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  1. Sorry, I'll say what I want. Your arrogance in suggesting your comment is having something to offer because it is positive is at best, laughable.
  2. Wack? If you throw enough crap at a wall, some of it is bound to stick. No idea why you would spend big money on one of their putters, the finish on them is straight garbage.
  3. They need to buy (whatever) a putter company imo. Some putters look good but all of them have that lined insert.
  4. I'll take checkers if it means a better looking, better sounding and cheaper driver that performs as well if not better.
  5. I think the hackers paradise has the callaway informercial market covered.
  6. Did the the name "average golfer" go over your head?
  7. bryson only thinks he knows everything.
  8. Quite impressed with the lack of leaking (but really unimpressed as I want to see it)
  9. I have nothing against Matt whatsoever but I watched the vids for what Ian would say, not for a guy who swings 25 miles an hour faster than me and whose ss changed quite a bit.
  10. meh

    Apex 21 Combo Set

    The irons are great, I really like them. That being said, the quality of the finish on the face is absolute garbage.
  11. As the title says, does it still flake really easily or have they fixed it?
  12. Do you notice much of a difference in the sound/feel between the pro and non-pro?
  13. I've got the latest variant in 13.5, lofted down slightly, stock shaft. Works amazingly for those like myself with a poor angle of attack.
  14. What is the offset and top line like on the mp55?
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