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  1. Titleist 818 H1 23* w/ Atmos Tour Spec Blue Stiff, -1/2 inch. Comes with a 12 and 16 gram weights. The shaft has bag wear and there is a slight scratch on the top line $SOLD CONUS
  2. So it looks like the sweet spot is still new... Can you confirm?
  3. I would take it the Puetz in Bellevue. The club guy there has done all of my work and I'm always happy with the results. You might want to call and see when he's if you want to talk to him in person.
  4. Do you have pics of the leading edge and sole on the mp 64s?
  5. I played Echo Falls yesterday. Overall the course is in decent shape with the greens being the best part. It was cart paths only and the fairways are starting to get pretty soggy, but overall it was good for the middle of October given the amount of rain we've had the last couple of weeks.
  6. Not a lot compared to some of you guys. * 4 iron * 4 hybrid * 5 wood * two wedges * a putter * 5 dozen balls
  7. Seconded on the extra time to warm up because of the shuttle. The first time I played there I had a shortened warm up routine because the we didn't plan around the shuttle.
  8. > @bradski said: > **The home course-** It was in great shape but played very slow. We were pacing at over 5 hours on a Tuesday and had to leave early. To me this is unacceptable and players that don't keep pace should be removed from the course. That's unfortunate. Both times I've played the course in the last two years the pace has been slow. One of the rounds was a 5.5 hour nightmare.
  9. The north and south nines are the two best at Avalon. The west nine is target golf. It's only 3,231 yards from the tips. I'm curious to hear why people don't like Eaglemont. Every time I've played it's been great.
  10. > @ryu123 said: > Eaglemont is a fun course, but is cart ball (unless you’re a mountain goat). > > Avalon has 27 holes, with slick greens & very walkable. Definitely. They won't let you walk unless they know who you.
  11. ~~Kayak~~ Eaglemont is a great course with good conditions and routing.
  12. > @"tom.lockhart" said: > Anyone know what the **** happened at Redmond Ridge? > I am a member at Bear Creek but used to play at RR all the time. I live in that area and drive by it frequently. Everything is burnt out right now, and it hasn't even been warm, almost like they have cut back on watering on something. Anyone know what is going on over there? > Wow, those pictures paint a pretty damning story. Those bunkers are worse than anything at the Seattle public courses. I'd be a little miffed.
  13. I don't think they are going to close the courses for affordable housing. It's more likely they would turn them into more public green space similar to what Bothell did with Wayne Golf Course.
  14. > @mjf34g said: > Using Maltbys MPF Ratings the HMP are considered as "Game Improvement" irons. What I have found is that the more important number in the MPF ratings is the "Actual Vertical Center of Gravity" or VCOG. The HMP's AVOG is at .815 vs say Ping G400's at .819 and higher than Pings G series at .793. Think about it. The center of a golf ball sitting on normal fairway lie is .850. Obviously you would want to strike that ball with the sweetspot of an iron. Why would you want an iron with a ACOG above .850? IMHO irons with an AVCOG below .850 to say .750 are easier to hit.
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