know if they are releasing the three colour ways in the UK? We only have one at the moment under "coming soon"
  10. Seriously contemplating giving it a go, wouldn't know where to start with the finish process either ?
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