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  1. I play with a guy who takes up to 10 waggles and half swings. I’ve learned to not watch him. He’s a rookie compared to this guy.
  2. I'm not a fan of sandals - especially Mandals. There are some ugly feet in the world.
  3. What are you trying to do? Mess up a promising thread with facts???
  4. Its something they do. You just need to plan ahead and face it in the right direction or up against something.
  5. I’m thinking Matthew Wolff could have used 12 or so mulligans today.
  6. Call Ron. He has several different prices of the AT depending on how many miles they have on them. I think they start at $1199. I paid $1299 and mine was almost brand new.
  7. I don’t disagree with anything you said. We’ve been members since it was Price Club. However, we have called it the “$200 store” for many years as I can’t think of too many times when I’ve gone there and not dropped at least a Benjamin. Too many good bargains to walk past. We’ve just learned to pace our visits there. Just got my annual membership / rebate of $300+ which makes the Executive Membership a no-brainer.
  8. Wow. And here I thought my wife going 2-3 times a month was excessive.
  9. That may be the first time I've seen someone [sic] themself. Well done.
  10. I think it’s odd that there have been some posters who have been very anti-Costco since the very beginnings of this thread. No amount of explanation or presentation of evidence seem to have any effect on them. My dad used to say some people’s minds are like cement- all mixed up and permanently set.
  11. I assigned one of my buddies to remind me to do this. A couple pages back I posted a photo of what can happen when you forget.
  12. I’ve played several courses that the PGA and LPGA use and I would need to play as a one man scramble just to have my round look like a golf score and not a bowling one.
  13. This is great advice. My current F150 is a ‘18 Limited that comes stock with 22” wheels. (My wife calls it my gentleman’s truck.) Those wheels have a very small bias and I hate the look so I swapped them for the OEM 20” that are stock on Platinums. I put Bilstein’s on the front to raise it 2” to level and installed 275/60/20’s which are much better for the occasional towing I do and a better look IMO. Anything bigger puts them into the LT category which is heavier and noisier (less MPG too.) +1 on https://www.f150forum.com. Every question you have will have an answer there and not
  14. The relative short life expectancy for dogs is IMO their only drawback. Every time we’ve gotten a new one I always think that some day in the future I’m going to have to say goodbye, and that really sucks. OTOH, if dogs lived as long as a tortoise I would have missed out on a lot of really good buddies so I guess it’s best as is. It’s amazing how they can worm their way into your heart and give so much more than they take. Last year I was in our vets waiting room and there was a couple of women holding a huge Great Dane. Some of their co-workers came in and these guys l
  15. I was lucky enough to be a WRX evaluator for a set of Ben Hogan irons and hybrids. The irons didn’t make it into my bag but I’m still using the VKTR 4 hybrid. I’ve had Ping and TM but never really liked them. This club apparently fits my swing as it’s one of the few clubs I can reliably shape both ways.
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