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  1. Well, I am 65, and limiting what lack of distance I do have would be...unwanted, lol.
  2. I agree, and that would include me too. At 65 years old I am not going to roll anything back, lol.
  3. When I had my first fitting I was told I needed +2-inches (I was playing a standard set of irons), and I immediately felt more comfortable.
  4. I think with the stronger lofts, the traditional set of irons is dead. It used to be when someone bought a set of irons it was usually comprised of 4-PW. With lofts as strong as they are, the average golfer can't hit a 4-iron, and probably has difficulty with a 5, and maybe even a 6-iron.
  5. I don't know. According to the National Golf Foundation, last year 108 million Americans either played and/or watched or read about golf. That is roughly 1 in 3 Americans over the age of 6. 441 million rounds were played in 2019 in the US and golfers played an average of 18 rounds.
  6. For a major, Augusta National isn't terribly difficult of a course considering that the winner is close to or at double digits under par. As far as what they can do? Not much. As you said, there is no rough, and the greens already have shaved banks for the most part and are always fast. Maybe lower the price of cheese pimento sandwiches?
  7. If there was a rollback I think most everyone who plays golf would be aware of it, as it would be big news.
  8. It doesn't, but that's how the announcers/media likes to roll. It's all about hyperbole these days, and unreasonable extrapolations resulting from that hyperbole.
  9. Obviously endorsements work, but I never really understood them. Does someone really think if he buys the same club(s) his favorite pro plays that it will magically rub off on him?
  10. You are a member of this forum and you have to ask that question?
  11. You would get an "A" if it were Common Core math, lol.
  12. I always give the single the option to join or play through. I don't have a problem either way. If he joins us, perhaps he just wants some company and to engage in some socializing? (Which is understandable these days). Whether we are playing a match or not has no bearing on it.
  13. Seems like another example of a solution in search of a problem.
  14. I agree. It had been quite a while since I had been in a golf shop, and was quite surprised at the prices. I read some where that Titleist is coming out with a set of irons at $500 per iron. And yeah, at those prices it will definitely keep my buying and selling to a minimum, lol.
  15. And, sometimes those tees they play right now are too long for them...let alone playing them with a rolled back golf ball.
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