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  1. Pretty happy with this, retail from Nike UK
  2. I just got fit for the SubZero with the Smoke 60 (s). A tad tentative to pull the trigger but I probably will by the end of the week. Quite a big jump up from my original M1. Only issue I may get refit as they didn't have a standard Mavrik to try...
  3. For the ZIT does anyone know if they are releasing the three colour ways in the UK? We only have one at the moment under "coming soon"
  4. Seriously contemplating giving it a go, wouldn't know where to start with the finish process either ?
  5. Jeez they are dope, PM a price to do me a set exactly the same ?
  6. I will swing by insta, really want a set but I haven't any experience in grinding etc
  7. Has anyone had any experience with these? May pull the trigger and mess around with them during lockdown. https://www.tourspecgolf.com/kyoei-forged-kcm-raw-irons-4-pw-7pcs.html
  8. These, a white (black swoosh, Red TW logo) and a Black (white tick) are dropping from what has been said previously on one of the forum's, not sure when.
  9. Yeah I thought so, may give it a try when go for a driver fit as soon as lockdown is over
  10. Me, my dad and my little bro bought a Swingcaddie S300 and an industrial net from a fishing company... was going great until my little bro sailed a 60 straight into the conservatory two houses down, wedges are now banned.
  11. The Tensei CK orange is a free upcharge with the G410 right? The only thing putting me off trying it is the lack of upgrade shafts in the UK, the fitters I have enquired only have the three ping shafts, A Tensei orange (60) and a Evenflow Black (75) have a strong feeling I won't suit the Evenflow, My current driver shaft is 65g and I only swing that around 105
  12. Switched to the TOUR BXS over the winter and when I found these for £20 a dozen, couldn't pass it up.
  13. Yeah the downside of fitting it is that it is only on new equipment or at least it is here in the UK, my current driver (Taylormade M1) isn't fit and I'm just about to get fit for a new one when the country reopens
  14. I just sold my original covert tour fairway, absolutely loved it but picked up better dispersion and when getting fit for a Sim fairway. I would say get a few lessons for your game and stick with it for a little while, if not get fit!
  15. Wish I could get on the course, they are all closed in the UK, they aren't available over here yet either...
  16. I've just came from the garden and my stats were very different with my driver and my father's club, I must have hit my driver 30,000 times maybe it's on it's way out ? Father's driver (Mizuno ST200 9.5, Atmos Red Regular) - Carry - 255, Swing speed - 104, Ball speed 155.8, launch 20.1, Smash 1.49, 3400) My driver (Taylormade M1 10.5, Matrix Ozik Red tie 60g stiff) Carry - 236, Swing 103.1, Ball speed 146, Launch 18.1, Smash 1.42, Spin 3900)
  17. Yeah it's more for distance control... but It seemed pretty close within 200rpm with all my other clubs, only reason I ain't got my driver spin recorded is i went for a session and ended up leaving it at home by mistake
  18. yeah they are... 10% student discount aint much ?
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