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  1. Any trade interest for other shafts with TM adapters?
  2. @fujiman.757may be able to help you out with that
  3. I couldn’t imagine how stout the m5 version of this shaft would be. These definitely are stout shafts that somehow maintain good feel.
  4. One item up for sale tonight. This will be shipped from Canada and price includes shipping to both the US and Canada. Mint condition Accra Tour Z RPG 362 m4 (stiff) with a ping adapter. This shaft has been sitting in my spare bag all year after the g410 was beat by the sim. I bought this shaft new and used it for a couple of rounds and planned on keeping it for the upcoming g425 or possible trying it in the sim but didn’t want to mess with what was working. I have decided i am going to stick with the Taylormade one more season. This shaft is about 43 3/4” long and plays 45” in the
  5. What’s the swing weight with both shafts?
  6. What weight are the 105 wedge shafts?
  7. My order should be here next week, 4-pw with blackout px lz 6.0’s
  8. I have an Accra tour z rpg 362 that would be a great shaft for your testing
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