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  1. Appreciate the input. As concerned with earlier, will a heavier shaft throw off the swing weight, do I go longer shaft as the stock or reg length, will it play to the loft stated (as opposed to as its playing now)? As you can tell I'm no techie lol
  2. Picked up a Srixon ZU 85 26* 5 iron. Has a stock Recoil 95 stiff shaft. I need launch and more spin and my age of 60. Hoped it would replace the 585 5 iron with Modus 120 soft stepped in the bag. Want it primarily for off the deck. Does have a great forged feel! Stock shaft is longer than a standard 5 iron. Problem is this club goes sky high (which I like) but way too short. Like 15-20 yards short! Tried bending loft down 1 degree. Same problem. Also feels too light in comparison to my other sticks So now wondering if the shaft is too light, h
  3. When younger, like you, I could use a 3 hybrid. Now that I'm in my 60s I need more launch. Low spin player to begin with, the extra spin helps as well to hold greens. FORE!
  4. After years of playing 4 & 3 hybrids I've finally ordered a new 425 7 wood. Ordered as soon as possible as in the last few years of looking for a quality used 7 wood they were almost impossible to find. Bag will be 4 wood 7 wood 4 hybrid With covid I can't get into a sim, so with them all adjustable the lofts will be TBA. Be well and FORE!!!
  5. Tried the new 2021 Prov1 X the other day. Used to play the older version but there's no doubt these feel so much better.Softer feel off irons and putter. Went to the forged Srixon 785 irons last season and the old balls never felt this good. Older ones were clicky. This ball was a joy to hit and get that "buttery forged" feedback.On a colder day it was noticeable...and totally unexpected. Can't comment on distance comparables as it wasn't a good weather day for that.Ball was responsive off the driver to low, medium and high flight.FORE!!! oops--- computer problems
  6. Didn't have any problems with the printing but they sent Prov's instead of the X. They replaced them no charge and was given the original balls to keep as well.
  7. Went through his myself over the last couple seasons. Depends on if you want a bomber or consistency, tee or decks shots. My buds both use the M2 3hl (16.5) as they use it for both tee and off the deck. Definitely longer than what I play. I use mine mainly off the deck and went Ping 400 5 wood turned down and this year have gone to the 425 5 wood at 16.5 flat. Like it better than the older version as it feels more solid (less hallow sounding), larger sweet spot and longer. Used it the other day to reach an uphill, into the 2 club wind on a cold day 610 yard pa
  8. Just put in a Zu85 "5" as an experiment. So crazy easy to launch. Good for a low ss/ launch/spin player like ol me. But had it out on the course yesterday and it ballooned. Came up what looked like as much as 20 yards short. Playing the stock recoil stiff shaft. I rarely ever over power a shaft. Any input? Thanks and FORE!
  9. Finally had some warmer weather up here in the great White North. Have to say I’m very impressed with the Ping 425 range in woods and hybrids. They sound and feel more solid compared to the 400 range (less tinny) and more forgiving, more consistent spin wise. The “Facewrap Technology and Spinsistency” really works! Bought both the 425 3 wood and 5 wood and put them head-to-head on the range both at 16*. Had to keep them taped up but since it’s a comparison it got the job done. 3 wood felt too unwieldy off the deck. No doubt the 5 launched higher and more consistently
  10. Went through the same dilemma. Ordered a 7 wood and will compare on course. No choice during covid days and closed sims ( upon here in Canada)
  11. Thanks all! Yes I play a draw (irons and driver). Fairways off the deck are my least confident shot and this is what I'm looking for in a FW. Not a fan of a large headed 3 woods. Believe the 425s are more forgiving and maybe the 5 wood is ideal. (again I'm big on demoing and we can't right now arrrrg) With your input my gut is leaning towards... G400 hybrid 22* currently in the bag. - G425 7 wood lofted at 20* - 4 wood- G425 5 wood lofted down to 16.5/17 with a 3 wood length shaft. Now I must guess on shafts....l
  12. Hear ya on all points. Thanks! Problem here is we can't demo yet. Very few sims opened as we are just coming out of lockdown. Still open to hear from others.
  13. I need spin and higher launch. Want to play 16* and 19* woods this season. Love my 22 hybrid as it does as described above. So now looking to gap. Like to hear your suggestions of a 19*. Take a 5 wood higher in loft or a 7 wood and turn it down? Advantages of one ever the other? Same with 16*. 3 wood brought up or 5 wood brought down. Looking at the G425 woods. Thanks and be well all. FORE!!!
  14. Anyone else try both shafts? FORE!!!
  15. Seriously thinking of putting in a 7 wood this season. Cant get in and demo sadly. Anyone try the 425 7 wood? Looking for input on the Tensei stiff vs Alta CB stiff. Thanks! Be well
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