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  1. I spoke with a Ping CSR and he said to be on the lookout for a Spring release. Who knows. If it is released, I hope the materials are easy to keep clean, especially if it’s white.
  2. New Hoofer Lite colors. These colorways looked way too similar on the Morton Golf site but are totally different in person.
  3. I don’t know if bag balance is primarily based on the straps and if so, you’re right and they’re terrible. I do think the straps are very comfortable and with the V2, they actually addressed the issue I experienced with the V1 which was I now no longer needed to stretch way too hard to reach and get the second strap over my shoulder.
  4. I’m with you in that I really wanted to love it. I really like the aesthetic, brand, small company, customer service, and more but at the end of the day, the bag needs to perform. When I processed the return, the rep I spoke with said others had balance issues as well.
  5. Not sure. The Morton site used to direct you to a fun online Ping customizer but now you need an authorized login to access. I’m sure Morton or your local Ping dealer can get you mock-ups and confirm bag model.
  6. It's best to place the order and then forget about it.
  7. You can get this done quite easily by ordering custom Hoofers. You have to order a minimum quantity of 3 but I wouldn't think you'd have a hard time finding two more people to go in on it with you. I've done it and am really happy with the results. Turnaround time was several months so don't expect them right away. https://www.mortongolfsales.com/PING-Build-Your-Own-Bag-p/ping-byob.htm
  8. I just returned my Trouper 2.0. The main reason is that it is too top heavy when carrying. There were improvements from the first Trouper (which I also returned) like the straps and cooler pocket but overall, it’s not the bag for me. Back to my Hoofer Lite.
  9. That’s not the Jones Trouper but the Jones Utility Rover.
  10. ***accidentally posted in the wrong thread
  11. TaylorMade M5 - 9 degree, Tensei Red stiff Great condition. Includes original headcover. $215 shipped Ping Sunday Golf Bag Has a couple faded spots but other than that - good condition. Not sure if they called this the Moonlite back then. $55 shipped
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