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  1. Hey guys looking for new Bluetooth headphones/earbuds wondering what headphones are you using to practice?
  2. I am truly tore and don't know what to buy, currently looking at Flash subzero, F9, and G400 max. probably cant go wrong but cant pull the trigger because I cant choose. Any advice from on course playing would be appreciated, thanks.
  3. I am wanting to cut down my odyssey tank putter and go back to a normal grip length, are there any concerns with doing that with the Tank putter? I purchased another super stroke with the same weight in the back but going from the long 14" grip to a standard.
  4. good find in for two, I feel like that is a reoccurring thing on this site!
  5. That’s what I am reading as well but wanted some true feedback from players. Thanks
  6. Looking at the forged irons, does anyone have some insight into if the 919’s are worth buying over the 900’s? Wondering if there was enough improvement with the 919’s. Thanks
  7. I can say ksouth quickship and tee to green are the same, tried to get wedges twice and all said overlisted and sent me Bridgestone e6 to say sorry! Also after telling me overlisted I then looked and they all had multiples of the same wedges still on sale so many others got the same message
  8. Anyone know the best deal on some new Cleveland wedges?
  9. Anyone know of some good deals?
  10. Do you guys have a go to place for the tape or just experiment with different places?
  11. Perfect I will be purchasing a scale, wanting to start playing with clubs more. Thanks for your help!
  12. Might be a stupid question but how is everyone weighing these clubs and getting back to a D2, or is it just adding up head shaft and weights?
  13. So not only get the heavier weight I can buy for my club head but also try a stiffer, heavier shaft correct?
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