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  1. I've never found SYK's approach to be boring, but it's a matter of opinion. She's aggressive, you can't shoot -31 without going after it. There are all sorts of limitations to the way the tour measures things, but SYK is currently the longest Korean player in the LPGA's driving distance stat and #16 overall.
  2. True, though one would think it would be less difficult for a rookie with Bianca's very apparent talents especially this year with so many international players being away from the tour after the restart.
  3. SYK is a force and I wouldn't bet against her but she's got a long ways to go and a lot of players to overtake to suprass the Queen. A win this week would be a nice appetizer before she locks down the USWO for major number two.
  4. One more quick update. Got in two bonus rounds, golf in November is hit or miss. Used the same ball again so I have just shy of 5 full rounds on it. Wiped it down and ... on the left, used. On the right, never used. You can tell it's been played, but still very usable and performance never suffered. If I get in any more golf I'll keep using it till I lose it since it would be tossed in the leaf ball bag by now anyway.
  5. I only saw a tiny snippet of video attached to a tweet but it looks like Jin Young Ko has been working on her English, she was saying something about being happy to see Brooke Henderson again. Also saw a tweet from one of the golf writers saying that Lucky 6's English has improved a bunch -- and she was already pretty articulate. These ladies are going to be marketing forces around the world if they keep winning. Now, self, why didn't you use the shutdown to start learning Korean?
  6. I expect TV coverage will be pretty decent. The USGA TV contract is different than the LPGA Tour's contract and provides more extensive coverage. I haven't seen an announcement yet as to how much TV we'll get.
  7. Played both in September. Buck's Run is a nicer layout and was in better condition. Pohlcat was fine, though, and I'd play it again. There are a couple of stupid holes but nothing that'll make you regret playing there.
  8. Seems like December in future years might be a good time for a massive world championship event. Anyone know anyone that might have 5 or 10 million lying around in unused annual sponsorship dollars?
  9. Will be rooting for Ji Hyun Oh, glad to see she's in
  10. Nice field. Let's see what Jin Young Ko's form looks like before the USWO. Lucky 6 too. And we get a bonus Gabi Ruffels appearance! Picks this week, based on absolutely nothing at all: Nanna Koerstz Madsen, Mina Harigae and a solid finish by Haley Moore.
  11. I enjoyed it, but one event under the lights is enough.
  12. After another round yesterday, I'm sold. This ball is perfect for me. Paired with someone I've played with enough to know his game. He's usually a little longer than I am off the tee. Not yesterday, I was clearly longer. Repeatedly. The handful of extra yards I'm getting on every drive is helpful. I like the feel as well. The performance off the irons and wedges is consistent. It's not the highest spinning, grippiest ball, but that's not my game. Feel and consistency matter. If I remember I'll clean up the ball later and see how it looks after nea
  13. Really a nice looking course. I didn't pay close enough attention when "watching" it last night (it was on while I was doing other things) to have a sense of how challenging, strategic or flexible it may be, but it sure looks nice on TV. I thought having Mike Whan do some on course commentary was great and he did a nice job. I had already heard about Danielle Kang's answer to the "first thing you'd do as commissioner for a day" question, but if I had not it would have been a serious LOL moment. Forgot to make picks this week but nbd since most of my regular choices a
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