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  1. 1. Join SuperStroke Nation HERE Done 2. Did you join SuperStroke Nation? You betcha 3. What SuperStroke Traxion club grips do you want to win? Tour, Oversize, Black/White 4. What SuperStroke Traxion putter grip do you want to win? Tour 2.0, Black/White
  2. Seems like the pod announcements more or less give away the pairings. Team Jelly, Kang and her close friend Salas, Lexi and Britt Alto. I suppose Lexi isn't a lock, but I think she's far more likely to play with Altomare than either of the rookies. I also think the rooks will sit. Also, absolutely this. Rose and Rachel had outstanding summers. They are both solid, well-rounded players. That is no guarantee of success, of course, but it sure doesn't hurt. I wouldn't bet against either one of them when it comes to accomplishing great things in golf ... IF that's what they decide they want. With Rachel in particular I could see her choosing some other path in life.
  3. I have a C130 and it's been a great bag but I'm starting to get annoyed with the 14-way divider -- I thought it was supposed to help avoid club tangle, instead getting clubs in and out of the bag has been more difficult than it should be lately. Some of it, I suppose is too many headcovers (4 hybrids) but come on. Thinking about going back to a simpler bag ... am I alone? Nuts? Both at the same time?
  4. I have a C130 but have never thrown it on my Clicgear, if I'm walking I step down to a smaller bag. I have seen people use that combination so it's possible though.
  5. Bob Parsons has fat stacks of cash, so unless he's suddenly bored with the golf biz ... no.
  6. I could presumably find it if I looked hard enough, but when will first round pairings and matches be announced? Friday?
  7. Finally had the pleasure of watching the singles matches last night. High quality production with a minimum of forced talking head blabber, really my only complaint with the broadcast was that they had a total of four cameras so you didn't get to see anything from the other four matches. Thankfully Rachel Heck was in one of those first four groups. Other random observations: Of all of the participants I think Hannah Darling has the highest ceiling if she pursues the professional game. She has so much talent and just has "it". Sorry Rose fans. Wasn't a fan of Jensen Castle's game but she sure has great touch around the greens. Short game saved her bacon long enough for Darling to finally crack. Didn't know anything about Caley McGinty but if she's playing at Okie State her profile will rise a bunch this year. Love the way Brooke Matthews was playing, no overthinking, no standing over the ball, just stepped right up and hit it. Every time I see Louise Duncan I hear an announcer yelling "WAIT WAIT IS THAT STACY LEWIS? IT CAN'T BE!"
  8. Lake Michigan Hills in Benton Harbor is another option, though it's a tier below Harbor Shores and the two in South Bend (afaik). A little less spendy than Harbor Shores at least. Whittaker Woods is also pretty pricey if I recall correctly.
  9. I have only played the Ravines, Hawkshead and Lake Michigan Hills and would play them in that order of preference. They're all solid courses, though I would have a small gap between each.
  10. I would have taken Nuutinen over Mel Reid. A little surprised to see both Noh and Harigae picked, probably more surprised by Mina. Happy for her though. And great for the team to have Stacy Lewis as an assistant captain, she'll get a ton of media attention (and won't have to deal with that on top of the pressure of playing).
  11. I stuck with irons over hybrids for years due to the lefts - stock shot was always a draw but I couldn't control it with hybrids. The 818H1 was the first hybrid I felt 100% comfortable with and I still play a couple. Also have a couple CLKs, yes fully on team hybrid now. Either one is a good choice for testing, if you don't like the 818H1 you should be able to flip it without taking a big hit.
  12. postfold

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Going to see how a playing partner likes the 699U/699 combo demos, he's played an all hybrid set of Clevelands for a while but is thinking about going back to irons. Good chance the 799s would be a better fit but interested to see how he likes the combos.
  13. Currently bagging 4h, 5h and 6h as well as a 3h on days I don't think I'll get along with the 3w. I'd actually like to find a 7h that works and ditch my 6i. I hit irons fine most of the time but the hybrids flat out work better for me at this point.
