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  1. Did you get the Flash version of the Epic fairway weight? The weight on the left in the picture looks like the original Epic weight instead of the newer Flash version of the Epic.
  2. I think there was a short thread on this a while back. Supposedly the Flash fairway weight fits, but it is a little different than the Super Hybrid weight. When I pulled out the weight in my Super Hybrid, the side opposite of the hexagon screw in side(part that is pointed towards the in side of the head) is flat, rather than having the threaded part protruding out. I haven’t tried it yet, but someone said the Flash weight will still fit.
  3. I believe those have quite a bit of offset.
  4. Also keep in mind that the mm measurement of offset isn’t always the be all end all of how much offset a club appears to have. The hosel transition can also effect how much offset a club can appear to have for some people.
  5. Everyone above hit the nail on the head. 16 was more muted sounding, looks a little smaller at address. I found the 16 to be slightly more fade biased and slightly lower spinning. The 17 looks a little bigger, seemed a little more forgiving across the face. Personally, I’ve had the 16 since release and have just now ordered the Sim max. That’s a pretty strong testament to how good the original was, if it stayed in my bag that long.
  6. That’s funny you say that about the 765 gap wedge. I had one that I tried to blend with my 745’s, but it didn’t work. Just didn’t look right to me compared to the 745’s. I ended up stumbling across a Razr X Forged gap wedge that matches the lines and shape of the 745 better. It does have more scoring lines and does not have the V sole, but have been much more comfortable with it than I ever was with the 765 gap wedge.
  7. I still have the z745 in the bag. Great clubs. Size looks about perfect, more forgiving than you would think just looking at them. Perfect shape and lines to my eye. I love the square shape. The 765’s definitely seemed like a huge step in the wrong direction. Blade length was a good bit longer looking , toe looked extremely rounded compared to the original. The combination of those things and maybe the hosel transition caused it to look like it had much more offset than the original, even though the spec sheet shows them being close. I think the 785’s were a nice step back in the rig
  8. The sim 5 wood should be a little larger, with a little deeper face than the m5. If you are trying to replace a 3-4 wood with a 5 wood turned down in loft, the Sim might be better, as I believe the Sim 5 wood is almost the same CC in size as the M5 3 wood.
  9. Is there any difference between this one and the old limited? Looks like the exact same bend profile, but some of the weights are slightly different.
  10. I don’t know if you’ll find a hybrid much longer than the Rogue X. It is the longest hybrid, loft for loft, that I have tried. Ball rockets off the face like a fairway wood and has fairly low spin for a hybrid. The only possibility, for a hybrid, that might potentially be longer would be the Super Hybrid. But, beyond that you might have to look into a fairway wood.
  11. It’s not the same weight as the one in the Epic Flash fairways? That’s strange as it looks like the same exact weight. Thought I read somewhere that they were the same. I’d like to know too.
  12. Been through 12 different 4 woods over the past 5 years or so. None of them have stuck since I stupidly gave away my Exotics tour spec 4 wood to move to an RBZ. Never should have gotten rid of what was working. I hit my hybrid much more consistently, so I have an 17 degree Super Hybrid on the way. There may be something to what they were saying in the TXG video about the shorter shaft working better for those of us with shallower swings. That is a problem I have at times(getting too shallow, then it’s either duck hook city or bad contact). Hopefully I can get better strike consistency out
  13. Yeah, I think he’s mentioned several times that it’s mostly the long irons. i agree that the long irons appear to have too much offset in the long irons. I was looking into getting a set, but the 4 iron looked like it had a ton of offset. I don’t know if it has to do with the way they transition from the hosel to the face or the finish of the club, but the offset just appears massive in the 4 and 5 iron.
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