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  1. I always like the low profile of their FW collection. The problem is they always look closed at STD lofts & when I set them lower it never seems to work for me.
  2. Straight from the WRX Home page Taylor Pendrith also put the G410 7-wood in play with a Project X Smoke Green 90 6.5 shat Hate to see smoke green shat?...All in good fun here, Don't be a hater
  3. I am looking for a good set of Irons that fall into the last 3 cycles of product in 8+ condition. Stiff shaft. Steel Or Graphite STD Length...or very close I can bend Lie angle so no worries there. Not any one brand is a deal killer...Well PXG would be. Also looking for Driver, 3W with the same product parameters. If you send me something Send me a price...won't consider without. Just trying to eliminate a lot of messaging back and forth. Pic would be great right away too, but we can get there if the product & price are in line with what I need.
  4. What Options did you add to this...Like TGC or Stickers, basic Package..E6 Connect? Thanks, JC
  5. Looking for 4 or 5-PW Let me know price...gripped or grip-less is fine. JC
  6. Hey Peeps looking this...Accra CS1 50 M3 driver length...43.5 minimum Let me know what you have & price. Thanks, JC
  7. Looking to move this today. Tensei Pro Orange 70S played 45.25 in my G410...I just stayed with the 60. SOLD Heading west
  8. STD Graphite usually .5 Over or 37.75 for STD mizuno...Sorry for not being specific first time.
  9. What's the SW & Length for these? Thanks!
  10. Not receiving email notifications when someone replies to my WTB or my PM to them/ Is that not going to be available? I did turn ON the notification feature both times.
  11. Do you have the weight kit with the Ardmore.
  12. Wow...those lines look great! I would think a combo set could be in my future!
  13. I'm In Glad you've jumped back...then forward to the old, new sight.
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