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  1. Recent purchase but going to stick with another model. $375 shipped. No trades please. From Slighter: Skulled" was built off of our most popular mid-mallet head, the Redmond. Fashioned from Carbon Steel, these heads are just a hair heavier than their 303 SS counterparts. $550 build. Featuring a black cerakote finish, Jolly Roger hand-stamps, and custom paint-fill, this Redmond is anything but run of the mill. Weighing in at 364g with a half shaft offset, this stick has a 4:00 toe-hang, perfect for the slightly arcing putter stroke. Our rigid neck hosel was welded ont
  2. New Bastain no 9. Welded flow neck. Polished sole and face. Kbs ct putter shaft. Superstroke gtr pistol grip. 34 inches 340g. With a Tiffany splash norcal cover. Never used. $850 obo thanks!
  3. If anyone has questions about the putter let me know, it was mine. I’d love to help the op sell it. Sorry about the job buddy. -ogg
  4. Minty taylormade 3 wood m5. Tensei Orange stiff. 15 degrees. All standard. Comes with new x hot headcover. $150 shipped. No trades thanks.
  5. Have the search automatically sort by newest and just search everything.
  6. Been playing the proto x for a few rounds now. I’m definitely liking the flight and distance. Anyone else?
  7. The messaging. Oh and the quick links in the drop down. Streams. Classifieds. Content I started. Love it all.
  8. Totally agree on feel. The eas did fix that though. It feels super solid, lovely click. Maybe David can make a lefty!
  9. So like 100 putters inst good? LOL Yeah, his youtube videos are great. My only concern is it's one guy, is he right, or are the others just sticking to what sells?
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