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  1. I definitely think the originals are the best looking.
  2. Yes, it will work on a riding cart. 2.5 and Trouper would be better on a cart but my Stripeshow was more than serviceable in a pinch. I'm a fan of the Stripeshow (and similar) versions of the Original because I walk early mornings and moisture easily wipes away. That's not the case with the canvas material of the Original.
  3. Carrying that few clubs, have you considered the Jones original single strap carry bag, Ping Moonlite, etc. or do you need a stand? If so, I would think the 2.5 single strap would be ideal for you. Trouper seems too big for your needs.
  4. The new MG3s are in the bag! The custom stamping was a surprise so I didn't have enough time to get super creative with the text. Always a safe call to honor the wife, kids, and dog. Yes my dog was named after Penny Hardaway. Same shafts in my 46 and 50 as my irons (Modus 105 Stiff) Slightly heavier Modus 115 in the 56 (bent to 55) and 60 My ZX5 set PW (left) compared to the new 46. More detail above in my previous comment. This is only after one round! I absolutely love the two tone. I originally thought I'd get the black finish but the softer, more satin look, of the chrome ***BONUS. Big thanks to @agadawg17171 for the hookup on this sweet TM Kingdom Flextech Lite bag!
  5. I can honestly say that these are the best wedges I've EVER had in my bag - HANDS DOWN. Knowing that I have the right set makeup, bounce, shafts, etc just instills confidence and I feel like I can get after ever shot. But even beyond the mental side, the turf interaction I'm getting on both short and full shots is noticeable and something I never felt on my previous RTX4s. Before I'd never really never take full swings with my 60 degree, now I'm aggressive knowing the club won't dig/skip into the ball. As for performance, I played 9 holes before I got rained out. I had 4 up and down saves for par - which is great but also horrible cause I couldn't hit a green. But that's another issue these wedges can't fix.
  6. Here's the 46 MG3 PW (right) compared to my ZX5 set PW. It's definitely not as forgiving as my set PW but it's not supposed to be. Where it may lack in forgiveness, it definitely makes up for it in versatility. Before, I'd use my 60, 55, and 50 but NEVER my set PW around the greens but with the new 46, I would definitely use this around the green in the right situation. I still need to get some full swing numbers on the new 46 to see if it fills the gapping.
  7. I have not. Only single strap bag I've ever tried was the Jones Stripeshow, which I still have and like. Because the Trouper isn't a minimalist bag like the Stripeshow, I didn't even consider a single strap experience. If you're ok with that idea, I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  8. Nothing wrong with it. Includes rain hood. $180 shipped. No trades at this time.
  9. I really liked my custom ER2B but have had my eye on the Odyssey 2Ball Ten Tour Lined since it was released. It finally went on sale on Callaway Preowned so I pulled the trigger. Even though I still liked the Evnroll, I couldn't justify keeping a $300+ putter on the bench so I sold it.
  10. So I've owned both bags. Admittedly, I bought the Hoofer Tour to resell BUT I did get a chance to inspect it, load it up, and walk around the house with it. I'm a carry bag nutjob (see my comment history) and am very particular with my bags. While I really liked the idea of a Hoofer Tour, coming from someone who carries a bag most of the time, the Tour is just simply way too big. If you ride 90% or more, then this could work but if you carry more than that, you might want to reconsider. As for the Trouper, I've owned both the OG and the 2.0. The 2.0 zipper cooler pocket is a huge improvement over the drawstring pocket of the OG and I didn't mind it all, which surprised me since I'm usually a minimalist bag guy. The bag is surprisingly lightweight considering there's enough storage to carry anything you'd want. My gripe about the bag is the balance of the dual strap carry. Even after multiple strap adjustments, the clubs just "feel" that they could slide out. Hard to explain but I felt the need to keep a hand on the clubs to put me at ease. Whether it was needed or I'm just a head case, remains to be seen. Both bags are built very well with very quality materials but have completely different looks. You need to ask yourself which aesthetic you like and go off that. Or if you walk 20% of the time, just go with the Trouper 2.0.
  11. I'm pumped for the new 46 degree. While I love my ZX5s, the set PW isn't as versatile as my wedges. Looking down at a MG3 46 will instill confidence knowing that I'm hitting a "scoring club." I also look forward to playing it around the greens where there's more runway to the hole whereas before, I would stop at my 50 degree.
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