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  1. I’m not sure I’ve owned 188 pairs of shoes in my entire life.
  2. Apparently the powers that be in La Quinta think renaming SilverRock to “Talus La Quinta” will make it a better destination. Hopefully the course will manage to retain at least part of its name as it has a pretty solid reputation. My home course did this several years ago when it changed ownership. The Ledges became Valderra at The Ledges. Dumb move that only lasted a couple years. https://kesq.com/news/2021/10/19/silverrock-resort-development-project-rebranded-talus-la-quinta/
  3. I haven't gotten the card for several years but when I did one card was good for a foursome. They do have seasonal restrictions though so you should check the website to see if its worth it.
  4. Keith may look good on the first tee. Then he goes all Muni and by the 18th his shirt is unbuttoned, collar turned up and almost untucked. But he has nice pants I guess.
  5. In the league I play in you can play the red tees once you hit 80 years old. There are two payouts for white and red, and most guys are happy to move up as they score better and win some cash. A couple of years ago one of the nicer guys in the league moved up to the reds and every week his name was on the payout sheet. You would have thought he was leading the FedEx standings he was so happy. He also got his first HIO that year.
  6. True statement. I’ve played with his grandfather Taka a couple of times in men’s league. Super nice guy who obviously is very proud of his grandson. Every few months he would be sporting a new Puma outfit which was pretty funny to see.
  7. If you have the cash go with the Zip Navigator AT electric. Game changer for walkers.
  8. This is important. Even though a course may be open, if it just reseeded it will probably be cart path only which can be miserable.
  9. At the range there are no consequences for bad shots. No OB, no trees, no uneven lies, no pressure. When I hear people say they can’t take their good range swing to the course I’m pretty sure it’s the same swing.
  10. I still wear tapered clothes. However, as I’ve gotten older they taper the other way.
  11. @Ritz122 Sunday is the only day I don’t play. Any other day I’m good to go.
  12. I had a Clicgear for years before getting a MGI Zip Navigator AT. Not having to push a cart is a game changer. Like walking with a caddie who doesn’t talk.
  13. Hogan irons did this and it led to some funny results. I saw a couple sets for sale that someone had engraved the iron number next to the factory loft number. Apparently trying to remember if you hit a 37 or a 41 is hard.
  14. I think Keith Mitchell is a great golfer but I never considered him very stylish. In fact, I always thought he looked like several of the guys I see at the city courses I play at. In fact his muni look is one of the things I find interesting about him.
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