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  1. Price drops!!!!!!For sale is the legendary 2007 Taylormade Burner 14.5* 3 wood with an Accra SC75 shaft in M5 flex (X-stiff) with a new Golf Pride grip. Includes headcover $75 shipped and paypalled CONUS. Next up is a Diamana Whiteboard 73x with a R9 tip and a New White/Black NDMC grip Played 45" in a Supertri. It has been tipped 1" and has an extension in it. $60 shipped and paypalled CONUS OBO
  2. [quote name='whiteslashasian' timestamp='1316612231' post='3579603'] [quote name='skinny99' timestamp='1316566332' post='3578635'] 2012 Chevy Sonic is under 16k brand new with a full warranty. It will last through college with no expensive repairs or maintenace costs. [/quote] Aveo rebrand/upgrade? [/quote] No actually a brand new Chevy product built in the US. Powered by a really good 1.8L I4, same as the Cruze.
  3. 2012 Chevy Sonic is under 16k brand new with a full warranty. It will last through college with no expensive repairs or maintenace costs.
  4. VS Proto for sure. It is a great fairway shaft.
  5. Mistubishi llima or if trying to go cheap maybe a Aldila VS Proto.
  6. Whiteboard or Aldila RIP would bvoth be good choices. The NV would be ok but all you really would be gaining is feel maybe.
  7. 1/2" tipping will keep it playing to standard untipped flex.
  8. Yes. If the edges get pushed over they can square them up. I do mine about every ten rounds or so. Takes about 5 minutes. Also gets the grooves super clean! You do have to be a little careful though. You can get carried away and make the grooves illegal! It would take some work however.
  9. Gotta put a sale price of no matter what. Do it before the MODS delete your ad.
  10. Adjustments to swingweight through grip weight changes are not real. All they do is trick the scale. The proper way to set swingweight is build the clubs to the desired swingweigth with a "standard" weight grip and then install the desired grip with no regards to it's potential swingweight change. In that way the club actually feels like the swingweight you desire. If Titleist will not provide lighter heads or lighten the heads then your going to feel an increased swingweight. I know Mizuno and Ping have the ability to do that, I am not sure about Titleist. Your last resort is to order the clu
  11. [quote name='Moniteur' timestamp='1315220910' post='3542590'] [quote name='TheDarkOne' timestamp='1315216509' post='3542571'] Doesn't have to be this kine but.... A Callaway X forged with 10-14 with C Grind might be something to research. Any wedge, Miura's also with C Grind could be the key. I thought it was gimmicky at first but now I couldn't imagine playing a non C Grind Wedge. [/quote] Thanks, Do Scratch do something equal to C grind? Considering the 1018 wedges... [/quote] The 1018 wedge in Driver/Slider has Scratch's EGG grind, it is prob the most versatile grind they mak
  12. [quote name='jaydub1228' timestamp='1314852303' post='3533770'] If you pull up to the course in your Iroc Z Camaro with Yosemite Sam mud flaps. [/quote] Your now confusing redneck with white trash! We are not the same people. Guidos from Jersey drive an IROC Z, real rednecks drive a truck (Usually with big tires and loud exhuast).
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