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  1. Looks like a free giveaway if you buy a set of four tires to me..
  2. No worries man. Thanks again for bringing this content to us. I’ll be keeping my eye out down the road for what this turns into. I’m sure you and the boys had fun with it.
  3. Any news as to when you can reveal the super secret proto?
  4. The P7TW is literally his irons, if they updated them they wouldn’t be his irons anymore...I’m all in on these wedges, not because of the tiger effect but because of the sole grind itself. It looks like a slightly wider dual sole grind with a pre worn leading edge which is what I play best with.
  5. “They” aren’t saying anything about the new line yet. The pictures were taken and released without TM’s permission which is why they were taken down. We are still weeks away from any official word from TM about the new iron range.
  6. Just put me down for one now..this feels like how you used to talk about the KK Dual Core XT
  7. I wonder if these are going to be super limited in quantity..
  8. Toll thanks again for putting this type of data out there for us, your tests are always my go to source of data. Appreciate it brother.
  9. It’s actually fairly tip heavy, So nearly the opposite of counter balanced.
  10. Awesome updates as usual @J13! bag is looking good brother
  11. Holy smokes that’s beautiful! Can you share a little about the order process? How did you place it? How long from order to when you got it in hand? Did you design the stamping or did you pick from options they provided? Also, if you are willing, could you PM me the price?
  12. NOS = New Old Stock..as in a a never been hit item of an older model.
  13. Man I miss the old days around here when Bobcat would pounce on this thread with a 14 paragraph breakdown of the qualities of his beloved SLDR-C. It was always good entertainment...I moved all the way off of the low spin chase to a moderately low spin head with more forgiveness. Ping G400 LST to what I play now in the G410LST..fairways are more fun for me.
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