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  1. To be fair, given the ho-ing you've been doing, one could question what is actually in your bag.
  2. Horrendous name, awful stripes. Shame, could have been amazing.
  3. Thanks for that. Was hoping to see the 13.5 at address position.
  4. Was just about to order a full face zip core, I'll be waiting a little bit longer now.
  5. We normally get screwed but this mob is actually the TM distributor now so you can't go anywhere else. I'll be getting one from Aus and getting family to post it over.
  6. How about this?? https://www.golfwarehouse.nz/collections/drivers/products/taylormademini300driver
  7. Would be great to see a pic of the 13.5 at address.
  8. I'm still holding out hope for this. Just from the pics, the new one looks better at address and the stock shaft on the OO was garbage too (at least the one that came in mine was)
  9. Can someone pm me if/when tm get around to releasing this, please?
  10. Long story short, I've got angel of attack issues. I'm trying to fix them, without too much success so far. Is there such a thing as a forgiving head that doesn't spin too much? I realise these things don't go together.
  11. Link? I couldn't find it. My IG skills are clearly lacking.
  12. meh

    TSi3 or TSi2

    The tsi3 looks incredible and sounds better! Sadly, it only wants to go right for me.
  13. Their irons, yes. Their woods that came unglued (A LOT), not so much.
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