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  1. You need to be 6 feet tall or taller to play blades. Play blades.
  2. People who take lessons are just trying to buy a better game via instruction and practice.
  3. Maybe you’re having trouble stabilizing the mat because your soil isn’t healthy. I recommend a total lawn restoration. You should do a dethatch and core aeration, then level your lawn with a sand/soil mixture. Your soil will be much healthier next year, and since you can’t return the product, you can test it again next year.
  4. All great equipment suggestions. My suggestion is to play a round with a friend’s clubs, or a rental set, while not inebriated to see if you really like the game. If I pursued everything I tried while inebriated, I’d be a coke head now.
  5. I don’t know how anyone can complain about people not fixing ball marks on the green. If a ball mark is in your way, fix it. Plus, most WRXers fix their ball mark AND at least two dozen others on every green, so I don’t see how there could be many un-repaired ball marks. With 548 million members and growing daily, chances are there will be a WRXer coming through in the next group or two to clean things up in case anyone missed one.
  6. Do you remember when GolfWrx had a usable “ignore” feature? I definitely would’ve used it on someone this thread.
  7. Fifteen year old black cat that won’t let anyone touch her, a fifteen year old orange tabby with kidney failure, and an eight year old cat with one eye that follows me around like a dog would. I play Ping i200s.
  8. Why would anyone care if there’s an attachment in a GolfWrx thread? Crazy idea, but why don’t you start testing the changes you make to the site?
  9. We definitely need that thread too as the 5.1 to 9.9 group gets overlooked a lot on this site. I’m also looking at new irons and I need feedback from players who hit a stock 7-iron 158 to 159 yards.
  10. Fair point. I’m reading the GolfWrx manual (print edition) trying to figure out how to change the thread title using a mobile device. I expect to have it updated by Monday.
  11. Absolutely. With daily handicap index updates, I need to have different loft, bounce and ground combinations on the ready in case I move to a different index grouping (e.g. 4.4 - 4.5 or 5.0 - 5.1).
  12. OP here. I agree that the scope of this thread is too narrow. If I want to get better, I think it's a good idea to hear about the wedge setup for better golfers, so opening up to input from players with a current index of 4.4 AND 4.5.
  13. I’m currently a 4.7 and play a Ping i200 U wedge, a Vokey 56 high bounce K grind, and a Edel 62 degree. I’m interested to know what others in my handicap range are playing.
  14. Most tour players would struggle to shoot par without a lob wedge. Take away the grandstands that prevent their bad shots from going OB and take away marshals who find their ball in the rough, they struggle to break 80.
  15. After reading the title I thought you were going to say that the LST is 50 yards longer than the G410 Plus.
  16. You’ll get better responses if you move it out of the golf balls sub-section.
  17. I kept the club I used for my albatross hole out for 20 years. It was a Dunlop John Jacobs system 8 iron. I guess I was WRX long back then. But then I decided it was time to make new memories and ditched the club, so I guess it doesn’t qualify because it’s no longer in my possession. Now my prized possessions are the Hogan Apex Plus iron heads I’ll try to keep around forever. I just loved hitting those irons when I was younger. Maybe I’ll shaft them some day and play a round with them.
  18. ”I think it's a 970 D , I would have to go look at it. I haven't looked at the bottom of that club in 6 years. I just know I don't like the way I hit it.” When you take the head cover off the driver, you’re looking at the bottom of the club.
  19. “I usually start the season with a handicap around 17-18, and slowly work it down to a 12-13 by end of season.” If you end the season as a 12/13 how can you begin the next season as a 17/18? Asking for a friend who wants to do something similar.
  20. Welcome to the site. Kudos for using the term shovels in your first post. I have a feeling you’re going to do just fine here. For combo sets on a budget, take a look at Cobra Fly-Z Pro Forged or Cobra Amp Cell Pro Forged.
  21. > @1Mordrid1 said: > > @XYB34A said: > > They were made by Tommy Armour. If memory serves me correct. Northwestern, Tommy Armour and PGA irons were all made by the same parent company. Funny I started playing golf in 1974. I putted within a 100 yards for quite some time because I couldn't chip or pitch at all. > > > > I was just lucky. I went with a group of men at my church when I was 25 to pick up some tips. I shot 144. I remember making a 9 on the first hole and a 10 on the second one, and stopping and buying another dozen golf balls at the turn. > > > > I worked for Lowe's and had to entertain contractors to get business. > > > > I went into the proshop to buy a set of irons. I looked on the wall and it was a set of Ben Hogan PC with stiff shaft. I bought 1 iron thru E wedge. And hit thousands of balls with them in the next 6 years. > > > > There is not one thing wrong with hitting older clubs. If you hit the center of the clubface. Then your club could have been made in 1952 and it would not matter. This crap of I hit a 7 iron 180 yards is just crap. It is total ego and vanity. IF you can write 4's and 5's and the occasional 3 on your card. Then enjoy the game. > > > > ITS ALL ABOUT WHAT YOU SCORE< not how you look. > > > > Beware the old guy with old clubs with new grips. > > If you have no ego, then why would it matter what someone else hits? He was last active 1.5 years ago, so don’t expect an answer.
  22. > @seve1972 said: > is there any way to have people post their handicaps....sorry to be a d*ck... but how good a player is says a lot about what club they choose..and for what reason. JAT. Handicap means nothing on GolfWrx. Nearly every 14 cap on this site is an elite ball striker but struggles with driving, chipping, pitching and putting.
  23. > @Mrgreen36 said: > I don't pay attention to other people's clubs, I really don't care what others are playing I feel exactly the same way. But I was intrigued by the thread title so I stopped in and posted in it, even though I don’t care what clubs other people play.
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