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  1. I live in Orlando and there’s an EW, GG, and PGASS literally within a half mile of each other. I’ll check out all three with the biggest reason that I don’t seem like too much of a regular at one particular store. Of the three, I prefer EW because of the hassle and pressure free hitting bays where the staff just leaves you alone. And their staff is awesome when needed. GG is good because of the Dicks/GG Rewards and coupons and PGASS is good for massive selection.
  2. You’d be surprised, my local EW gets a lot of limited edition gear that will sit on the shelves longer than they should. Most people who go in the stores aren’t on message boards like this and they’re unaware of scarcity and value. For example, my EW had FIVE Hoofer Tours that were sitting on the floor for a couple weeks. I bought them all and instantly sold them online. FWIW, I loved the look of the bag but it was too heavy for this walker.
  3. Excellent condition. Includes original headcover. Project X Even Flow 6.5 (extra stiff) SOLD . No trades. Thanks!
  4. 4 iron - JPX 900 Hot Metal Really good condition. Super forgiving long iron. Used this like a hybrid/driving iron. 5,6,7- MP 20 HMB 8,9,PW - MP-20 MMC Some very minor, but character defining, bag chatter otherwise in great condition. C-Taper Lite STIFF Std GP Tour Velvet 360 with an extra wrap. *4 Iron has MMC+4 grip Standard length and loft Lies are 2 degrees flat SOLD
  5. PM sent. Any chance you're willing to also part with the 4 iron?
  6. Tangle might be slightly better with the regular Hoofer. It’s been mentioned before but clubs should be removed and put back in when the bag is vertical and not when the stand legs are engaged.
  7. Go through your local Ping dealer. If unsure where, call Ping and they will be able to tell you where to go. Non-logo bag isn’t considered custom, just a simple order request.
  8. It was more of a mixed blue gray.
  9. It looks amazing but that white would be the death of me.
  10. Less than two holes in and I already know that I will be returning this today. It’s hard to explain but the bottom of the bag carries forward. It doesn’t stay behind me. Not only that, the straps aren’t as comfortable as I’d like.
  11. Just picked up a 2020 2.5+ today at Golf Galaxy for only $165 (with coupon). I have a Hoofer Lite which I still think is an awesome bag but have always been curious of the super lightweight bags like the 2.5+. So I loaded up the bag and walked around the store and was surprised at how noticeable the difference in weight was. Considering I walk 90% of my rounds, I figured I’d give it a shot knowing I could return it if not happy. After buying, I started looking into the 2021 model because I really liked that it added the pocket above the ball pocket plus there was a colorway I rea
  12. PRG BAY HILL PUTTER HEADCOVER (2 available) In my opinion, these are way better than the ones they sell at the API tournament because these don’t have the API MasterCard logo all over them. Purchased in the Bay Hill Pro Shop. These will fit blades and some mid-mallets. I tested it on a Scotty Squareback mid-mallet in the pro shop and it fit. $55 shipped EACH PING G410 PLUS Aside from the couple cosmetic tee marks on the bottom, it’s in Excellent Condition. 10.5 degree Tensei Orange Stiff Includes original headcover
  13. Mizuno’s included headcovers are the BEST I’ve seen. They look classic and premium and my favorite part is they don’t have ugly model branding all over it, just their company logo and a simple club identifier in the corner. Does everyone need to know you have a $500+ TM SIM2 or PING G425 in the bag? I’m sure that’s by design to promote the model and maybe even drive more accessory sales but come on. On a related note, I feel the same about golf bags. Callaway is the worst offender with their staff bags promoting whatever they’re calling their latest series of clu
  14. Agree with all of this except for maybe the limited color choices. I can only speak to my custom experience but there were a ton of options to cover basically every color of the rainbow. Multiple variations of reds, blues, etc. I guess Ping has to be to accommodate all the different schools and clubs that need custom bags. At the time, I had access to the custom website and I was able to choose a color for every section of the bag. Not only that, you can decide which Ping logo to use and where, as well as they type of application - either heat transfer or embroidery with embroidery
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