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  1. Do you need an explanation regarding the difference between a concept and execution?
  2. M2 tour 3 wood (15*). Preferably head only. Thanks
  3. You’d have to ask my wife about that.
  4. Preferably unused and head only. Thanks
  5. ry1808

    Grip vs Putter

    Went for a “fitting” today and left with what I went in with. It was very interesting to try and new styles and weights but it certainly highlighted what works and what doesn’t work in my stroke. the grip certainly does appear to be a personal preference which can’t necessarily be fitting to a particular stroke. I found that a heavier head helped straighten out my arc. Only change I may make is to extend my putter 1/2 inch as I find the sole of my palm sits on top of the grip a little rather than to the side. interesting experience though.
  6. ry1808

    Grip vs Putter

    That's exactly what I'm going this afternoon. By nature I'm a very analytical person so if I get something that the numbers look good then it'll be a huge boost of confidence. Let's see what happens...
  7. ry1808

    Grip vs Putter

    So I've been working hard on my putting and really trying to fine tune my preference for what I need in a gamer putter (I've got 5-6 putters, any of which could get the call on a given day). What would you look at in terms of preference when building a putter? I would imagine that grip would be the priority (at the end of the day that's the bit you actually hold!) and get a profile where your hands work together and provide a square face at impact. From that point the head style would follow your personal preference and how your grip profile effects your stroke (strai
  8. Apparently a lot of people have had their orders cancelled by Scotty.
  9. Release just dropped. Cover and ball marker the main things. Lots of hats and putting disks too.
  10. Looks like Morikawa is back in a blade putter, still with the claw grip though. Schauffele has what looks like a mid lock / wrist lock grip in his odyssey. Oh and of course Rahm is in what looks like an OG Rossie putter just after the release of his limited edition putter!
  11. Why do so many of the pros practice putting stood on a towel? Is it to protect the green if they are stood in the same spot for a long period of time?
  12. Winston Salem, NC H'cap +0.1 Bridgestone BXS Putting alignment tool Yes Yes
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