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  1. Prefer mint/new condition please.
  2. Tempting but would really prefer the stiff shaft. I’ll mull it over
  3. Some sweet stuff up for grabs. No trades. 1. Toulon Austin. Great condition on this one. Still a little residue on bottom from lead tape just have been too lazy to remove all of it. 33.5” with rare Scotty Cameron psychedelic matador grip. Stability shaft. No head cover but will ship protected. $225 2. Tensei pro orange 70s. Not tipped. Titleist adapter. Length shown (shorter one). $215 3. Hzrdus RDX smoke 60g stiff. Titleist adapter. Not tipped. Length shown (longer one). $120 4. Cobra F9 3/4 wood. Great condition. Plays to 43”. Diamana BF 70s shaft. $16
  4. Looking for the whole lot. Gun, heater, cartridge. Anyone got one just sitting around that still works for a great price?
  5. No trades unless tensei av raw orange 65g stiff. Titleist adapter. Not tipped. Length shown. $215 shipped.
  6. 1/2” tipping or less. Prefer titleist adapter but not a deal breaker. Playing to at least 45”. Let me know!
  7. Curious where to add hot melt in these things. Don’t believe they have a port? Maybe just have to go through the screw in back
  8. Some cheap experiments up for grabs that didn’t work out. No trades. 1. Diamana DF and BF. Not looking to split. Both tipped 1”. The BF was going to be a 3 wood experiment. 60TX on the DF and 60S on the fairway. Lengths shown. DF has 5/8” extension. Both are in great shape. Priced to move at $120 for the pair. 2. Mizuno ST190 driver head. Not sure the total story on this one. Some scuffs as shown in pics on back and on top near toe. Back weight screw is stripped so cannot be removed. $old with adapter. Might make a good driver for a beginner.
  9. 1. The Valley Club 2. Idaho Falls, ID 3. 4.1 4. Callaway Mavrik 9* w/ Diamana ZF 5. Yes 6. TSI3 9* 7. Yes
  10. Up for grabs. No trades please. Barely used TS2 19* hybrid with tensei blue 70g shaft. Golf pride tour velvet cord grip (used 1 round). No trades. $185 shipped
  11. No trades please. Barely used. Grip was a pull from another shaft and has the most use. Callaway adapter. Length shown. Shaft has not been tipped. $225 shipped OBO
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