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  1. They definitely mention it and there are a couple players (e.g. Brittany Lincicome and Stacy Lewis) who have been pretty vocal about it. Doesn't Smuckers sponsor the day care? At least they used to. Anyway, when a high profile player has a child and comes back to playing that's when we hear about it. Nice to see a strong field this week.
  2. Done Done Grand Rapids, MI Yes, although it was pretty limited. Driver. Leaving plenty of yards on the table with my current club, which came out sometime in the Mesozoic Era. I mean, I'm not even sure that fire had been discovered yet. Thank you to Club Champion and GolfWRX for this very cool giveaway.
  3. Weekend pace has been all over the map here on the west side -- have had a couple Saturday rounds just under four hours on one extreme and a 5:20+ slog around Pilgrim's Run on the other. Demand is definitely crazy but there are times when you can get lucky and it's not completely packed.
  4. postfold

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I got order confirmation emails the same day I placed each of my orders. Hasn't otherwise been related to build date as far as I can tell. With my first order (a wedge) I received an email when it shipped 17 days later. Current order shows as processing, was placed right after Labor Day so no surprise there either, I would guess a build in the next week or two if components are available.
  5. That line is by far the best part of that commercial. If PXG commercials didn't have the oddball stuff they'd be completely unbearable.
  6. Grand Rapids, MI area 9.0 In my imagination, mostly. Though I do occasionally visit a driving range. Nope, never have. Yes. Of course, as long as there aren't too many objections to dad jokes and way sub-100mph swing speeds.
  7. In that price range New Balance is definitely the answer. 4E width is as wide as it gets in any shoe. I personally prefer the NBG574SL since I hate soft spikes, but you can get a variety of options under $100.
  8. I've only been to events in the midwest but without exception, it's always a great time. If Gabi Ruffels is in I'll pick her this week, why not. Go get that card.
  9. Grand Rapids, MI area 9.0 Ping S55s, white dot, +1" Right handed I'm a sucker for a good looking iron and those are straight up beauts Of course, the world needs to know about operator error and how it impacts perfectly good equipment
  10. Dunno about Pelz or the pros, but I have a 64 in the bag and find it useful ... within limits. It's a specialty tool for deep bunkers, short flops and the very occasional pitch when I need a shot that stops stone dead. If I needed slots in the bag for fairways I'd probably drop it but since I have room why not.
  11. Grand Rapids, MI area 9.0 Yes, Bushnell v4 Under $250 Of course, though rangefinder testing probably offers fewer opportunities for self-ownage. Probably.
  12. Fully open on Thursday. Small chance I may get out there the end of the month, but so far I haven't found an available tee time during the small window I have available.
  13. Both are fine courses but I also prefer Mid South.
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