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  1. Not this set, I have a line on another set that I am contemplating playing. If I do I would need to reshaft them, but I am definitely thinking about playing a set.
  2. I will tomorrow, I haven't seen them yet. The build specs are awesome. Mizuno went so far as to use BB&F ferrules. Here are some pics of some that have been delivered, I got the pics from eBay.
  3. Total spur of the moment purchase, Copper Mizuno MP20's!! I pick them up tomorrow, I can't wait! Oddly enough I stumbled onto them, and they weren't spoken for.
  4. My set came in yesterday! I’m grabbing them tomorrow! I am keeping mine, but the drake market so far is a couple hundred over msrp. MSRP is $2020. One sold eBay auction.
  5. Ping G LS tech with Fuji pro limited 60X. Loving it, it's long and workable!
  6. Congrats, I hope to hit them at some point!!
  7. Ping Rhapsody, just bought some for my GF and she is loving them. She is a beginner as well and finds then easy to hit.
  8. Couldn't agree more Dunn!
  9. I am loving mine, I am playing it 1 degree down and with a Fuji Pro 70x, it is great off the tee and fairway. I can control the ball flight and direction. not quite as long as my 915fd DI setup but still an amazing club!
  10. Expect to love them, I have hit them several times and they are amazing irons. I used the 2 & 3 in my MB set and absolutely loved them.
  11. I have the stretch 3 and am loving it!
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