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  1. PayPal only first to pay gets item shipped via FedEx sorry no international shipping and no trades at this time. ping g425 max 3 wood tour ad vr 5 reg. Standard length perfect shape, bought from another member. No headcover sold not looking in splitting head up titleist tsi headcover driver new I have two $25 a piece shipped.
  2. PayPal only first to pay gets item sorry no international shipping, no trades at this time. FedEx shipping, will ship out Monday. Please note what item you purchased in PayPal. Tracking will be sent thru PayPal. 1. Callaway epic speed 3 wood tour ad iz 5 r1 installed by callaway. Standard length headcover included, hit twice perfect shape. Sold 2. mizuno stz 3 wood, standard length hit twice, perfect shape headcover included. Riptide 5.5 60. Sold 3. Swag takeout mallet headcover very hard to find perfect shape used one round. Sold 4. TBC Jurassic park in w
  3. PayPal only no international shipping and first to pay gets item pretty easy. No trades at this time. Shipping via FedEx included in price. callaway epic speed driver head only 10.5 w. Headcover, minty shape no issues. Sold callaway epic max 3 wood tensei pro (boron tip)white standard length, 60 stiff direct from callaway I did buy from another member, didn’t want to wait 8 weeks from calmly,headcover included great shape used a couple rounds sold
  4. PayPal only no trades at this time, no international shipping and finally first to pay gets item. shipping included via FedEx srixon zx4/ zx5 combo used two rounds, standard length and lie. No issues, minty shape. They have modus 105 tour in stiff flex. 4,5,6 are zx4 7,8,9 pw are zx5. Sold Titleist tsi2 driver 10.5 with tour ad di5 stiff, all ordered via titleist, no marks dings etc, standard length. $400 comes with limited ed headcover. Will not split sold
  5. Not true the TA serial is tour authentic and sold thru certain retailers, the TC serial is truly not sold via retailers is tour issue.
  6. PayPal only no international shipping first to pay gets item no trades, shipping included via FedEx. minty used 5 rounds mizzy hm921, custom ordered with kbs ctaper lite tour reg. Standard length, lie. Ordered with Winn dri tac LT standard. 4-pw Sold
  7. Hate to add to this but I play a combo set zx4/5 and I agree some of the best irons and btw great deal glws
  8. That sucks waiting for this to come out
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