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  1. SIM2 Driver, 8*. Excellent condition (VERY small paint chip on top edge). Headcover + Extra back weight included. $325 SIM2 Fairway, 13.5*. Excellent condition. Headcover included. $260 SIM2 Fairway, 19*. Excellent condition. Headcover included. $260 Ping G425 LST, 9*. Excellent condition (VERY small pain chip near hosel). Headcover + Extra back weight included. $325 Ventus Velocore Black 6X. Titleist tip. 45". Tipping 0.5". Golf Pride Midsize +4 grip. $250 Ventus Velocore Black 7X. Titleist tip. 42.5". Tipping 0.5". Golf Pride Midsize +4 grip. $SOLD Ventus Velocore Black 7X. Titleist tip. 41.5". Tipping 1". Golf Pride Midsize +4 grip. $210 Stock Tensei RAW Blue 65FW S-Flex TM tip. 41.5". Stock grip. $65 Stock Tensei RAW Blue 65 S-Flex Titleist tip. 41.5". Stock grip. $65 Stock Tensei RAW Blue 80HY S-Flex TM tip. 39.75". Stock grip. $65
  2. That's the rumor. The other rumor is that TaylorMade (or their parent company) is buying Vessel.
  3. Got my wedges in a couple of weeks ago and they feel amazing. The turf interaction is second to none, especially with the 50* wedge, blew my mind! One thing I did notice though was that I had a tendency with my 55* for a high right miss. That was pretty unusual for me and not something I've seen for a while. I started to measure a few things at home and the swing weights of the wedges came out: 60* D3 55* D4 50* D1 I typically play my clubs in the D2-D2.5 range with my 60* at D3. When testing out different swing weights the heavier I go the more I tend to have that spinny right miss. Slightly surprised at these numbers. I'm going to get the lofts and lies double checked on these. I think once I get these all dialed in I should be good, as I said the feel is amazing with these wedges. Oh and now they bring out some irons too... Ha
  4. I managed to get the swing weight back in the clubs I'm tinkering with...
  5. Its certainly interesting to see how different players adapt to different grip sizes throughout the bag. I know I've struggled a lot with the half and 3/4 wedge shots in the past, now with the thicker grips it almost feels like I can slow my arms down without worrying about the hands flicking through at impact and messing up my distance control.
  6. I will try the JumboMax Ultralite STR8 grip next I think. I have tended to prefer a lighter swing weight so it'll be interesting to see the difference, not sure if that'll have a huge effect or not. I am a big fan of the 'one plane' swing. If I was to learn the game from scratch I'd go one plane and one length clubs, the whole concept of removing variables just makes sense to me. Still some work to do and time to be put in on the range.
  7. Just thought I'd post a few words on here detailing an experiment I've been going through with trying out jumbo grips. For a long time I played the standard / stock sized grip you see on 90% of clubs. I started to struggle with getting a little 'handsy' in my swing and was recommended to try out midsize grips and that made a huge improvement. Eventually I settled on the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize +4 which I've played for the last 2-3 seasons pretty successfully. Of course that isn't good enough and I wanted to experiment with something a little different. My latest experiment has been with the Jumbomax STR8 Tech Tour series: I installed these on a my backup bag and hit the course with a few range sessions thrown in too. Surprisingly I've found the short clubs and wedges the easiest to get on with. I think the large grip slows my hands down even further and allows me to hit these knock down shots a lot more easily. The areas I have struggled with has been the driver at the top of my bag. I am typically a high launch, high spin player as I tend to hit the ball off my right side. Saying that I do get good distance and ball flight with my driver setup. However, with these jumbomax grips I struggle to avoid hitting a high spinny cut which I feel like is robbing of distance. At first I wondered if that was purely a swing weigh issue but I stuck a load of lead tape on the sole of my driver at matched it up with my stock offering, still pretty much the same result. Has anyone else found this with the driver when playing these jumbo grips? I don't mid hitting a cut all day as long as it is consistent, it's just the higher launch and extra spin which is killing me. Certainly not an experiment I'm giving up on yet, I feel if I can get this driver and long clubs fixed then I'll be onto a winner as the short irons certainly feel better.
  8. Yup, just up. Headcover and a few other things. Nothing amazing. The putter cover looks like that material with glitter specks in, not a huge fan...
  9. Don’t the retail SIM2 fairway wood have a line between the 3 and 15*?
  10. There was a release around the Ryder Cup last year which could easily have been considered “USA themed”
  11. My wedges just shipped from Artisan. Due to work restrictions / COVID I wasn’t able to get over for a fitting. I did however send my existing wedges off and we discussed the short comings of those wedges and how they could be improved. Hopefully I’ll be able to get over there sometime soon with the new wedges and dial in the finer details but I’m excited to get these in my hands.
  12. Swapped the old Sold Out USA stickers for the Euro Racer sticker...
  13. Thanks. I went from the Ventus Black to the HULK. The Ventus feels very soft now compared to the HULK and the misses tended to be wilder than the HULK, especially as I have a faster transition. Any chance you’ve tested a Ventus Black to compare? Haha.
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