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  1. Thanks! Since they will be used as a long iron replacement mainly from the deck, is the extra length in shaft needed? Think it adds extra distance for a tee shot but a hindrance for an approach shot. Also is the recoil shaft low launch... based on what I've been reading?
  2. Sorry in advance. damn so many questions but impossible to go try in a pandemic. Currently playing the Z785 and the 585 in the 5 iron. Cause of covid I haven't been able to get on a launch monitor as I received them back in May. LOVE these irons!!! But feel my gapping with the 5 iron, 6 and the 22 hybrid is too close. Could use a few more yards and a higher launch off the deck with the 5. Would a U85 help? See many used for sale right now. Or is the longer shaft too unwieldy? Too chunky? ZX utility looks a lot less chunky but almost 3 bills
  3. Will admit I haven't gone through the whole thread... Excited about the fairway woods with the Ping "cup face" technology as they should be hotter than earlier renditions. Planning on getting fit for a 4 wood. Any feedback?
  4. Thought I'd need the extra forgiveness of the 585s. And In reg flex at 105. Ive lost 1-2 clubs the last few years from a bad back and now 60 years ouchy old. lol When fit I found the 785 much more consistent as to strike pattern (I come from the inside). Also was fit into the Modus Tour S 120 soft stepped once. Flat lie 1 * Cannot be happier Broke par for the first time in 20 years last month and have a 76/77 in my last two rounds of golf. HCP coming down. Age going up! lol
  5. Had a similar situation. Went 5 wood and lofted down. LOVE IT! G400 at 16.5. Crazy easy to launch off the deck and super straight. No hooks but can play a draw off the tee if need be without fail.
  6. Two weeks ago broke par for only the second time ever. Last time was on my 40th birthday. This time was 2 days of my 60th. :) 785s were a big part of that. Forgiving and very consistent for a players cavity/muscle. Have the 585 5 iron. Crazy easy to launch for this old man. GET FIT. Ended up with in a totally different shaft and head than expected.
  7. Great scores! Congrats!!! "just write down 82 on the card before my round" I say the exact same thing. LOL!!! Until this week. Broke par for only the second time ever. Last time was when I was a 3 hcp on my 40th bday. I turn 60 this week. Almost exactly 20 years to the day. :)
  8. Turning 60 this week. Have 22* and 19* hybrids. Great sticks! Just broke par, for the second time ever this past week. FORE!
  9. 8 hcp Just put in Srixon 785s. Nip Modus 120 shafts 585 5 iron. Very impressed and happy
  10. SM8s have the DG wedge shaft. Currently have the Modus 120 s in my irons. Think the weight difference is 127(?) vs 114. I tend to be sensitive to various weights and feels. Don't mind a slightly heavier shaft to smooth out most wedge swings...but 13+ grams is quite a bit. Talking to my build guy he suggests I either go with the Modus 120 or the wedge version (believe its 122 in the S). Whats the dif between those 2 shafts? Thanks and FORE!
  11. Got to go with what suits you. No two grinds on different wedges are the same. No two effective bounces are the same depending on grind. As Vokey always points out he makes wedges to fit all kinds of techniques. So we must try them and find which suits us best. Just went thought his myself. Almost grabbed an SM7 but the grind that was suggested to me is different on the SM7 vs SM8. You might try getting the lie adjusted and see if that helps with accuracy. But the chunked shots sounds like a bounce/grind that doesn't suit you best. If you adjust loft it will adjust bounce...
  12. Newer player of these irons. Got fitted just before C19 shutdown. Had to wait 3 months for the custom order to arrive. Cannot be happier! :) To be honest I didn't think I still had the game for these at my age (turning 60). Thought for sure I'd end up in the 585s. Had a lighter shaft and "more forgiving" TMP790 before. Got fitted into the Modus 120 stiff (soft stepped). After playing 6 rounds, smooth feeling, accurate, workable, excellent turf interaction like nothing I've played before, wonderful soft forged feel that give you that smile, still forgivable if not nutted, more spin for control
  13. In the end went with the Prov1 x. Went yellow in a 3/4 deal. So far in the 5 rounds this year putting very well. Adjusted quickly to the clicky sound but feels fine off the BB6 milled face. If anything there's more feedback on putts vs the mushy feel of the CS. Difficult to tell distance with newer irons but spin has been excellent. Spin off wedges and partial shots is very good too. Driver distance is hard to tell vs my old C CS ball. Had it down to that against the TP5X. Bought a box with the pix. Didn't enjoy that look to my eye. Returned them unused. Decided to stay away from all things
  14. Just went through this myself. I went 7 wood but I decided to add spin and launch to all my clubs this year. Two videos about high swing players getting fit for hybrids. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zVmrWZl7Y0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mau5sWOswxc
  15. Forged5

    5 or 7 wood?

    Once again thank you all for the wonderful insights. Not being able to get onto a launch monitor so this is a best guess situation and decision. Looking for more spin and launch...both G410 wood and G410 hybrid are gone Purchased the G400 5 wood. Will turn it down to 16.5* or 17*. Might even try a 3 wood shaft as well. Decided to go 7 wood as per your suggestions. Not easy to find at all, especially in stiff. Was looking for a G400 7 wood but they are very rare and most are in senior shafts. Canadian online retailer had brand new Cobra F8 fw stiff on sale. Grabbed a 5-6 and will crank it a
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