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  1. Here's a quick history on Mizuno. https://corp.mizuno.com/en/history.aspx
  2. I got the TSI2 fairways this spring and they are the best fw's I've had in quite awhile.
  3. Tour Spec Golf shows them as an add on to a set so I contacted them about just the single SW. This was the reply if anyone is interested. You can order the SW separately via order thru email with what you want, SW/shaft/grip, they will send a PayPal invoice to place the order. They said approximately $215 shipped. Just use the contact us on their website.
  4. I got mine on a Thursday afternoon and had a tournament that weekend. Friday I went to play a practice round with no intention of making an iron switch, but took along a PW and 7I knowing that I would have the opportunity to hit these a couple of times. After my first shot with the ZX7, beautiful by the way I dropped another ball to confirm. Short story..ZX7 went in the bag at the turn and in play for the tournament! Love these things!
  5. I echo most of what's been said so far so not much to add. I've always got the set AW if available with my iron sets and the ZX7 AW is hands down the best set AW I've ever had! Absolutely love it! Blends perfectly in the bag and again I agree with all th positive things that have already been said about looks, full shots and pitch/ chip shot. Probably my favorite club now. I also play Zipcore's for reference.
  6. OMG! Awesome! Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? Yes! I have a Ventus Blue in my driver. - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Ventus Red - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? Titleist TSI2 fairway.
  7. I totally agree. But you would think at some point Titleist/ Acushnet says why sell 1000, or whatever the number is, for $600 when they could sell probably thousands+ more at $450-500?
  8. Scotty could have easily released these as a new line (minus that awful striping) and had a hard time keeping up with demand.. imo.
  9. I have an aftermarket RDX Blue from JD's clubs and it feels soft, imo. And thats compared to a Ventus Blue w/Velocore, same weight and flex.
  10. Awesome! It's impact repeatability for me. Srixon ZX7 KBS $Taper shafts. Thanks SST Pure and WRX!
  11. I agree with @JJgolfwrx don't rule out mizuno 921 forged. Really good sticks. I also have ZX7 too and really like them as well. Your best bet is to hit all of them during your fitting and slowly narrow it down to the winner
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