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  1. Olney Golf Park. If you're looking for Titleist wedges, Brendan is their rep and a good pro. They used to have Titleist Tuesdays that are great for fitting wedges. I haven't seen them much lately but I also don't think I have been there on a Tuesday in a while. But they have two bags of wedges near the counter. You might have to just buy a bucket of grass tee golf balls to test them out.
  2. Some friends and I are going to go watch. What's his name?
  3. What hole is the Erin Hills flag? Thanks and good luck with the sale!
  4. Any time Golden Horseshoe has a deal I might be going down there. Unbelievable experience each time. $119 to play 36 holes where the second 18 is the best I have played in Virginia is well worth it. Kingsmill loses its luster each time I play Golden Horseshoe. I do, however, get really claustrophobic on the tee boxes after playing Worthington Manor all the time. Rick, thanks for setting it up either way. It was weird to travel again but I am glad we can these days.
  5. Tour X. Cat 3 is stiff. Cat 4 is X. I have a Cat 4 tipped and only swing just above 100 mph. But every swing will load it differently. I also hate a left miss.
  6. Trues are definitely true to size. Wide toe box and very comfy! Premiums will have more cushion and the Originals will feel like slippers. Both are zero drop and are my favorite shoes to walk in by a lot. I will wear my Adidas Tour 360s if it's wet and I'm playing in a tournament.
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