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  1. I worked at maintaining bunkers for 7 years one 4 hour shift a week. But that became too much like actually working that I switched to picking the range once a week. Get to the range early and practice, then get the cart, listen to an audible book and unwind. I get to practice and play all I want, it’s not really work and don’t have to deal with the public. It’s perfect. Of course I don’t need the income which makes it more of a hobby.
  2. @Tahoe Congrats on a first post that get a like from @Ferguson giving you a 1 to 1 post/like ratio. You’re off to a good start.
  3. 1. City and State? St. George, UT 2. Handicap? 6.8 4. What is your home course? The Ledges 5. How could a StrakaLine guide help your game? Some days reading putts is a struggle for me. One day I can see the line like it’s painted, and other days I’m illiterate. I have way too many 3 putts due to the read rather than the execution. This looks it could be very helpful- like having a caddie. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  4. This is me. I’ve posted about some dogs in my life but didn’t mention Frisky yet. He was a Beagle - Corgi - ? mix my family got from the pound when I was 5 years old. He was the only dog I had growing up as he lived to be 16. I was 21 when I had to take my buddy to the vet and say goodbye. He had been lethargic and unresponsive for months but no one in my family had the stones to do anything so I finally stepped up. I had to carry him everywhere as he was so weak and I knew it was time. When I got to the vets office, for the first time in months he sat up and licked my face just before the ve
  5. Being raised in Palm Springs I played in extreme heat every summer and it’s just something you know is going to bad. You can pre-hydrate, baste yourself in SPF 1000 sun block and wear the coolest clothes available and even then some days are going to be miserable if not unplayable. I stopped playing mid-round only one time because of the heat, but I was stupid enough to try to golf on the hottest day in recorded history- and it was like 90% humidity.
  6. One of the shows I like watching is How It’s Made where the way different things are constructed are explained. I’d watch a show that shows how different golf balls are made; forged and cast irons; modern drivers and classic clubs. How the different launch monitors are constructed and the technology differences as well as equipment like laser rangefinders, GPS and shot tracking would interest me. They could also explain how courses are planned and explain construction techniques. I know some courses use technology to drain water and to control the temperature of greens and it would be interest
  7. This isn't just golf. I remember when I used to enjoy flying commercial. Get to the airport early to relax in the gate area and get on the plane along with the other nicely dressed passengers. Quiet relaxing flight that included a meal. Now it's something to avoid at all costs. Once you actually get through the gauntlet to get to the plane its like riding in an old Greyhound Bus full of derelicts that just left the downtown Los Angeles Skid Row terminal. While I'm old enough to wax nostalgic about the "good 'ole days" I also remember they weren't so good for a lot of people. Howeve
  8. Sounds like my score from the other week - 6 birdies, 6 pars, 6 bogies. I've never done that before.
  9. I decided to get a set of lessons at a local center that uses top quality LM’s and video from side and behind. Today was my first session and it was the the first time I’ve seen my swing like this. It was eye opening to see how different my take away is when my video was put next to Koepka’s or JT. Other than I started out in a very similar setup, there weren’t many other similarities during the rest of the swing. I’ve had lots of lessons from different teachers over the past 40+ years but I never could visualize what they were describing until today. I now have 2 things t
  10. His fidgeting reminds me of Doug Sanders. I don't know anything about him other than he's one of the guys I hit the FF button on. If he hits a good shot I'll go back and watch it but I'm old and don't have enough time left on earth to watch that kind of a PSR. I play with a guy who waggles and looks up and down and up and down. He's a nice guy and as I like being around him I've learned to not watch him go through his PSR. I wish I could hit a real life FF button sometimes.
  11. After league play today my foursome was sitting on the balcony overlooking a couple of greens. We were enjoying the free drinks courtesy of a HIO from one of the guys. We finished on hole 11, walked to our cars and loaded our bags, drove the 1/4 mile to the parking lot and went in and got the drinks. While sitting down, the group on 12B (who teed off right after us) was walking past the clubhouse to hole 10. After we were sitting for a while another group sat next to us and went on a rant about slow play. Sadly they didn't check the sign up sheet and started on hole 10. We look for two fourso
  12. 10 years ago my wife and I called Costco the $200 store. Now its the $300 store and that's only the average. We can go much higher.
  13. I don't even notice mine. I never wore it while working though after one bad experience. I was chasing some nere' do well over fences and through yards when I had to climb a 6' chain link fence. It had the cross hatch top and when I jumped down my ring caught on the protruding chain link end and i ended up hanging myself by my ring finger. Big time ouch.
  14. I just noticed that Costco now sells the cheaper Zip X2 and its on sale for $799. If you are choking on the AT's price this would probably be a good option. https://www.costco.com/mgi-zip-navigator-at%2c-all-terrain-electric-golf-cart-bundle.product.100504700.html
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