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  1. Evnroll ER2B: • CNC Milled • Head Material – 303 stainless steel • Color – Black armour finish • Swing Weight: 35″@E4 • Face Loft: 2º from the shaft • Lie Angle: 70º • Stock Grip: Custom EVNROLL black pistol grip • Balance: 22º toe down • Shaft: FST stepless, .370” tip with black armour finish
  2. I played with a really nice guy, but on the course he could go ballistic. I stopped playing golf with him, telling him he was ruining the game for me, and as long as he continued his antics I couldn't play with him. He eventually learned to rein it in.
  3. Those who opine that those who attempt or commit suicide are cowards are those who have never really experienced the "dark night of the soul". The pain can be so visceral, so deep and penetrating, that the individual sees suicide as the only way to stop it.
  4. Pretty much the same for me. I also think it depends on one's definition for "really good". For me that would be a scratch golfer.
  5. I think we are seeing so many wedges these days because lofts are stronger. The loft of some PW's used to be the loft of an 8-iron, given that, it's no surprise that people carry more wedges.
  6. On GC I just saw DJ on the range wearing a hoodie. They seem to be getting popular on Tour.
  7. Golfers should hit their handicap or better 25% of the time and will on average score 3 strokes higher than their handicap according to research by the USGA handicap research team.
  8. I read a story some time ago about Hogan and Nelson playing with two amateurs who never broke 90. Hogan had one player, Nelson the other. They would tell the amateur what club to hit and each player shot in the low 80s.
  9. I think a lot of long rounds has to do with the spacing of tee times. When Massachusetts initially opened for golf it was required that there be 15 minutes between tee times. When we played, we never saw anyone in front of us, or any one behind us. Of course, golf courses would never have 15 minute intervals as they want as many groups out on the course as possible.
  10. I picked up an Evnroll ERB2 putter in January 2020. I hit a variety of putters over a two day period, including my then current one, and the ERB2 kept coming out on top. I am still very pleased with it.
  11. I always go for the middle of the green, unless I have a wedge in my hand.
  12. I don't there is no what "should" a person be playing. Golf is a game, and it's supposed to be fun, so play what you want if that is what give you the most enjoyment.
  13. I never had much luck with hybrids, and don't have the CHS to hit long irons, so I have three fairway woods: 17º 21º and 25º. The first iron in my bag is a 7-iron, which is 27º (that used to be my 5-iron loft, lol).
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