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  1. That is a great price. A person could buy several of them and make $300 profit reselling them.
  2. Thats the answer. While playing with my son and daughter-in-law and grandson three of us hit to the fairway and my son waited until the green cleared. It’s not a long hole but there’s a lot of problems around the green. I’ve never been able to hold the green resulting in a ball rolling down a steep drop off. While it’s not as sexy, the best opportunity to score is playing it two shots which most locals do- even the longer hitting ones. Those not familiar with the hole see a green that only requires 260 to reach the front but aren’t aware of all the built in problems until they hit. Unless you can launch a super high drive 265 that will not roll you’re not going to hold the green as you need to hit over a ravine and then front guarding bunker but every day people go for it. BTW- I told my long hitting son to lay up but he couldn’t resist. Drive rolled into the ravine which he tried to hit a hero recovery shot out of. Got a double while boring dad laid up and got a par.
  3. I’ve sold my credit to other league golfers at a discount. Technically I took a loss, but I still got some folding money I could use elsewhere because there wasn’t anything golf related I needed. I also bought and then sold a Scotty Studio one year.
  4. I typically use my 3W off the tee when accuracy is more important than distance. As having a shorter shaft is a component of increased accuracy this combo wouldn’t be beneficial to me. When hitting off a fairway the only time the extra yards would (maybe) help is when I can try to hit par 5’s in two, which is much less frequent than using the club off the tee.
  5. Athletes should stick to sports.
  6. Not bad. Not on the same level as Mr. Trololo, but with some practice he could have gotten close.
  7. Actually, this is a great option. I have a black ‘18 F-150 Limited and it has every bell and whistle available including massaging seats. I put an aluminum bed cover on it and it’s better than an SUV. Looks better too. Looking at the 2021 edition. Not because I need it, but I don’t need the newest clubs either and I still get them. It’s not in the Rolls price range, but it’s over $80k.
  8. A couple of years ago I got the Alignment Pro package in a WRX giveaway. Of course I lost one of the sticks at a range, but I replaced it with a Home Depot driveway stick. They came with a sweet head cover. I use the basic alignment stick every range session, and occasionally will use the putting aid stick when my putting gets squishy. https://www.alignmentpro.com
  9. Yes. Pretty cool actually. I think its the parking structure.
  10. I lived in BC for a couple of years and learned of the way the letter Z is pronounced there. I asked my friends there if Z is pronounced “zed” is Zed pronounced “zed-ed?”
  11. Not my creation. Recipe here: https://www.copymethat.com/r/6MLxq9K22/brisket-pale-ale-pie/?fbclid=IwAR2-tSM2q3mpyATm3VFSkIiydkzXY_rdzvhCjDL2N4vRuEI9UvD_up1l2m8
  12. The sandwich looks good. I used left over brisket and pork shoulder for “Swatchos” and pot pies. Swatchos are Nachos with BBQ beans, meat, cheese etc. Brisket pot pie is on a different level of good.
  13. Whenever family gets together they all want me to cook ribs. I am one of the odd people in the world who would prefer other types of meat to ribs. I do like St. Louis and Spare Ribs over Baby Back, and I like beef ribs better than all pork ones. The family goes all crazy over the ribs and I'm content eating a couple and filling up on sides. I prefer investing cooking time into shoulders and briskets. That being said your ribs look perfect. Good pull back on the bone but they look like they still have some bite. No sloppy sauce either - good work.
  14. The view in my post is of Snow Canyon State Park. The 12th tee at the Ledges is on the edge of the canyon rim.
  15. Close but no cigar. It’s next to my home course The Ledges. Parts of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were filmed here.
  16. Hint - some WRX's have seen this view from the 12th tee box.
  17. Yes. Often it is a full club difference. Sometimes the difference is a soft shot vs. stepping on one.
  18. The “Elphi” Concert Hall.
  19. Yup. Guess that was too easy.
  20. Here’s one. Construction started in 1884, continued for 38 years.
  21. I do like the slope function. Use it pretty much every round.
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