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  1. I do think TM and Callaway will go on sale. I just didn’t expect this from PXG.
  2. Will do. Really this turns me off so much I may dump all my PXG stuff and start over.
  3. Hope ping finally makes a 3 wood that doesn’t sound and feel bad. Love the look, but that has always held me off these clubs.
  4. Man I’m pissed. I just bought the Proto driver, gen 2 fairway, and gen 3 tour irons in June at what I thought was a decent discount direct off of the PXG site. Now they are even cheaper as are the wedges (which I bought as well). i like them all a lot, but this quick and drastic discount so fast after I bought them just sucks.
  5. For sale is an excellent set of the newest version of the PXG 0311 Forged wedges. 50/9, 54/10, and 58/10 all standard length and lie. KBS Hi Rev 2.0 stiff shafts, No1 grips. These are in excellent condition, hardly any bag chatter, just a sandy ball mark on the toe of the 54 and 58. Looking to sell as a set for now, only trade I’d consider is the TM Sim TI 3 wood. $580 shipped to CONUS.
  6. They are so hard to beat. I regret selling mine. Feel was unreal, and I’m not kidding when I say they weren’t that hard to hit.
  7. i have the gen 3 0311Ts, and they feel quite a bit better than the 770 to me.
  8. I hit the MC and 770 the other day. 770 looked good, felt good, but went too far and the dispersion was a little loose. Pretty much the same results as the 790s I had a few years ago. MCs looked just awesome. They felt similar to a Mizuno to me, pretty damn good. Dispersion was a lot better and my distances were I need to be . Really didn’t find them to be hard to hit. But, still didn’t bear my gen 3 0311Ts. If I switch at some point, it will be the MC
  9. Pxg 0341x gen2. Ping looks with titleist feel, and it’s a bomber. Had to turn it up to 19.5 to get a goof gap with my 3 wood.
  10. Tempted to custom order a set, but wonder how these will stack up against the Zipcore and will probably wait. But that custom option looks sweet!
  11. I just bought the gen 3 Ts because of the sale (still a good more than most sets). So far I love them. I have had some hits on the toe that only lost a little distance and held the line, and that shouldn’t have happened. Not sure they are that much better than ping etc. but I do like them a lot.
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