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  1. Why anybody uses that company anymore is beyond me. FedEx or ups are much better options, usps hopefully will either restructure or dissolve as a company they are officially considered a “non government company” but yet costs tax payers millions.
  2. Just think the time you get it the new Taylormade line will be a month away...
  3. PayPal only long time member, us shipping only will ship fedex so no delay, no trades at this time. First to pay gets item. Autoflex 45 inches tip to grip, used one time two holes just not for me, ordered and waited some time, flex is sf 505, has the cover as well. Minty perfect shape, the titleist adaptor piece is a tad funky but otherwise perfect. $500 shipped sold l.a.b golf directed force 2.1 in perfect shape, has lagp tpz one 35 measures at 33.5 all done by lab golf custom dept. $300 shipped sold
  4. Great wedges I bought a set recently and are truly one of Cleveland golf finest creations.
  5. I agree will go down as one of the all time great drivers, sound feel distance all,perfect coming from a player that has t used a titleist driver since late 1990s.
  6. As far as tsi3 on the bst forum this is normal titleist had the first release and everyone bought the new driver. I bought one and than ordered the tsi2 both drivers will be when all said and done the best driver or one of them of 21. Great great driver and I am sure the other offerings will be good as well, remember different strokes for different folks. I conclude with this, most people will gain distance with the tsi line once dialed in, they made a great driver and I am not a titleist driver guy. I have been limited in my testing due to weather but I did get some rounds in end of the ye
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