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  1. I was using a Samsung s20 ultra and not picking up shots
  2. I had my membership and order of the link canceled today. Not worth it for me to pay for the opportunity to troubleshoot compatibility issues with android phones. I really was looking forward to using arccos vs my 200+ rounds on gamegolf. Good luck to everyone else with the sensors!
  3. I had another few failed rounds of close to zero shots read. I am really disappointed in their customer service though. For a company charging for a service you would think that they would be on top of things. It been 7 days since I replied back to a support email. I would expect this from game golf but not for something charging a membership fee. I also sent a separate message yesterday morning asking them to cancel my membership. No response at all as of yet.
  4. who knows the wait time for a link though. A friend has been waiting almost a year for his still
  5. So far contacting support for help has been disappointing. I wrote them a detailed email. They only wrote back "try microphone compatibility mode" I had already tried that before. No response since then. I am leaning towards canceling any further membership and getting rid of these..
  6. I played another round with a friend who was also using arccos but had a iPhone. He had zero issues. Mine again failed to register any shots before I just closed the app and put my phone in the bag.
  7. Played my first round with a new set of arccos sensors from the ping promotion. Phone in front pocket Arccos app only app running End of the round it only recorded 15 random putts through out the round. Not anything else. Today I loaded up a course across the street from me and hit my 7i on the ground and it recorded that. Moved away from the area and tried an aw. It would not register. Ended the round and started a new one. Not even the 7i will register again. Any one have any ideas for what to do? I am using a Samsung s20 plus and eve
  8. maple hill is fantastic as long as you have the time scheduled in for the trackman fitting. If you just show up its a different story.
  9. So far I have really been happy with these. Very similar to the ping glide wedges with the full sole. Feel a lot nicer though.
  10. out of a fairway lie I have never had a flyer with p790's/MP18's/i210/apex etc The only clubs that ever would give me random flyers out of the rough were the apex pros. I generally hit my 5i around the 200 yard mark. From the rough I have hit some that have gone 230-240 and over a green. The p790s for comparison have always been very consistant distance wise.
  11. Mine are being delivered on Tuesday. Jumped on the free customization they were offering.
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