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  1. Nice job, that looks great!
  2. When I played a 2ball I used pinstripe tape first to see if I liked it, which I did, then went with the permanent marker method.
  3. Haha awesome! Best cover i have seen in a while. Lol TM website says "headcovers will shed over time "
  4. Installed them last night and have to say i really like them. I was worried that they might be too soft when just grabbing a loose grip in the store but Installed they feel great! Just right to me soft/firm wise. Feel nice and tacky too. Can't wait to get them out in play.
  5. I'm just making the switch to the Sonar+. Do you have any experience with them in humid and/or wet conditions?
  6. I just picked up a set of Lamkin Sonar+ mids to replace MCC+4's.
  7. I noticed that on mine too. There is no option to request one when ordering online though. They should just include one period.
  8. I think some people were getting a wrench and some weren't. I messaged Titleist requesting one after placing my order just to make sure I got one.
  9. No red Ventus listed to order in case anyone is wondering.
  10. Yes, in the area that says graphite design. The op is referring to the area where it says Tour AD. The Tour AD is silhouetted in gray. Also, you should be able to see a seam in this area that runs butt-tip as this part of the graphic is a sticker.
  11. What is it that looks wrong on the 8x?
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