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  1. Ha! No not that bad. Played a few fairway woods that round to compare them all. Simulator comparison just doesn’t cut it
  2. Used off some mats a couple of times and on the course once. Super clean. No trades. $old
  3. Built for tsi 3 wood. Don’t believe this one is tipped. Length shown. BCT grip. $old
  4. 2 pairs up for grabs from Rhone. Brand new with tags. 33x33. Great pants for the course or the office. I have a ton of these already and don’t need anymore. $old
  5. RDX blue in my driver is money. Isn’t going anywhere. Super stable but lots of feel
  6. Some experiments that I’m passing along. Prices OBO and include shipping. Not looking at any trades but do need a high end fairway shaft. 1. Tensei AV Raw Orange 65S. Titleist adapter. Plays to 45” in TSi. A little bag wear not noticeable unless you look close, but shown. Pure pro grip. Not tipped. $135 2. Hzrdus Smoke Blue RDX 70TX. Tipped 1/2” to play 43” in tsi 3 wood. BCT grip. Used all of one round. PVD finish. She’s pretty. Mint condition. $old 3. TaylorMade Bigfoot wedge. Used once with a pro v indoors. BBF ferrule. $old
  7. I game the RDX blue 60TX in my tsi3. Love it. Only swing about 112 on the course. Very stable but no where near boardy. Nice linear kick into the ball. Feels like a full transfer of energy. Very accurate on mis hits and not very much distance loss. Can work it either way but always seems to end close to center for me. Never far offline. Love it. Getting a 70TX for fairway soon
  8. Maybe similar to Diamana ZF. Maybe. I have a pretty smooth tempo but hard transition. It has a nice load to it and full release into the ball. Very very good feeling. I would call it a mid launch, mid spin shaft. Definitely not low/low
  9. Anyone done this? Love it my driver and looking for a new fairway shaft. Not in an area that I can test so hoping someone has popped this bad boy into a fairway.
  10. Barely used. S300 AMT white shaft and BBF ferrule. Standard titleist length, 2* weak. No trades. $120 shipped.
  11. My guess is hit it with the hairdryer for a few seconds and pop off with screw driver
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