  14. There have been a number of Michigan trips put together in the Midwest subforum, if you're interested in looking at what others have done. Really, it depends on a couple things -- how long are you coming for, how many rounds do you want to play, what other activities (if any) are important to you, do you want to stay on-property, what is your tolerance for driving? Let's say your group is coming for a week and plays 18 most days but 36 once or twice. Day 1 -- morning flight into Grand Rapids, drive ~ 45 min to play American Dunes or play Hemlock in Ludington, drive about 2 hours to Arcadia, check in to lodging (2 nights) (edit: Hemlock is on the way so it would shave a few minutes off the drive time) Day 2 -- Play Arcadia Bluffs, Play Arcadia South (optional) or you could play something lesser like Champion Hill if you want a beer round Day 3 -- Check out, drive 1 hour to Kingsley Club (if you can get on), otherwise play another Traverse City option like Bahle Farms or one of the Grand Traverse Resort courses, drive 1h20 to Forest Dunes, check into lodging (2 nights) Day 4 -- Play Forest Dunes, Loop (Black) Day 5 -- Play Loop (Red), drive 2h to Tullymore - if you want a 2nd round you could break it up by playing Buck's Run in Mt. Pleasant. Check into lodging (2 nights) Day 6 -- Play Tullymore, Play St. Ives (optional) Day 7 -- Check out, drive 30min, play Pilgrim's Run, head to Grand Rapids airport That's a purely hypothetical agenda which might not fit your group at all, but it's a lot of good golf. And it doesn't include Bay Harbor, Black Lake, Treetops, True North (if you can get on) ... I have no idea how you get on Crystal Downs, but if you have the pull, play it. CD and Kingsley would be an incredible 36 and you could definitely do a longer stretch in the Traverse City area.
  15. Northern Michigan. Can base out of an area like Traverse City or if you want to not travel could do Forest Dunes, Treetops or Boyne.
  16. 818H1 is the first hybrid I ever got along with. I now play 4 hybrids, longest iron is a 6i. If a 33 degree 818H1 existed I'd add another headcover. No fairway woods though, have never been able to hit those consistently. At least not since junior days. I might throw in a 3w but if given a choice I'll hit the 17* hybrid.
  17. I have a C130 and regularly ride with another C130 owner -- heck, more than half of the guys I usually play with have C130s. No problem getting them both on the cart, though yes, it may require squishing them together a bit. I don't use the cooler pocket, but if I did it wouldn't be an issue ... on the correct side of the cart. If it's on the outside, no problem, if it's in the middle, forget it. I'm a little annoyed with how heavy my bag is, I've started purging my golf ball pocket regularly and trying not to pack rain gear on dry days, etc, to keep it down a little.
  18. postfold

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Might be the best UPS experience I've ever had. Got my ship notice from Sub70 on Thursday, got an email from UPS a couple hours later with a delivery window, delivered as scheduled on Friday. Advantage, living in the Midwest. Got in three rounds over the weekend with it and I'm very pleased. Build quality appears to be very solid, feel is excellent. Paired with a ProV1x I got the kind of stopping power I've been searching for forever. Already pondering whether I want to order a matching 52 or keep my 50/54 gapping in the less lofted wedges. Getting a can cozy and a ball marker with mine was a nice surprise. The swag is a nice touch, as is the handwritten note.
  19. I heard several people at the course yesterday talking about watching the final round - it was obvious they were not regular watchers of women's golf, since they didn't know a lot of the players by name (I mean, if you don't know Lydia Ko you clearly don't know). But they enjoyed it. Probably won't create legions of new fans in this country, but it certainly didn't hurt. And who knows, India might become the next Korea. It was a very well run even that should have met every expectation imaginable. Hard to find anything to criticize other than the heat and, uh, HEY! Rich Lerner! Stop setting up Paige giggles ffs!
  20. I have a C130 and use it when I ride. If I'm walking or using my push cart I have a lightweight Ping bag. Not that much of a headache to go back and forth, but then again I don't walk too often in the heat of summer or ride when it's early or late in the season.
  21. I only made it through the front nine but it seemed to me like the final group was waiting on the group in front of them a bunch. Nanna might deserve a pass. It's been fun watching Aditi but that lack of distance sure puts a lot of pressure on her to be precise with everything else. I'm pretty confident the putter will be there, but if she stops hitting fairways and greens it could get wobbly.
  22. I know the announcers are fawning over it but Aditi sure does roll the ball beautifully on the greens.
  23. Nice group here with Hyo Joo, Danielle and SYK. No objection from me if the TV cameras want to follow them around for a bit.
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