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  1. reboot. the last page of this thread is a few months old... but i have recently started building most of my wands around d7-d9. e0 feels good on distance control but shorter puts are wavy. less than d5 i get a bit circular with my backswing. my few mann putters i have added some weight to get the head around 360ish, and some tour lock 10-15g grip weights to stick it at d8. seems to feel good to me - but obviously this is very subjective. good luck.
  2. Yep. Love shingle. Greens are running a little slow with all the rain
  3. oh there will always be sweet customs! yes i got fit in orlando, went to club champion to test all of the heads and shafts, along with some other mfgs.
  4. I just picked up a sik jo with la shaft. Went through the full fitting and the jo and pro heads were similar, I just liked the more rounded look of the jo. Tried all the heads. I was really surprised how different the shaft made it feel. I’ve always used kbs ct tour or stability tour, but the la made it feel so soft yet stable. Not boardy at all. I got the black head, 370g with an 85g grip. The swing weight is heavy but in the fitting everything was perfectly online. I even brought 4 of my favorite putters to test with it and the sik beat them all out on sam putt lab.
  5. I play off 7 but can use the help in the long irons so went xp in 4,5 and p in 6-pw. My iron play is trash in the long irons. I score around the greens
  6. They told me that also but they came sooner.
  7. Oh snap, sorry. Yeah, Florida. Although they did go across the country! I know when I ship to the UK with UPS it's a 3 day delivery, so good luck!
  8. My order was 2 weeks ago and they were delivered yesterday. About 10 days to build, and I received them in 2 days from FedEx.
  9. I had the 0211s, and just got the g3 0311ps. I lofted the 0311p strong to a 29 7i, even though the 0211 is 28. Distance is exactly the same, but I prefer the look of the 0311p, and feel is slightly better as well. Can't go wrong with either though!
  10. 3 shafts. 52/56/60. Standard length. Golf pride 360 tour velvet grips. Fresh pulls. $50
  11. TaylorMade spider ex putter flow neck. 34 inches. 69 lie 2 loft. Bought at 33, extended 1 inch. Never used on course. 9.9/10. Superstroke pistol 1.0pt. I have the swing weight at d7. With Headcover. $275.
  12. Sales vp. My company is hiring 100 software developers so if anyone is looking for a gig to pay for more golf sht dm me
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