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  1. Lamkin UTx midsize on driver - 9i and Lamkin Sonar +1 wrap on all wedges. I like a thicker grip on my wedges.
  2. Your only connection to the club is through the grip so best to buy OEM grips and leave the fake grips to your fake PRO.
  3. Try every size and go with the size/compound that feels the best for you
  4. I like the ball and now I would like to see how it plays off of the Triple Track putter
  5. TS3 with the Tensi stock shaft is a much better performer than the 910F3 that it replaced.
  6. 6 iron It is a club that gets very little use on the courses that I play
  7. A new set of Crossline midsize grips ready to install and I finally scored some hand sanitizer and toilet paper ....woo-hoo!
  8. Lamkin UTx midsize. I have been playing these grips for years and they perform best for me. Try various grips to see what **you** like the most and then go with them. Enjoy the journey!
  9. TS2 set at 45" as per Titleist fitter
  10. 2001 Hogan Apex Edge irons with stock Apex 4 graphite shafts -- still in my bag today. Not planning to replace them until the grooved wear out!
  11. 58* SM7 works best for me with chipping around the greens and out of the bunkers.
  12. +1 with the Cobra. I have the Fly-Z 5/7 with stock shaft in my bag and I'm not looking to replace it any time soon.
  13. My father's set of Ben Hogan Producer irons and Macgregor Jack Nicklaus persimmon 1, 3, and 4 woods will not leave my collection.
  14. 910D2 and TS2 the only two drivers I have owned in the last eight years after hitting just about everything else out there.
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