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  1. Brand new with tags FJ lightweight soft shell vest size M. The olde farm Logo. $70 OBO shipped.
  2. Hey everybody. I am finally giving in and looking at fixing my TERRIBLE putting. I am a god awful putter for being a lower handicap. Am looking at getting some online lessons to find some drills/ things to change or work on to put a more consistent roll on the ball. I found a guy on Instagram Marcus Potter ("potters putting") who I really like but its a touch expensive for me right now. Does anyone on here have a recommendation or know of good online putting coaches/ platforms?
  3. ah.. i didn't realize that. thought the hzrdus was a separate shaft my bad. should have read better
  4. Placed my order April 1st for LH 10 degree Tsi3 w stock extra stiff tensai shaft. Club fitter told me 3-4 weeks total. Called Titleist this week and was told 10 degree LH head was on back-order until May 17th. Then add 2 weeks build time. Then add 2 weeks shipping time. Extremely upset lol. Have a golf trip in early June and July. Be damn lucky to have the thing by then.. Worst part is I sold my TS3 three days after the fitting LOL. playing 3 wood and 2 iron off every tee this season I guess.
  5. These are size 8.5 and just didn’t fit my foot correctly. Worn on course 5-8 times. There is a small mud stain on the inside of one shoe that did not come off with soap and water. Other than that these have a ton of life left in them. Looking for $75OBO.
  6. Did some digging online and it is 360 grams according to pluggedingolf.
  7. Theres nothing wrong with starting a collection! lol
  8. I have not personally weighed the head but I know these are usually anywhere from 350-360 grams.
  9. Up for grabs is a Sik Tour Prototype Blade putter. Has the exact same face milling as the normal release models but the milling extends across the whole face. Putter has a brand new black iomic grip with a blacked out shaft and is 33.5 inches. Looking for $350 $325 $300 OBO shipped. No reasonable offer refused! Need this gone ASAP to fund another club purchase! Only trade interest would be a Toulon Atlanta H4. Or Scotty phantom x 5.5.
  10. Ended up going with Las Sendas in the morning and Longbow for the afternoon round. Thanks everyone for the intel!
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