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  1. I pulled the plug and order3d them, went with the stock Elevate shaft in regular flex. Will post my results....wish me luck!
  2. Thanks, What shaft do you guys have in them? They offer a True Temper "Elevate", specs look like that would work for me. Unfortunately, no place around here has left handed to hit.
  3. Higher handicap here (16) and wondering if anyone has hit the new Callaway Apex 21 DCB irons. I saw them and was impressed with the looks. I understand they will be big to many on this board but I thought they looked fine to me as I need the added forgiveness. I also realize, it is not a true "forged" club, so really not looking for that feedback. Have not been able to hit as I am a left hander and nothing in stock around me in left handed, but am interested if anyone has any feedback on the Apex 21 DCB.
  4. Then, by all means use iron covers. It's a personal preference, I really don't think anyone cares if you use them or not. Do what makes you happy. I don't use them, but don't believe it slows play down at all, and could care less if someone in my group uses them. I just don't like putting them on and off. It's pretty rare that I really look at someone else's bag anyway. I most likely would not even know you had them on your clubs.
  5. I take flak from my playing partners because after every shot, I use a cordless buffer and shine each iron. It only takes about 5-7 minutes per shot. Seriously, people should do what they want, doesn't bother me if they use iron covers. I treat my clubs as tools and my irons look pretty beat up but work fine. I do keep my headcovers on my woods during the round. I cannot look at a scuffed up driver or fairway wood....little OCD about that.
  6. I agree, I think the Rogue is a bit under rated. It doesn't get much attention, but it is a great driver. I have hit the Mavrik and Pings offerings and found the Rogue still out performs for me. If it isn't broke.....
  7. Agree, pretty bad of this idiot to do that.
  8. It has to be sarcasm, nobody could possibly be serious with that review. It would be great if a Callaway rep responded that golf just wasn't meant for the poster.
  9. Interesting post. I have moved to light weight shafts in everything except wedges. I do have one question as I read through the previous posts. Most of the posts talk about average driver yardage being around 200-220 yards. I noticed many of the driver lofts are 9-10.5 degrees. Was wondering why maybe people are not adding loft for these slower swing speeds. I have been told loft is your friend when swing speeds are below 90mph. I have lofted my Rogue driver to 12.5. Thoughts? Please note, I am not trying to derail OP's posting, I have found it very interesting. Just peaked my inte
  10. Robber6656, I am up in Estero at Grandezza.
  11. Thanks, consider myself a pretty tough guy emotionally, but have been crying like a baby. I have had to do this before with another dog, but the house is so empty without him.
  12. Just had to put my boy down. I would love to have him back and I would let him chew the house down, if I could just kiss him once more.
  13. I belong to a private club. You cannot just have your pro call Calusa and get on. It's very exclusive, everyone wants to play it. Good luck, I was fortunate to play it once and I have lived here 25 years. Oh, and that was in the summer (off season). Also, with the Covid rules, I would assume it is even harder to get on. Most private clubs are very cautious about outside play.
  14. GolfNuts4

    Naples Golf

    I live down here and private clubs are not taking outside play due to Covid, at least the ones I am aware of. Even my member guests have to play late in the afternoon. Tough times, indeed.
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