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  1. American Dunes is a must play but it won't be everyone's cup of tea. I think it's pretty spectacular and the whole experience is top notch. The greens are a massive upgrade from GHGC, amazing what taking out a zillion trees will do for your ability to grow grass. Also, after hearing about what some of the prices elsewhere I don't even think it's particularly overpriced at $185. Try and allow as much time as you can to really enjoy the experience - take advantage of the practice facility, check out the shop, walk through the Folds of Honor memorial. Pilgrim's Run is also a fantastic course and a great value.
  2. Apparently we are not alone, it was PACKED in there on Saturday. Way too busy to do anything meaningful. The DeltaPlex just doesn't have enough room, at least not how it was set up. Hopefully the golf show will be slightly less claustrophobic.
  3. I've played Hawkshead a few times but never noticed the lodging. Will have to look for that next time. It's a solid course. I really did not like the Beeches. If I were staying at Hawkshead I'd make the drive to play Harbor Shores, Ravines or Lake Michigan Hills instead. Or DIamond Springs. Heck, I'd play Clearbrook over Beeches.
  4. Maple Hill sale this weekend at the Deltaplex. If it's not 96 below zero tomorrow I'll probably drive over. Even if I don't buy anything I can think about what I'll end up buying (sigh) when I go back for the golf show in February. I mean, what else do we have to do until spring?
  5. Right. I have no idea if they asked Shinnecock, but even if they had it's a very good question whether Shinnecock would have said yes. It's a fact that members hate having their private club (that they pay a lot of money for) shut down and unavailable. Adding another week to a shutdown that's already taking two weeks plus out of the heart of an already short season? Could be hard to swallow. But we'll probably never know if they asked. Pinehurst being a resort with a single owner is a little different. Plus it's nearly a year-round destination. They'll come out ahead on the deal. I enjoyed 2014, Michelle Wie winning was just a bonus. Lots of drama, a good hard challenge for the best golfers in the world that wasn't just distance. I will say that I enjoyed the women's event more than the men's but that may have just been due to watching more of the women. It's too bad that you're not a big fan of Pinehurst, it really is an amazing place and I don't just mean #2. In fact I've never played #2, despite visiting the area annually for 15 or so years. If I were going to ever travel to volunteer for an event I'd go for that one, but I don't think I'll be quite old enough to take the time off (i.e. retired, lol)
  6. Because they had already awarded earlier dates for both the USO and USWO to other courses? Is this a trick question? Or possibly because they wanted to do it at Pinehurst as part of their HQ#2 deal? Or other courses weren't willing to do it even if the USGA wanted to? I haven't watched much of the tournaments that play the men and women at the same time. Seems like there was an event in Australia and also one in Sweden. I think if you did it that way the coverage of the women would be marginalized, which is regrettable. The men's USO is such a big deal. I personally much prefer that the women have their own stage up against some anonymous MegaBank Open on the PGA tour. I'm not saying that's a bad idea, just not one that I would implement for the biggest event of the entire season. You don't mess with the crown jewel unless you're pretty sure.
  7. Great news. And not gonna lie I'm also very pleased to hear about the return of back to back USO/USWO at Pinehurst.
  8. Definitely is physically gifted and her swing is a thing of beauty to watch. Haven't really studied her side-by-side with Nelly but she has a ton of ability and (based almost solely on her social media posting) seems to enjoy the game and is driven enough to succeed at the highest levels. Projecting the future of golf prodigies is hard but I think she absolutely has star potential. And yes, she's got personality and does pretty well on interviews considering how young she is.
  9. I'm still waiting on my OG Premiums, but that's not good news (I'm a wide footer). I have a pair of OGs (and many older pairs) that fit fine, so I'll keep holding out hope, but if they're too narrow at least it won't be a huge loss.
  10. UltiZip grooves. More better grooves YES PLZ Higher MOI = more consistent results even when I don't hit the sweet spot every time 48 degree, perfect gapper
  11. Yup. I would use it in a house, I would use it at the Mouse, I would use it on the range, I would use it so often people think I'm strange. Seriously though it would be pretty swell to get actual data about my swing.
  12. Small Wins: 52 and 58 Sub70 wedges customized to my whim, have worked pretty well Broke out the 64 a few times for particularly nasty courses, mostly successful Found some consistent putting success using an old Ping Anser with a fresh Winn midsize grip instead of the annual cast of dozens. Chaos: Rotating cast of 3W, 2h and 3h candidates at the top of the bag, not 100% happy with any of them, not close. Didn't really get to try much new gear this season, hoping for more - especially drivers - in '22.
  13. Two questions: Which side of town do you live on? Which side is work? If you want to really commit best to have your course be very close to home, work or both imo.
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