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  1. I ordered an M4 with Tensei White 70x, sight unseen, never even demoed it...upgrading from my Jetspeed/GBB drivers. I bet it'll be pretty sweet and I am pumped to get it. But the pro at my golf course "forgot to hit submit" on my order so instead of being here now, it will not be here until 3-21...ugh. Anyone w some TM connections want to get my order to the front of the line?
  2. What are the 12 no upcharge premium shafts they're offering?
  3. Probably the most uneducated thing I've ever read In a thread Hemmehroids? Strep throat? A headache? You don't read many threads do you? And uneducated? That makes zero sense. Maybe insensitive, yes, but uneducated? 🙄
  4. ​Current USGA handicap: 7.6 What are your current irons and shafts (be specific): TM SLDR 5-PW, KBS Tour C Taper 120 Stiff, Lamkin JRose RELACE grips, ribbed. Were you fit for your current irons? If so, where / when?: Not directly fit, but the fitters at the Kingdom for the SLDR challenge made suggestions for my next set, which was to be the SLDR irons, based on what they saw from me on the range there. Lower flight needed so got C Taper shafts, and I was looking for a forgiving, player looking iron, so when the SLDRs came out, I jumped right in and I love them. State why you'd want to attend this exclusive opportunity to be fit at TaylorMade Golf: I love TM gear and always have. I want to be truly fit for the first time with a set of irons. Lots has changed since my first and only pseudo fitting, so I would be very interested in seeing what new suggestions a group of professional fitters will offer me, and I really want to try out the new TM forged irons. They look awesome.
  5. GBB Diamana Blue Board 60X. Best driver I have played in a while. I agree with some that the sound off the face is not my favorite. But I am getting used to it, which is even easier from the middle of the FW! Hope you enjoy the new stick, it has definitely been great for me.
  6. Taking a week or so off until the member guest at Wellshire. Will be a fun weekend with my pops out there! Elbows need some rest though, both are a bit sore right now. I need a bionic body so I can golf forever with zero repercussions, who has my hookup?
  7. Oh nice! A buddy of mine plays out in that league. Won the 4 person scramble a weekend or two back. He told me I should join, but I've never even played the course before. The amount of tournaments and size of the prizes sound pretty nice though. This format would be fun! I'd probably do 3-hybrid, 8-iron, PW, and putter as well. Hybrid I'd be able to hit straight and hit most fairways with a decent distance. 8-iron is good for 150-155 on in. PW for pitches and chips (not a fan of anything higher lofted). And putter because, well, putter. Sounds like I'd have to just use my old foot wedge and/or throw the ball. I'd be at a HUGE disadvantage considering I don't touch alcohol. Come join! We're alotta fun. Who is your buddy? My best buddy Derek was the A player on the winning team.
  8. In a 4 club, imo, a putter is a must. there are too many other strokes to be left out there with only 3 clubs so you have to make some putts. now, in a 3 club, gotta leave the putter at home. I hit my hybrid 240 or so off the deck and can get it out there up to 260 off a tee, so that gets me around most of the course to 8 iron length and in, and in a lot of cases to PW length. 8 iron and PW cover roughly 180 and in.
  9. 4 club mod Stableford at Wellshire tomorrow. Always a fun one. They move us up a tee box too so that helps a little. I am going 4 hybrid, 8 iron, pw, and putter. What would you guys take in a 4 club?
  10. that second picture...I have never seen anyone else with those irons. I still have them in my backup bag in the garage and I am going to reshaft with c tapers this summer. always loved those clubs.
  11. same. super forgiving for what is pretty much a player's club. no heavy offset, able to move the ball both ways, awesome trajectory and they just look so good. will be a while before I give mine up.
  12. And I think Sunday is looking ok too. Supposed to be pretty sunny tomorrow all day. I think we will get some golf in fellas! Think very warm thoughts.
  13. The big Calcutta scramble for Wellshire Men's League is in great jeopardy right now...7 am shotgun on Sunday. Need lots of melting and some drying bc if the course is open but not allowing carts, the tournament is canceled. Buzzkill indeed!
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