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  1. I got one too! couple of thoughts... Nike might have placed a bigger order based on the Frank popularity although I definitely see a lot of people not being that familiar with this logo. The other wild card is (and I could’ve watched a clip of a different interview...) but I don’t think Tiger wore this on his presser on Tuesday like he did with the Frank polos.
  2. I haven’t received mine yet but my experience with The Nike Polo is that the inside side of the fabric is more on the softer side than the outside. But knowing Nike the might have changed it... I’ll compare when I get mine in.
  3. Just got my 2.0 in blue tech! Great setting it up and storing all my gear. Will post a course review as soon as I get out there.
  4. I have the Masters Frank and 82 wins Fist Pump on small standard fit and Id say they are mostly true to size. Not too loose, not too tight. For reference I usually go mediums for slim fits.
  5. What time are Nike drops lately? Still 10AM eastern?
  6. Parting ways with my favorite bag. Rare find for any Nike collectors out there. Beautiful Nike Golf Modern Staff with high quality details, red stitching and reflective swoosh. 6 way top, 11 pockets with 2 magnetic and 2 zipped valuables. Lightly used, excellent condition. Mostly display for my clubs at home. Update: $old + shipping
  7. They actually come with a nice adhesive film that holds it in place during application. So it stays where you want it while you press down with an iron. I used other shirts with factory placed swoosh as reference for placement. (Learned that after installing my first one on the black polo too low...) Have washed inside out as recommended and no problems so far.
  8. Just got a few Swooshes in from Customeazy and they are great! Got them in black, white and silver and applied them to some 2020 polos as well as some of my prior years faves. Planning on doing it to a few more soon.
  9. TW 71s in black for 68 bucks with the 25% off plus some gift card leftovers I had. Plus 10% back on ebates
  10. electronic, just print it out, stick to your return pkg and drop off at UPS or FedEx. yep i did that already. Received an email from Nike saying my Polo had been processed and accepted the claim. That they would be sending a voucher for the value of the shirt. Im assuming its a nike gift card. Just wondering if they mail it to you physically or email it.
  11. Those of you that have sent items in to Nike warranty i just got an email saying they approved my claim and Id be receiving a voucher. Do they mail that or is that electronic?
  12. Anyone ready to drop $200 for the Jason Day polo with no swoosh on the chest and a black swoosh on the sleeve? https://m.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/golf-club-mens-polo/pid-12166826/pgid-12172414
  13. Black 71s on NDC http://store.nike.com/US/en_US/pd/air-zoom-tw71-mens-golf-shoe/pid-11908039
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