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  1. For those who are on Instagram, you need to find the new Brooks and Brandel vid. Hilarious
  2. > @Gxgolfer said: > Is that the targeted user profile screen? You probably cannot do an admin or mod either. Found it. Have to go into edit profile page.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bxkti2tFJEt/?igshid=rjagrrvrjrpx
  4. The first one pictured is the first SC in a LONG time to make me go GADAYUM!!! But they all look great. Unfortunately the only Rack these will come off is at the gallery.
  5. I'd have to have game to take it seriously. Have fun! Enjoy the day.
  6. > @bscinstnct said: > > @cxx said: > > > @bscinstnct said: > > > I going Thurs. If I see JD, I gonna jump in the cart with him! > > > > > > > > > > > > > Yeah, someone else should drive. > > Me and JD cruise by TW in his backswing and yell like, > > Tigerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! > > Then, go cruise some ladies, "Hey mamma, you need a lift? We got snacks and sodas ; )" BSC and JD be like... https://www.instagram.com/p/Bkz-SKlAHFB/?igshid=fz4ma1nfpqqu
  7. Also scuff the inside of adapter, clean all parts thoroughly with acetone or alcohol, let dry, install ferrule, apply epoxy to both shaft and inside adapter and install.
  8. I play the same Modus 105 iron shafts in my wedges that I take a full swing with and Modus Wedge 115 in the rest.
  9. No need to be so negative guys. It's good to see Jones Scott found a coach he can relate to.
  10. > @sprcoop said: > 60-38 it was hard to not walk off after the front 9 but glad I didn't. Anybody else ever break 100 after a 60 on the front? Wow, my blood is starting to boil just thinking about it lol. Nice recovery on the back 9!
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