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  1. I know a group of guys that like to go on very low cost golf trips. They don't care to play high end courses and eat out at nice restaurants. They play golf....then usually cook meals in, play cards, etc. They just enjoy the time away as a group similar to what you describe. A couple of places they like to go are: Santee, SC; Crossville, TN; and Sevierville, TN. I think all those places have lodging options for golf groups and you can find stay/play packages. Although I think there is a bit of driving involved to get all the courses in the packages...not like a stay and play package at Legends or Barefoot in Myrtle Beach.
  2. Great choice….have a great trip! Michigan in August is just about perfect. Try to hit Pilgrims Run near Grand rapids if you can. Forest Dunes Is definitely worth it and I think would be a good place to stay for a night or two. I have not played Arcadia Bluffs but it is on the list for a future trip. If you like beer the brewery scene is really good in MI. I like bar/brewery food so that’s also what I recommend for restaurants. If the trip takes you through Ludington swing by Jamestown Brewing Company for perch fillets and beer. And if you are looking for something non golf and fishing related I recommend a visit to Sleeping Bear Dunes.
  3. I am not from Atlanta, but have played a few rounds in the area. I believe a couple of your best options convenient to Duluth are Echelon or Bear’s Best.
  4. Pilgrims Run for sure. Tullymore and Eagle Eye are also nice, but both are about an hour drive from Grand Rapids.
  5. I'll put a plug in for Denver. I tagged along with my wife to a conference she attended a few years ago and spent my days playing golf. Granted I only played 3 days, but it was hard choosing which courses to play. There was plenty of quality public courses within a short drive to keep someone busy for a week. I played Riverdale, Ridge at Castle Pines, and Bear Dance and all were courses I would play again. It was middle of summer and 90 degrees, but the lack of humidity made it very comfortable. We stayed right downtown by the convention center and spent evenings eating and drinking craft beers so all in all was a great getaway for me. It was also fun hitting 200 yard 6 irons (normally my 170 yard club) at the higher elevation.
  6. When I lived in Blacksburg as a college student the group I played with mostly went to Hanging Rock to the north and Draper Valley to the south. Both were decent courses. A couple of my favorite restaurants (again college student perspective and mostly college town bar kind of food): The Cellar, Sharkeys, Pk,s, Souvlaki, and loved the roof at Boudreauxs when weather was nice (sadly I believe that has closed). Also highly recommend breakfast at Gillies and donuts from Carol Lee. It has been quite a few years since I graduated and a lot has changed and so someone with more recent knowledge can chime in. I go back a couple of times a year, but always hit my favorite spots and haven’t tried some of the new places that have opened. Also recommend The River Company Restaurant and Brewery after Pete Dye River Course.
  7. Yes. I have not played it, but did research it a bit once. Sounded like it gets busy/crowded. But, definitely an option.
  8. I have not been to Grandover and can’t speak to that. My recommendation for weather in March would be to go south from CLT. Columbia, SC is likely to be 10 degrees warmer than Greensboro. The challenge is that there are not any really good stay and play options. If you were willing to drive for golf you could stay somewhere like the Ballantyne Hotel, which is just down the road from CLT on the south side. From there you could drive for golf. For example, Cobblestone is probably around a 1h drive (just north of Columbia). If you are not picky for golf there are a number of other public options available in places like Fort Mill and Rock Hill.
  9. Pete Dye River Course of Virginia Tech is not too far off I81 and is one of my favorites. Disclaimer that I am biased for that course as a VT alum.
  10. Olde Mill in Laurel Fork, Va is not too far away and a great course. I have only played in the summer so not sure what it would be like in March.
  11. Spent a couple of days there with my wife about 5 years ago. I was attending a conference that had been relocated there from Naples due to hurricane damage at the venue in Naples. We both liked it. Enjoyed walks through resort and surrounding area in the mornings and the super-pool in the afternoons. I played just the Palmer course as part of the conference. It was good, not great. Would definitely go back for the atmosphere at the resort, but ideally for golf would drive the 40 miles or so up the road to World Woods. We also preferred to go out to eat. Found some really great restaurants about 20 minutes towards Tampa. It was a bit of a pain to come and go as all they had was valet parking and at times the wait to get our car got a little lengthy. But, if you are planning to just stay at resort that won’t be too much of an issue. I guess the recommend part of your question depends on how good of a deal it is.
  12. Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center has a number of different options for schools and individual lessons. I had a good experience with them.
  13. I'm a fan of Pinehurst Brewing Company
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