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  1. Best golf bags for me so far are the Burton ULT (super lightweight and no bag tangle) and the Sun Mountain H2NO Lite (lightweight for a waterproof bag). The Burton is really underrated and I was able to snag one on Rock Bottom for $79 a while back. The Sun Mountain worked like a charm in Scotland and is a well-balanced carry. Both have worked well on the ClicGear. Thanksgiving is going to stink since it'll just be me at my mom's setting up my Zoom family call for us. Then my SO's parents are doing take-out. All good though since the last thing I want is my mom catching COVID.
  2. Best putter fitting in the area. You can actually check out my review of him on Yelp. But he did ghost me after our fitting. Not sure why. His setup is great for woods, irons, and wedges. His selection and builds are good, just not the best.
  3. Only problem I have had was the Hoofer or similar bag where the bottom isn't as stiff. The bag will bend and hit the wheel of the ClicGear 3.5+ I have. But an easy fix was a small square of foam to lift it off. I think the new ClicGear solves this problem. Stand bags can tend to lean, especially when you are going up side-hill slopes, as the legs slide along the hard plastic they are resting on. But it's a simple twist to get it back straight. I haven't felt the need for a cart bag. Then again, I half push half carry.
  4. Jim at 2nd Swing worked at CC for just several months. Got let go because he couldn't really keep up with everything going on over there. I think he'll do much better at 2nd Swing. Not everyone at CC is a great fitter, but I still recommend Nick Gunawan at the Rockville location for fittings. Several people in the Hive have been fitted by Nick. He's the best builder in the area too. I still haven't been to Nighthawk. I have heard several guys here say great things but I have also heard about one bad fitting.
  5. That small course near St. Andrews is called Elie. One of my favorite memories in Scotland. Zero par 5s, only two par 3s. Probably my second favorite course we played for the dollar amount after the Old Course. Small pro shop I wish I had bought out when I was there. The first hole goes straight up the hill, then flattens out. No one was out there so we just took pictures with the periscope because it was so unique.
  6. Love that hole. Love #3 as well. Unless the pin is where it was in the Club Championship and the greens are firm and fast.
  7. I really like the Worthington Manor, PB Dye, Whiskey Creek (and even throw in Musket Ridge, Maryland National and others) debate. Worthington Manor is easily my favorite public course in Maryland. The only other course that is on it's level is Bulle Rock, maybe. I just like that there are so many ways to play most holes. Every time I feel like I know how to play a hole, my misses start doing something different and I start taking different lines to get different angles. Plus where the pin is changes my approach off the tee. Basically it's all about angles out there. It looks wide open b
  8. Job? What job? My plan is to walk the earth. Like Caine in Kung Fu?
  9. It will not.. golf companies are getting free publicity for just giving stuff to him Social media can have a big impact on some people thoughts, etc. Just because you do not get it or understand does not make it any less or more. Those guys aren't influencers, they're advertisers who are not good enough to actually get paid to work. The companies save an insane amount of cash by playing to the insecurities of social media addicts by giving them free gear that they will feature in multiple of their dozen posts a week. It's very smart. Completely agree with you, Domes. Bryan is a
  10. This is awesome man, congrats. EagleHiveMore seems pretty walkable? Nothing beats walking. This time of year, its so great to put 7 clubs in the sunday bag and just putz around out there, its probably one of my favorite things about belonging somewhere. If you read what City posted a while back, walking is a great 7-8 mile walk. Plus you are pushing weight, plus swinging a club. I got a look at an M5 demo iron last night. If you never saw the back of the club but all you did was see it from address and hit/hear it - I think you'd be pretty impressed. Eaglemore is definitely walkable. O
  11. GOTG2 was very good but I think the first one did such a good job of introducing a new genre to a industry that was getting repetitive. So I like the first one more in hindsight. But you all should watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Fantastic movie. Great soundtrack.
  12. From what I hear I'd rather do two rounds at Streamsong than that round at TPC Seagrass...
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