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  1. I've been demoing one at my club up against my 913 D3. There is no comparison the M2 is a good 15 yards longer on average hits with fairways hit going way up and leaving all the crap shots in the truck. Going to be buying one for sure, it is an amazing club.
  2. I have AP'2s and I go down to the Gap wedge 50 degree. I like using that club for 110 yard full shots and just about anything lower than for pitching. I also use it with a putting stroke when I am just off the green and can put it real close by taking a few feet of fringe out of play compared to putting where the fringe can really affect the roll.
  3. Hey guys, I recently switched to AP2s in S300 AMT. I hit them very well and love them. I hit a slight draw as my stock shot, I'd say maybe drawing it 5ish yards. However on Par 3's I tee the ball up just off the ground and for some reason I overdraw the ball every time. That 5 yard baby draw turns into a 10 yard draw, often losing a few yards of distance as well. I have thought about just not teeing it up; but our tee boxes are bent grass and if you catch it slightly fat you can really scoot under the ball so I like to have that tee when I get the opportunity. Any ideas on what I may be doing?
  4. Hey guys, Just curious to see what yardages you feel like you can make a birdie, par, or scrambling for par? Assuming your tee shot on par 3, second shot on par 4, or third shot on par 5. I'm a 13.1 hcp and: 0-135 - chance for birdie (9i and below) 140-160 - chance for par (8i-6i) 170+ - tough scrambling for par (5i +)
  5. Hey guys, Summer is rolling around and I would like some new wedges. My club has a great selection of Vokey Demos and I want to hear it from you guys what Vokey you use (i.e. - 60 degree /12 bounce / k grind) before I go try out all the demos. My course has a combination of tight lies close to the green, and very thick grass around the greens. I want one club for the tight lies and flopping around the green out to 80 yards, and I want another for hitting out of the thick rough and when it's wet. Right now I am using a 60/8, and a 56/11 and I find neither seem to be quite perfect. I also have an AP2 50 degree gap wedge and like that club for chip and runs.
  6. I like the 716s but never played the 714.
  7. This shouldn't take long. Awesome clubs I just got mine. GLWS
  8. I just switched from the JPX EZ to the 716 AP2 DG s300 AMT. Lovely transition ball striking improved leaps and bounds quickly
  9. 716 AP2. I just switched I'm a 13 capper. I went through the ringer with GI clubs, AP1, G15, JPX EZ, and finally I found the AP2. No more fat shots that go 40 yards. The accuracy is impeccable rather than missing a green by 10 yards I am missing by 10 feet. The AMT shafts are awesome as well can't say enough about them. If you are consistently drawing the ball look at a slightly flatter lie then what you are currently using. That could be the issue.
  10. Thanks everyone for the replies. Useful thoughts thus far
  11. Hey Guys, Just got myself some 716 AP2's. These are the first "players" clubs I've ever had and I am loving them since I got them last week. I have 4-GW, Stiff, AMT S300 and I really enjoy hitting the 4 iron, and hit it well. My question is this: I am looking for that next club in the bag (4i goes 185) and I would like a club in the 195-200 range. Is the 3 iron going to play similar to the 4iron? I have never been able to hit long irons until I got these clubs. Previously I had 4,5,6 hybrids and now it seems when I do try Hybrids they are inconsistent compared to my irons and have a chance of going left. I was just curious to hear opinions of others on 3 irons and how they play compared to a 4iron off the deck and off the tee. I have also considered the T-MB but have never hit one. Cheers, Joel
  12. Just got some last week, these are my first set of "players irons". I just flushed a 4 iron last night from 183 out, like nothing I've ever felt before. Does anyone have any words about the 3 iron? I've never been too great with low irons, but with these clubs I love hitting the 4 iron and seem tto have more confidence in my 4 iron than I ever have had with a 4 hybrid so...
  13. I recently joined a private club. Excellent course. I am one of the youngest members there (26), yet I get out there and play with all of the regulars of all ages (mostly 40+). It takes a while but once you get involved it becomes more and more fun. It sounds like you may have joined the wrong club if 40yrs old is one of the youngest members.
  14. Hey Guys, I am curious to see why people are playing the ball they play, and what ball it is. I know everyone has multiple reasons but lets hear the #1 from anyone willing to chime in. I play the Titleist ProV1 because of the beatufil feel/roll I get off of my putter face.
  15. G25 hybrid 23deg. Use on 190-200 yd par 3. Sometimes as a safe drive. Great out of rough and nice for punching out of trees and easy to hit about 100 yards for lay ups on tricky par 5s. I also get stuck on longer par 4s and use it a lot(can't drive). It is my most used club. Behind putter and driver
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