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  1. These will be shipped from Canada and price includes shipping both to the US and Canada. Great condition 4-pw with project x I/O 6.0’s and new golf pride z-grip cords grips just installed. Standard length, standard loft and 1* flat (bent at my local shop). Traded Only trade interest would be these exact irons with amt tour white s300 shafts.
  2. I am looking for a mint set of 4-pw with stiff shafts at standard length. Also interested in a new set.
  3. Wish you were looking for a mint tsi3, do you know how the head shape differs from the regular triple diamond?
  4. These will be shipped from Canada and price includes shipping to both the US and Canada. 1. Tensei pro white 1k 60s with a Titleist adapter and mcc+4 standard sized grip. Shaft plays standard length and has been tipped 1/2”. $275 shipped 2. UST Linq gunmetal 6f4 (stiff flex). No tipping, standard length with a Taylormade adapter. $175 shipped 3. Oban Kiyoshi Purple 65 04 flex. Length is shown in the pictures and I believe it plays standard in a ping g410/425 driver. It has a new mcc+4 grip. I was told this has been tipped a 1/2”. I never did get to use this shaft but it looks
  5. Does anyone have a comparison to either the voice caddie T8, A2 or even the G1? Trying to decide between this and the voice caddie. I like the reviews that the battery life is awesome on the Garmin but the voice caddie looks really good too but can’t find any many reviews that aren’t in Korean
  6. Looking for some first hand knowledge from those who own or have tried one on the course. Also interested in the Voice Caddie A2 watch that is a bit cheaper than the T8. I am trying to decide between these 2 and the Garmin s62. The only reviews I could find are in Korean.
  7. I don’t understand why the st-x doesn’t come in a lower loft than 10.5*. I get u can drop the loft with the adapter but then that opens up the face which isn’t always good for me
  8. For some reason the pictures won’t show for me? Other adds are working so I don’t think it is my phone
  9. Can u post a pic of the face on the sim? Thanks
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