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  1. If I stumble across a decent set of Eye2s I may just pick them up for a nephew who is just taking up the game.
  2. Having played it again over the weekend I'm looking forward to seeing it in the spring -- honestly it looked to me like a course that has seen a TON of play (which it has) and could use a little downtime to let the fairways recover. Too many (filled) divots. Greens are still very good (with ~ 1 exception). Some areas in the rough have taken a beating from cart traffic but only so much you can do about that. No idea what they have planned for fall maintenance but I would imagine if they did some after closing (like Forest Dunes does, for example) with a little warm weather before they open in the spring conditions should be pristine.
  3. Sub70 wedges. Custom specs, built exactly the way I want them, been super happy.
  4. You need to get off the fence and become a Brooke fanboy. It's bugging me that I can't remember someone else who used to use an extra long driver. Maybe it was Emilee Klein?
  5. Grand Rapids, MI area 8.0 Right Ping Eye2 Surely iron technology has advanced since 1992, right? Maybe this would stop the ongoing takeover of my bag by hybrids. Certainly, will even throw in a review of the XL Halo irons. Sure, though some photos may be of suspect quality since they would involve my golf game.
  6. Getting groups around a golf course in a timely manner is a problem that resists an easy solution, at least if you are an operator and are trying to maximize your revenue. If you're a player it's easy - way fewer groups, spread out those tee times, kick anyone off the course that's slow The reality, unfortunately, is that to play in 3 hours you have to be first off, play in abysmal weather, or be a Rockefeller. Felt like hitting the lottery when I got around in 3:30 on Saturday. Definitely sounds like a little time off would be a good idea. It's amazing how many swing flaws you can forget when you're not out there grinding, at least that's been my experience. Of course I acquire new ones, but that's a different issue.
  7. It has to be Nelly. The major is the difference even if you don't count the Olympic gold b/c it's not a tour event. Doesn't take away from JYK's incredible season. No shame in being 1b to a 1a and with the form she's in it would surprise exactly nobody if JYK won one or more events yet this year.
  8. Not that many others to choose from, right? Anyway: Go Cindy!
  9. Saw Kim play a couple times this year, don't remember ever seeing Morgane. Top 10 on Symetra's not shabby tho.
  10. I could be bothered to fly to Busan but my wallet has other ideas. Guess I'll have to settle for hoping for TV coverage or at least something on YouTube. How else am I going to learn about up and coming KLPGA pros?
  11. Played Whispering Woods a couple years ago and was pleasantly surprised, it was pretty decent especially for the price. Greens were good. Ownership changed hands in 2020 though so no idea about current conditions.
  12. Not an in store option but I have been pretty happy buying from Callaway Apparel, at least when they're running one of their frequent sales or occcasional clearance events.
  13. Just started watching yesterday's coverage off the DVR, LOL'd pretty hard at the 2nd mention of Brittany Henderson being off to attend a wedding not even 15 minutes in. Hoping to hit a trifecta given how much time is left in the broadcast.
  14. Well hey we got to see JYK hit one shot anyway. And there was even an Anne Van Dam sighting!
  15. What, you don't enjoy coverage of Brooke Henderson's sister Brittany who was a fine player in her own right and now travels the world as a caddy for the winningest Canadian player of all time while pointing out the line with the flagstick? And is also Brooke Henderson's sister?
  16. According to the broadcast sunset was at something like 6:20pm, so not everyone finished before dark. Hard to push a big field through when the days are so doggone short. I fast forwarded through most of it but it looked like JYK gave TV a relatively long post-round interview. The bit I saw suggests that she's still working hard at improving her English and it's great to see her feel comfortable enough to show more of her personality.
  17. Give me Sei Young Kim with a dark horse of Katherine Kirk. Hey! Sandra Gal is in the field. Good to see her back.
  18. I have played in every month of the year, on Christmas, on New Year's Day, on an 80 degree day in February. That said, you just never know from year to year. The "lock" golfable months are mid-April through mid-October. But you will often have years where you can play in March or into November or December. Conditions are definitely not as good and you may have to play a lesser course, but it's still nice to get out on a 45-50 degree winter day after weeks of winter. I'll echo others and say that public courses to check out include Pilgrim's Run, Thornapple Pointe, LE Kaufman, GVSU Meadows, American Dunes, Eagle Eye in Lansing , Diamond Springs ... pretty long list. Plenty of decent mid tier courses too. Plan on going to Maple HIll in Wyoming for all your golf equipment needs. No clue on private club memberships and it would probably depend on where you end up living. Don't forget to check out all the great courses "up north" too -- lots within 3 hours of GR. If you can deal with the seasons GR is a great place for a golfer to live.
  19. Whan receives both too much and too little credit for his work. On one hand, he acquired sponsors from around the world and rebuilt the schedule after the c2008 economic crash put a big crimp into US sponsorship budgets. On the other, he benefited from a strong long-term economic rebound that lasted right through to the start of COVID. Marcoux Samaan (I'll learn how to spell her name eventually) will probably be in the same spot -- she'll have some COVID-related consequences but will also benefit from societal trends such as the willingness of corporations to pony up more money for women's sports in the name of social justice or what have you. Personally I'm a little skeptical of her ability to close deals as effectively as Whan, but if she has a strong team and the global economy is stable or better it may not matter. The Chevron deal is certainly a solid start.
  20. Is there ever a good time of year for golf in Houston? Seriously, though, I wonder where it will land on the schedule. Pushed back into May?
  21. This. I always enjoyed Mission Hills, one of only a handful of courses on the LPGA tour where you see a hole on TV and remember it. Especially the 18th. Great timing for a major, too, other than the Augusta-caused overlap with the AWNA. I suspect that Chevron will sponsor a first-class event, but it won't be the Dinah.
  22. If it's a shot that comes up often enough (e.g. it's a par 3 at your home club so you see it every round), it's probably worth trying to solve. If you don't have the requisite confidence in the 5i, why not give the alternatives a try? Whether it's a hybrid or a lofted fairway? What do you have to lose? If you don't like the results you WRX it and move on to the next option. I talked a playing partner into putting a 7w in the bag recently, he was fighting it but after seeing what it could do in a simulator he gave in and that thing has been money for him. It took seeing the results for him to let go of the idea that he "needed" to hit a 3 or 4 iron. I held on to my long irons longer than I should have so it was easy to speak from personal experience.
  23. I wear Haggar Cool 18s 100% of the time, I have never found them to be too hot, though I'm not playing in Florida humidity. They've handled the desert and the Carolinas just fine.
  24. Grand Rapids, MI area 8.6 Titleist 818H1 Lookee at all that technology, does it work? You betcha
  25. Grand Rapids, MI area 8.6 Titleist 818H1 That it doesn't have Alwaysgoleft-itis Amazing looking club, would like to see if it performs as well Sure, good words, good photos and bad golf would follow
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