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  1. Replied to the PM’s in the order I received them
  2. I just picked up a 20* tsi3 to replace my trusty 816 H2. Only hit a few balls out to the field but seems like a solid replacement for me and the 816 has been in my bag since it’s release date
  3. This will ship from Canada and price includes shipping to both the US and Canada. This shaft has seen very little use, tested while trying a Callaway epic max ls head which never worked out. Head is sold so no point in hanging on to the shaft. Length is in the pictures and played standard length in the head mentioned above. Shaft is tipped 1/2” and has the tour flat adapter installed. $old
  4. Wouldn’t the elevates be very similar?
  5. Sure looks like a crack to me
  6. I was just curious why not the the stiff in the 1k if you are currently playing the stiff xc? That is literally why I asked if it plays soft to flex?
  7. What do you mean a little epoxy came loose? From where?
  8. This will ship from Canada and price includes shipping to both the US and Canada. Mint 9* blacked out that has been used on the sim 3 separate occasions and unfortunately it is not working out as I had planned. It looks unreal with the clean crown. Head cover is brand new and has not been on the club yet. Any questions pm me. Not looking for any trades. $499 shipped If a shaft is required/wanted the only one I currently have is a tour ad-vr 6s that has been tipped 1/2” and is standard length. PM if interested in the shaft with the head.
  9. If you are playing the XC 6s why 50x in the 1k? Does the 1k play soft to flex?
  10. Awesome price, I love mine and if didn’t already have a set I would be all over these. Shouldn’t last long
  11. MH2


    I have found the tsi3 fairway very forgiving and easy to launch off the deck amd an absolute beast from the tee. I did second guess my choice between the 2 but went back and tested on GC Quad and the 3 is definitely better for my swing
  12. @dmeeksDCWhat shaft did you go with?
  13. As mentioned they look very similar to the New Level 623’s. If they play and feel as good as the 623’s do they will be a great set
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