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  1. Head is in great shape, played a couple rounds with it. I purchased this brand new at pga toursuperstore. Weight is 196.4 grams with no adapter in. Firm on price don’t ask. I have the matching OEM headcover also. shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Thanks, pm any questions.
  2. Title says it all head is in good shape played all this season with it, some tiny nicks and scratches, looks perfect at address. Weight is 194.6 grams with no adapter in. Firm on price don’t ask. I have the matching OEM headcover also. shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Thanks
  3. Two driver heads, no adapter, but matching OEM head covers included. G425 Max is in very good shape, see pics. Head weight is 197.3 grams without adapter. 9* loft G410 LST in good shape, small scratch on top line not visible from address, otherwise normal wear on face and sole. 203.3 grams 9* loft Prices are shipped to lower 48, will go out Monday. Please direct message for PayPal info. Thanks G425. $SOLD G410. $SOLD
  4. Ping G410 lst driver head 203.3 grams. Club has a scratch in the middle on the top line, see close up pic. Other than that head is in good shape. Second Tensei raw AV 65 stiff shaft. This came out of a stock g425 max driver. Playing length was just shy of 45” Driver Head. 250.00 Shaft. SOLD prices are shipped lower 48
  5. Ping G425 max 9* head only, will include the matching headcover. Head is in very good shape I bought this new and played roughly 6 rounds with it. 201.6 grams without adapter. I can’t find anything I like better than my Cobra Ltd, if anyone is wondering why I am selling this. SOLD. shipped to continental US.
  6. 1st shaft Attas3 7x. With ping g410 adapter. 42.5” from adapter tip to shaft end. No tipping. 75.00 shipped to continental US 2nd shaft Diamana B 70X. 42.75” with a shaft extension that is 2-1/4”, shaft has been tipped 1” 65.00 shipped 3rd shaft Diamana R 60X. 42.60” shaft has been tipped 1” 70.00 shipped I will sale all three for 150.00
  7. Tsi3 driver head. Headcover and wrench included, no adapter. Loft is 9* top line is in really good shape, some marks on the bottom from a sandy range and low tee heights, see close up pics. $SOLD shipped to continental US. Will ship today. Direct message for PayPal info. Thanks.
  8. Cleveland RTX zipcore. This wedge is brand new ordered straight from Cleveland. Has a dynamic gold s400 shaft and measures 35.5”, ordered a 1/2” over standard. Grip is a tour velvet standard, no wraps. $125.00 shipped to continental US. Please direct message for PayPal info. Thanks Next item is a Scotty Cameron Futura 5r. I bought this off eBay a year ago and it was extremely beat up, like a spoiled child slammed it after every missed putt. I removed all the big dings and sand blasted the body, removed the black on the bottom insert, and added some paint. The face is all original, and is in decent shape, see pics. Length is 32.25” I don’t know the loft and lie, I re-shafted it and gamed it for a year. Let’s do 275.00 or best offer. Might be interested in a odyssey #9 style putter trade.
  9. First is a set of Ping i210 irons. 5-pw, black dot, standard ping length and loft. Matching serial numbers, clubs are in good shape, see pics. Shaft is Ping AWT shaft, stiff flex, made by Nippon. I have the matching UW for 65.00 if you want that also, and will throw in the 4 iron shaft I am keeping the 4 iron head. Grips are tour velvet 360 standard size, in very good shape. SOLD shipped to continental US. Please direct message for PayPal info. Thanks Second item is a Hzrdus Yellow Smoke Small Batch Shaft. I bought this with the intention of using it in the G425 max, hit a couple balls with it but can’t stand the Ping sound. 6.0ts, 70 gram, no tipping, tip is prepped, and shaft has been butt cut 1”. 89.00 shipped to continental US.
  10. This came out of my TSI3, which I bought brand new. Probably played with it 2 rounds and some range sessions. Grip- Standard tour velvet 360 Flex- 6.5 weight-60 length- 44.5” grip cap to adapter end, will play 1” longer in driver Please direct message for PayPal info. 75.00 shipped to the continental US.
  11. I trying my best to resist the urge to be a club ho. Head is new, has never touched a ball. I will include the adapter, headcover, wrench, and ball marker, that’s right the ball marker! I only took 2 pics since it’s new. Sold shipped anywhere in continental US. Please direct message for PayPal info. Thanks
  12. Bought this last year off the classifieds and played it all summer in a TS2. Played right at 45” it’s 43-3/4” from shaft end to adapter tip. Condition is good, a tiny bit of normal bag wear, no big scratches or chips in the paint. I was told no tipping, and it measures 24.75” from tip to first ring. I took the grip off to make sure it didn’t have a shaft extension. Sold. shipped USPS Priority to Continental US. Please direct message me for PayPal info. Thanks
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