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  1. 1. Autoflex sf505xx with ping g400 adapter. Measures 44.75” from adapter tip to grip end. Used maybe 5 rounds. $600 2. Speeder evolution 661x- measures 43.5” from tip to end without grip. $125 3.sik flo armlock. Used about a month, just can’t get used to it. Measures 39.5” $450 4. Scotty champions choice Newport button back, 35”, like new. Switch to iomic putter grip because I don’t like the Cameron pistol grips. Played with 3 rounds, just need the cash right now. $sold 5. Toulon garage Atlanta, 35”. Amazing feel to this putter. Sold need the cash right now, but not completely against trades. Trade interest might be sim or sim 2 driver head, 425LST head, heavy x driving irons or hybrids(19* or less)
  2. 1. G425 max 9* like new. Only used 2 rounds. $sold 2. Black ventus 7x, no tipping, g400 adapter. Shaft measures 44.5” without head. $sold 3. Scotty Cameron JT putter with super strike grip. Barely used. Plastic still on bottom. $1200 4. New Scotty Newport champions choice button back, used a few times indoors on putting green. Plastic still on grip. $975
  3. 1. Like new callaway tcb raw! 3-PW with tt 120x, used 3 rounds, built by sellingers golf in Dallas. $1800 2. Haywood raw blades, 4-PW, played about a dozen rounds and have owned for 6 months maybe. Grooves are perfect. Re-shafted by sellingers golf with 120x. $700 3. Odyssey metal x 8, Phil style. -sold 4. Srixon zu85 18 degree with recoil stiff shaft. Like new. -sold 5. Armlock odyssey backstryke. $125 6. Odyssey works 1W. $100 7. titleist tsi3 with Diamana 60 stiff, 9*. $425 8. Red Ventus 6x velocore 43-5/8 with titleist tip. Sold pin 6/3
  4. 1. 4-PW cncpt cp-03, excellent condition. Standard loft, lie, project x 6.0 $2500 2. Toulon garage Atlanta. 35” like new. $300
  5. 1. Taylormade truss tm2 cs, 33” like new. $150 2. Odyssey Toulon garage Atlanta. 35” like new- $300 3. Odyssey rsx001 milled, 35” like new. Sold 4. Odyssey versa 7 center shaft- 34” $120 5. Scotty Cameron Del Mar 3.5- refinished by BOS golf. 35”. Sold
  6. 2 amazing items for sale today. Both are high end limited edition clubs. Open to offers, no trades. 1. 4-PW Titleist CNCPT CP-03 irons that are incredible shape. Standard loft, standard lie, standard tour velvet grips, project x rifle 6.0 shafts. These irons are made from high end materials that enable titleist to make the faces super thin and hot! They were also able to add a significant amount of tungsten to the irons which lowered the cg and allows you to launch the ball higher without increasing spin rate. these retail for $500/club. asking $2500 2. Scotty cameron JT limited edition putter. This is the welded neck version of the X5.5. Everything is to JT specs, 34.25" with the super stroke pistol GT grip. Played 1 round of golf with this putter and its been in the office ever since. Not much time outside, basically new. $1800
  7. 1. Titleist cncpt cp-03 4-PW with project x 6.0. Like new condition. Hot and forgiving!! $2500
  8. 1. Taylormade truss tm2 center shaft putter, like new. 34”-$200 2. edel e-5 blacked out, like new. 34.25”-sold 3. Scotty Cameron del mar 3.5, refinished by BOS golf. 35”-$320
  9. 1. Sim max 10.5 driver with veylix 6s, non velocore. Sold head only sold 2. Srixon 585 driver head, 9.5. $120 3. Odyssey stroke lab ten, 35” like new. With headcover. Sold 4. Taylormade truss center shaft cs tm2. With headcover. $240 5. Speeder 661 evolution v xflex with tm tip. Pured. $175
  10. 1. Black kbs 120 $ taper 4-PW. $250 2. Chrome kbs 120 $ taper 4-pw. $200 3. Oban ct 115 x 4-pw. No shaft labels but I’m sure they are ct 115 x. $250
  11. pxg 0211 5-G with Oban ct-115x. These clubs are in great shape and had them reshafted by the club fix and I just don’t like the shafts for me. The shafts are very high end and expensive! $740 obots2 10.5 head like new. Sold
  12. callaway rogue pro cf18 4-AW with kbs tour 130x. In great condition, AW has been used the most. Standard length, 1* flat. $400callaway mb iron heads. 4-PW in good shape. $175united blades sbb 1 tour 4-PW with Paderson kinetixx IMRT kni290-irt 30 limited edition shafts. Stiff flex 111 gram. Very expensive upgrade. Also like new golf pride align grips. $575united blades sbb 1 tour 4-PW with DG x100 AMT white label shafts. Labels have been removed for cleaner look. Very good lamkin cord midsize grips. $380
  13. u510 1 iron head. $150tour issue stroke lab jailbird. Like new. This head was not sold for retail. Soldpxg 0311t project x lz 6.0- $50pxg 0311 $ taper- $50nike origin b2-01, like new. Original grip. 34” soldping redwood anser. Pingman grip, like new. 33.25”, Sold
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