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  1. These will be shipped from Canada and price includes shipping to both the US and Canada. Excellent condition 4-pw Callaway x-forged cb 21 irons with Mitsubishi MMT 95s shafts that are standard length. Loft is also standard and lie is 1* flat. Golf pride standard sized mcc+ 4 grips just installed. $795 shipped New Evenflow Riptide LX 6.0 with a Callaway adapter. Took a few swings with this and may be just a bit to much shaft for me. Definitely firmer than the original Riptide. Length shown in the pictures and should play 45 1/4”. $235 shipped Basically new Accra TZ6 CB 55 with a Titleist adapter and standard sized Z-cord grip. Should play roughly 45 1/2” in the tsi drivers. $210 shipped
  2. MH2

    Demo i59 Review

    I hit the i59’s with the stock px LS 6.0 today and was surprised how good they felt with that shaft. Spin was a lot higher than I anticipated as well. Well struck shots were in the high 6000’s with a couple over 7000rpm. Launch and carry distances were really good. I also tried the t-100’s and found they were a bit more demanding and distances were a little shorter. If I was buying right now the i59’s would be my choice
  3. Are the mmt’s available to order through Titleist now?
  4. Possible trade considerations for similar types of irons that I haven’t tried.
  5. This set will ship from Canada and includes shipping to both the US and Canada. 4-pw with tour amt white s300 shafts. I bought this set new last week and used for 2 rounds. I am going to stick with my Callaway irons for now. They are in excellent condition. Lofts were verified standard and the lie was adjusted 1.5* flat. They are standard length. The stock Golf Pride standard sized grips which were never used will be installed prior to shipping. $950 shipped
  6. Mine came with an 8 and 5 gram weight and weighs 193g on my scale
  7. This items will be shipped from Canada and price includes shipping to both the USA and Canada. Excellent condition 5-pw x-forged cb’s with mmt 95 stiff shafts. I have not had these on the course but have hit them all on acreage. Next to no chatter, standard length, lie and loft. Sticking with my Titleist t-100’s with DG amt s300’s for now. $850 shipped I purchased the Accra tz6 55 CB m4 for my Titleist tsi3 but ended up hitting the Callaway epic speed just a bit better. This shaft was purchased new and has only played 2 rounds with it. Essentially new. Length is shown in the pictures. $225 shipped
  8. These will be shipped from Canada and price includes shipping both to the US and Canada. Great condition 4-pw with project x I/O 6.0’s and new golf pride z-grip cords grips just installed. Standard length, standard loft and 1* flat (bent at my local shop). Traded Only trade interest would be these exact irons with amt tour white s300 shafts.
  9. Wish you were looking for a mint tsi3, do you know how the head shape differs from the regular triple diamond?
  10. These will be shipped from Canada and price includes shipping to both the US and Canada. 1. Tensei pro white 1k 60s with a Titleist adapter and mcc+4 standard sized grip. Shaft plays standard length and has been tipped 1/2”. $275 shipped 2. UST Linq gunmetal 6f4 (stiff flex). No tipping, standard length with a Taylormade adapter. $175 shipped 3. Oban Kiyoshi Purple 65 04 flex. Length is shown in the pictures and I believe it plays standard in a ping g410/425 driver. It has a new mcc+4 grip. I was told this has been tipped a 1/2”. I never did get to use this shaft but it looks great with no bag wear. $old Added trade interest for the 1k would be either an Ventus blue or red 6s with no tipping with either a Titleist or Callaway adapter. Also standard length
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