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  1. Ordered T300’s following a Titleist fitting on 8/17 and received the clubs 9/15.
  2. This whole club order, back order and waiting game is akin to eating spicy kimchi on an upset stomach - kind of crappy!
  3. I can relate. I went to GM, too. First I ordered TM Milled wedges. Back ordered. Then I ordered TM P770’s. Back ordered. Then I ordered a Cobra Speedzone Driver to replace my ancient but trusty Callaway. Guess what? Back ordered!!! Now I’m stuck playing my old Cobra TEC irons yet another several weeks or maybe even longer. This whole experience has been less than gratifying. Reminds me of my old prom date.
  4. My home course has 27 holes. All of them are well protected by bunkers.
  5. I play AVX, Pro-V1 and/or Pro-V1x. AVX feels the softest to me, especially off the putter. 1x feels the clickiest. All three balls spin fine on the greens but I do get more distance with the AVX.
  6. A miss is a miss be it coming up short or hitting long of target. Each requires an additional stroke to get to target. Between the two misses, I’m never as bothered by hitting long as I am by hitting short - as the former was a more pure strike than the latter. I’ve hit flyers from flyer lies with players clubs and game improvement clubs alike, but I’ve never experienced the inexplicably 20 yards too long shot with either.
  7. Between the two brands, I'd pick the club/brand that gave me the best performance.
  8. Maybe already discussed, but there are now two "4" StaDry models: Players 4Up StaDry: 4-way divider, 4 pockets, 3.9 lbs. Players 4 StaDry: 4-way divider, 5 pockets, 4.4 lbs.
  9. I've been fit for different shafts as optimal for different heads from the same manufacturer. Maybe there is another shaft that would be more ideal for you with this particular head. The loft adjustment might also be contributing to the loss in distance although they are now the same lofts as your previous CB/MB's. How do they feel/perform otherwise?
  10. 10-12. I'd rather have them and not need them than need them and not have them.
  11. Math Quiz: Hank the High Capper has new Honma's and likes to keep them covered. Paul the Pro Pretender gets aggravated at his buddy Hank the High Capper due to the extra time it takes Hank to cover his irons after each shot. Hank the High Capper shoots 93. Paul the Pro Pretender shoots 80. Paul the Pro Pretender is clearly the better player of the two. Both players agree covering Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Putters are OK. Hank the High Capper's heavenly Honma's look so shiny because he takes the extra time to cover them after each shot. Paul the Pro Pretender was on track to break 80 but loses a golf ball on Hole 18 and invokes the full 5-minute allowance to look for the lost ball so he still has a shot at breaking 80. What takes more time? A. Hank the High Capper's club covering time of 2.4 minutes per round? or B. Paul the Pro Pretender's 5-minute allowance to look for the lost ball? Answer: Paul the Pro Pretender's single lost ball takes more time. Added is the extra time is takes for Paul the Pro Pretender's extensive pre-shot routine, practice swings and holding of the post-shot poses. Note 1: In 2019, the USGA says Paul the Pro Pretender will only be allowed 3 minutes to search for lost balls, but 3 minutes is still longer than 2.4 minutes. Note 2: The USGA has no rules restricting the time for club covers. Clearly the USGA understands lost balls are more time consuming than club covers.
  12. I'm not the longest off the tee, so my 3W comes in handy for the 2nd shot on the Par 5's, and if struck well, leaves me with a shorter iron for approach.
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