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  1. OK guys I've had this for a bit but have decided to stay with my TI M6 for now. I took the plastic off thinking I was going to use it, but the season ended here before I could do that and decided to move it in favor of something new next spring. I looked for the sticker but couldn't find it but wrote the specs down.. Never hit. Holler
  2. Happy Tuesday before Thanksgiving too all! Holler if you have and Q's Looking to move a set of Black 718 AP2's with the black AMT white S300. The hardest thing to do with these Irons is take good pictures...that black finish is great and all but nearly impossible to take a good picture. There is a ton of life on these..played for about 1/2 a season here in MN. They are STD LLL but I can bend to your specs...grip are Z-cord with only about 6 rds on so lots or life. Looking for.....SOLD Also have a 34.5" spyder X copper with a stability Single ben
  3. Follow along guys...This was an original 35" putter...I did a swap for it and was told it was professionally cut to 33" looked good when arrived..I had designs in keeping it so had it professionally extended to 34" and added a red Scotty Matador mid grip. It has 35gr weights. SWAPPED
  4. Come and get Them...Mizuno MP-20's MMC Stiff Flex, Excellent condition. I played 3 RDs with them...Very little use. 4I still in plastic Bought them from a fellow member but not quite for me...Heading to graphite so these need to go. Not looking for a trade, But might be interested in new Titleist Driver? or High end putters. 4-PW $ Taper 120's Black Stiff flex STD LL 38" 5I New GP Decade MCC grips on 5-PW Tour velvet in 4I I can bend these to your specs if different than STD SOLD Shipped Con-US
  5. Hello all...couple of shafts today, I would prefer to move these as a pair. Both in great shape. Buy as a pair 150.00 Hzrdus Black 6.0 62gr 44.5" tip to grip...no adapter played 45.5 in Srixon driver 75.00 shipped HZRDUS Yellow 6.0 76 gr, 42.5 Tip to grip. Played 43.5 in Srixon 3W 95.00 shipped.
  6. Hey guys looking to move this. Thought I would have more time to give it a good trial, but MN weather looks to have shut us down with snow on the way and already here in the northern part of the state. Evenroll ER5CS 35 in. with a Ionic mid-size black grip. Like new condition HC included. Swapped shipped firm. Not really looking for trades, but wouldn't rule it out. Holler with Q's JC
  7. I always like the low profile of their FW collection. The problem is they always look closed at STD lofts & when I set them lower it never seems to work for me.
  8. Straight from the WRX Home page Taylor Pendrith also put the G410 7-wood in play with a Project X Smoke Green 90 6.5 shat Hate to see smoke green shat?...All in good fun here, Don't be a hater
  9. What Options did you add to this...Like TGC or Stickers, basic Package..E6 Connect? Thanks, JC
  10. Looking to move this today. Tensei Pro Orange 70S played 45.25 in my G410...I just stayed with the 60. SOLD Heading west
  11. STD Graphite usually .5 Over or 37.75 for STD mizuno...Sorry for not being specific first time.
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