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  1. I ended up ordering all P790s. 5-AW, 1 degree flat and 1/2 inch short, modus 105 stiff. Same specs for MG3 wedges. Was quoted sometime in early 2022 but the TM site shows mid-December. In any case, I should have new irons for next golf season.
  2. Any comments on performance of the short irons on shots which require more feel (partial shots, shots around the green)? Coming from 714 AP2s and was for for P790. I play short irons around the greens and am currently considering whether or not to combo the P790 long irons with P770 short irons (which also performed well in my fitting) or just order a full set of P790s.
  3. Can anyone who has their irons and played a few rounds comment on performance of the short irons (8-AW)? I like to play shots around the greens with the short irons and wondering if I should order a combo set with P770 short irons or just stick with the P790s for the whole set. I’ve hit both irons, but my fitter only carries 6 irons so wanted to get some thoughts. Address picks of the short irons would be great too.
  4. Golftown in Canada dropped the price of the king Ltd driver from $600 to $400. Might just be for a weekend sale
  5. Not gonna let this thread go on without a cobra recommendation. Anything from bio cell to f6 are great fairways. I personally game the f6 5 wood with a kai li and it flies high and straight unless my swing tells it not to (which is most of the time to my disappointment)
  6. Non handcrafted version. Wasn't one of the fortunate people who got the handcrafted version when ordering direct from Cobra. As far as I know they play the same
  7. Only been gamed two rounds, looks pristine. Asking $SOLD OBO shipped to US, Canadian buyers we will negotiate. Trade interests include tour ad gp 6s, rogue black 110 msi tour stiff, rogue 125 msi 60 tour stiff, or other high end shafts. Prefer cobra tip or no tip.
  8. Did you order the shaft direct from Cobra or from somewhere else? Even though I'm really liking the Chrome in this head, I'm thinking of picking up a Hzrdus as well ($180 with grip and adapter installed seems like a great deal). I order directly from Cobra with the Hzrdus, but they shipped it to me with stock rogue since the Hzrdus was on backorder. When the Hzrdus came in, my local golf shop never asked for the rogue back, so I basically got the Hzrdus for free
  9. Finally cobra has started to ship out hzrdus shafts after the long wait. Got mine in yesterday and will test against the stock rogue. Been hitting it so well with the rogue I'm not sure the hzrdus can beat it. Really want to try a rogue 125 msi or 110 black in this head. Head is super forgiving, blows last year's r15 away in all categories.
  10. Too bad you won't ship to Canada, really want that rogue 125 msi 60 TS GLWS!
  11. No up charge for the Hzrdus, and it has been hyped a lot this year as a low/low shaft
  12. Anyone who purchased one of these play the king ltd pro at any point and have a comparison?
  13. Also to support this is the fact the first few people who ordered the hzrdus shafts ended up getting the handcrafted model.
  14. I just didn't like the feel of the r15. Played it for half of last season and sold is over the winter. Picked up a ltd pro and it's leaps and bounds better. Lower spin and more forgiving, not to mention the feel is amazing
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