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  1. Yesterday while getting ready to play I was a little rushed and forgot to extend the anti-tip wheel. Going to our starting hole I directed the cart up a grass hill and of course it tipped over. Another buddy who also has an AT laughed at me, but we were both surprised to see the handle snapped in half. It was near freezing and maybe the plastic was brittle and the turf hard but I didn’t expect this. Ron at Kaddymart is great and he is sending me a new handle that the MGI guys are providing at no cost. There are several YouTube videos by MGI on how to do these kinds of repairs.
  2. I’m 69 and posted a copy of a screenshot from my tracking program. Did you see it? FWIW - most of the older guys I play with are not as long, however there are several guys my age who hit it past me.
  3. What??? This may be a rip off. I thought the reason for the high cost was the magical antimatter chip. This is only $80. No way that putter with the electrical tape grip is worth $99,920 all by itself.
  4. I had one of these in the 70’s. I don’t recall it being very accurate.
  5. Well, any club that has a “Char’dal Zer’on telekinetic and antimatter microprocessor “ on it has to work. I’m thinking about writing the seller to see if he could make me a whole set of these so I could put one on every club. Why just have a magic putter?
  6. Yesterday I was playing with my regular group and mentioned this. One of my buddies asked if I shot my age. (That is a constant goal for old guys.) I pulled up the pix of the card on my phone and realized I had shot my age by 3 weeks. One of the few remaining items on my bucket list checked off.
  7. I was a long time GameGolf original user. I went through three of the units as I had issues with dropping them In my driveway and then running over them (happened twice - I know, I’m an idiot.) I liked the system and was sad to see the company struggle. I then got a set of Arccos sensors but they didn’t last long as I didn’t like having a phone in my pocket. I didn’t opt for the subscription level and just used them as I did the GameGolf system. They worked fine and other than the phone, and the huge tags I think it’s a good system. ive been using ShotScope for a couple of months a
  8. I'm old (69) and I play mostly in the 6200-6400 range. Handicap is now 6.1 but I was a 3 around 5-6 years ago. Most of the guys I play with do not hit it very far and thus they think I'm a long hitter. I don't try to correct them anymore as it becomes awkward. I play longer courses every summer in a 4 day tournament and I'm comfortable up to 6800 or so. Beyond that and my scores get wonky. From ShotScope my "Performance" average, that is the average with the topped shots or 100 yard stinkers not included is 259. Every once in a while all the stars will align properly and I'll get it past 300.
  9. My putting stats would be a lot more accurate if I remembered to push the buttons every time.
  10. One of my buddies had his career best round today, but it could have been epic. He’s a downward trending 8 currently taking a set of lessons from a local company that uses launch monitors, video, wire you with sensors etc. He’s been at it for a few weeks so the initial awkwardness of swing changes is past and while his drives haven’t changed much his approach shots are a lot tighter. We started on hole 11 and after 8 holes he was 5 under with two eagles and a bird. Kind of like the Bishop in Caddyshack. I think he started thinking of the possibilities as the next 9 is the easier
  11. The 14 day quarantine for visitors to Hawaii is still in effect. There is an exception for Maui County for Trans-Pacific travelers though. You need to get tested for Covid by a "state-approved" tester and have written documentation that you tested negative. Unless they modify or drop the restrictions, you'll need to sit in your hotel for 2 weeks before you play golf, go to the beach etc. https://governor.hawaii.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/2010116-COM_Public-Health-Emergency-Rules-October-13-2020-distribution-signed.pdf
  12. Its depressing that I'm going to be in the last age category next year.
  13. I got to play it before it was officially open. Very nice and compared to some desert courses the fees aren’t too bad.
  14. I don't need the shaft as I just got the Raw Blue to evaluate. I'd love to have the experts tell me if I picked the right shaft though as it didn't make it into my bag - probably because I picked the wrong one.
  15. My buddy who runs the tournament did that last year. Winners got a cheesy trophy and the good stuff - foursomes at private courses, flat screen TV, golf clubs etc were door prizes. Hopefully it will make a difference next year but I doubt it. Some people love to walk up in front of the group as the "winners" even though last year there were a lot of catcalls and "BS" being thrown at them. They probably don't care and didn't think it was odd they beat the next team by 11 strokes.
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