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  1. GLWS, beautiful putter and an excellent price!!! This should sell quickly.
  2. 1. City, State? Northborough, MA 2. Handicap? 13 3. Current Iron set? NL PF-2 4. Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right 5. Why do you want to review the Takomo 201 irons? for two reasons 1.) I love testing new clubs...LM fitting does a wonderful job, but actually feeling turf interaction and seeing ball flight goes a long way. 2.) Also, finding someone who has a similar game to you and getting their feedback is awesome. I think I fall right in the target demographic...been playing for 15+yrs/low teen handicap that could shave shave strokes off the tee and on the green. But typically strike irons well. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes of course
  3. I would give New Level PF-2 a look, unless you want to stick to big OEMs. So far these have been as good as anything out, and provide just enough forgiveness. You wont get a tiny profile, but they will look good at address. These have literally been my most favorite set or irons to date.
  4. This is the fine milling. As far as feel, it seems to on the firmer side yet still feels great when you hit it in the middle. When hit of center there is a audible click and you can definitely feel it in your hands. Compared to my raw soft carbon Betti with honeycomb milling, the lajosi feels a smidge softer, but both are very responsive in a good way.
  5. Just saw you're in Toronto! Im from WNY (just south of Buffalo) but I live near Boston, MA in "enemy" territory. If you happen to cross the boarder (or we can meet somewhere halfway) around the end of May or early July (that's when I'm typically in the area besides x-mas) we should play a round.
  6. Yeah, my anecdotal experience is hardly definitive. This is especially true when everyone that plays gets around the course in a variety of manners.
  7. I just received my sensor...and I really think Kari (is it okay to call him by his first name if we haven't met?) needs a professional photographer. This putter is drop dead gorgeous...its sitting in my office with me and I keep on giving it the side eye with a wink..."hey, sup girl, you want to hit some balls into holes"..."yeah sexy I know you like that"....my pics are attached. Go Bills!!!!
  8. Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong, but its my understanding that Miura forged iron designs have their sweet spot closer to the heel. But, I don't think applies to every manufacturer. In my personal experience the most designs have a centered sweet spot...Miura is the exception. The pf series is very nice and just as good as any other manufacturer out there. I will say they are lower offset, so if you need help squaring the clubface the 902s might be a better fit.
  9. No prob. Previous shafts were hard stepped S300 (mizzy) or hard stepped Modus 120S (miura). Both were extended to +1 in length (39 in 5 iron). When I ordered the PF-2 I asked for hard stepped 125S MMTs. Eric, the owner reached out and said the 125S was back ordered and it would likely be 45days before they received them, but actually couldn't guarantee a date. He also said they could HS but wouldn't be able to accommodate the full extra inch so he suggested the 105TX if I wanted a lighter shaft or 125TX as the flex would be similar to the hard stepped 125S. I went with the 125TX. For reference, I recently tried x-flex C-taper lites and recoil protos in Ping i500s. Both the C-tapers and recoils felt like swinging rebar and i couldn't square the face with anything above a 7-iron. Both of those were sold. I loved the hard stepped S300, but I didnt care for the modus. When it comes to the MMT125tx...its perfect for me. Its a good weight, and I feel like I can actually load and deliver it well. I get good looking launch with mid irons and a nice penetrating flight with the short irons. Ive always been in between a S and X in the dynamic golds and I think the MMT125 would fit a lot of different players. If you like DGs its going to be winner. As far as the sweet spot...after only a couple of range sessions, I would guess its a touch towards the heel but overall center... not like my cb-501s where I feel its very heel biased.
  10. Update no.1, as I've been to the range a few times with these (Trackman session coming later this week). Notes: MMT125TX (.370 parallel) shafts and only hit crappy random range balls Overall these were high, penetrating and consistent (definitely higher and longer than my CB-501s, and flight looked similar to my mizzy jpx800 pros but longer). I was not able to get any real yardages but these were dropping further down the range than I am accustomed to, and everything was in the same area with each club. The dispersion might be in part due to shaft as well. Feel wise, center strikes felt like an average of my cbs and jpx. They were not super dense like miura, but they did feel powerful, and they were soft enough but not mushy. My typical miss (thin toe strike) was noticeable, but muted (could be the shaft here too), and ended up pretty good (right near the others). Excellent, but not punishing feedback and a very good powerful feel out of the center, with some forgiveness. I really like the ball flight and am excited to get some good numbers. Side note, was able to hit high or low easily. Excellent set, and I don't see these leaving the bag anytime soon.
  11. Another Apex 19 hybrid player here. Ive actively worked the rest of my bag around them as I have so much confidence swinging these. Wont be letting these go anytime soon.
  12. No pepperoni but I do have 9 cans of ravioli. I should have mentioned you can order without the grips at a discount and install your own. It didn't matter that much to me as ones included were sufficient.
  13. 6'4" and a 35.5 in putter is perfect but I can play 35-36. The extra .5 in in either direction is workable.
  14. Just received my PF-2's (5-PW) with MMTs, a 13 day turn around. I feel as though this timeline is a relative miracle in the current state of golf clubs, with the supply chains issues that have plagued every industry. The ordering experience was seamless and I had some interaction with the owner who was very helpful. Even though I wasn't able to try these clubs, I decided to take a chance as they seemed to have everything I was looking for, good shaft options, and a reasonable price. I will follow up with my thoughts and trackman data if there is interest once I'm able to get out. I have attached pics of the 7-iron milling and at address, PW milling, at address, and the finishing of the ferrules. Overall....I am happy with the purchase, but there are some milling marks that I would not have expected (look like circles on the 7-iron cavity). I think they give the clubs a bit of character, but I'm sure others might not be satisfied with that. I think the club heads look a bit bigger to my eye than what I was expecting. I think this a good thing as they walk a thin line between having forgiveness and having a player friendly shape. The offset, or lack there of, perfectly suits my eye. Finally, when it comes to ferrules.....if they look good, then one can reasonably expect a good build as its an area that is easily over looked. the ferrules are flush with the hosel and turned down well (no gaps, and overall smooth). I expect these were built very well. Packaging-The most important thing is that everything arrives safe, that was achieved. Negatives: There are limited options for grips. The included NL grips are fine, they offer midsize versions, and are perfectly functional....but I would have preferred something different. I am not sure if this is always the case or just in this moment with availability issues.
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