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  1. Man, this is tempting, but I've promised myself that I must go get fit before buying any new clubs.
  2. Sad. He was so easy to root for.
  3. Good catch. Maybe he's dropped the Titleist hat deal. Uniqlo certainly has more money.
  4. It's really not. Roger recently acquired the rights to use his logo from Nike, and he's also a Uniqlo brand ambassador like Scott. I'm sure they're friends and it's just a nice gesture now that Roger can use his iconic RF logo again.
  5. This really comes down to fit, and finding clubs that spin & launch properly for your game. I'm a 2 and plan to get fit for a new set next year. Currently playing a combo set of X-Forged(P-8) and Apex CF16(7-4). The Apex 7 iron in my game is right on the line of launching too high but it's otherwise amazing. When I go in for a new set I want the most forgiving club possible that still spins and launches appropriately. Thinking that could be something like the Ping i210's, but I wouldn't be opposed to something even more forgiving.
  6. Bridgestone J15CB. I've yet to hit a better CB, and there's a reason they've remained in tour bags for so long.
  7. Man, I would love to buy these but I just can’t justify the expense right now. GLWS. Beautiful set.
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