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  1. Those lofts aren’t new, they were also the lofts of the MP20 MMC’s..
  2. Driver swing speed ~115 Handicap 1 ‘21 TP5X This ball ticks all the boxes for me. Trajectory, distance control, spin on all clubs, and it’s sooo much better off the putter face than the previous model.
  3. The T100S and the T200 have the same lofts in the long irons, so I’m all good there. The T100 and T200 would require some adjustment to fit your gaps for sure.
  4. First round in the books with my new irons and thought I’d share my thoughts with y’all. T200 4 iron, 5-9 T100S. For context I’m coming from MP20 MMC’s. Both sets shafted with Modus 120x. Looks: The T100 is notably smaller to my eye. Thinner top line, less offset and a much thinner sole. When I first received them I had to double check that I didn’t order them shorter than standard length on accident because of how much shorter in blade length the T100S are compared to the MMC’s. To my eye both iron sets are beautiful cosmetically. Feel: Ahh the age old debate about feel. I've read many WRXer’s post that the T100 series are much harder in feel than Mizuno and I’ve read fellow commenters defend the Titleist by calling them “solid” as opposed to hard or clicky and I’ve been left shaking my head wondering what the heck that even means…until now. My Mizuno MMC’s with the copier underlay are very soft, like memory foam or gel pillow soft. The Titleist feel great when struck well, maybe like a medium-soft mattress that still maintains support while you sleep. Well struck iron shots feel soft, yet powerful. *the T200 does feel on the clickier end of the spectrum but still felt good. I included it in my order because of the potential performance benefits it could offer and this it gets somewhat of a pass for me because spoiler alert, the club flat out performs. Performance: Given that they are the same lofts as my Mizunos, I was pleasantly surprised to discover I picked up a little less than half a club distance with the T100S. There were a handful of back pins today that if I hit my usual stock shot I would have been squarely in the middle of the green and looking to two putt and move on yet the T100S were flying pin high. I was seeing a Slightly lower more piercing ball flight without sacrificing any stopping power on the greens. Prior to the MP20 MMC’s I games the MP18’s. I switched to the MP20’s specifically because they slimmed down the soles and I found the turf interaction of the MP18’s to be a bit clunky. I don’t take much of a divot and I find that slightly thicker soles don’t help me make the best contact. Enter the T100S. The soles on these irons are incredible. I could feel the club get into and out of the turf quickly even while producing more of a thin sliver of a divot than normal. I felt like I was compressing the golf ball better than I had in some years. Admittedly I was nervous playing such a thin sole but after today I have enormous confidence that these soles were designed in a way that makes the club perform better for *me*. I live near the coast in SoCal so like always the wind picked up on the back nine. I found these irons easy to flight and I was impressed by how stable the ball flight was in the wind. T200 4 Iron: With the MP20’s I found the top end of my iron set to be compressed. My 5 iron went 12-15 yards father than my 6 yet my 4 iron only went 8-10 yards farther than the 5. The T200 immediately solves the problem. It reinstated proper gapping in my bag. I hit two par 5’s in two today using this club from distances my previous 4 iron only went on my very best of days. I saw mid-high launch and a very powerful flight that landed soft on the green. I used it as a tee club on two short par fours to further test its performance and stumbled into a new tee club option going forward. I’ll live with its slightly firmer feel for this kind of performance. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk. **5 rounds in with these now and I love them even more than when I wrote this**
  5. I don’t need the TP logo to signify any sort of difference in quality or performance I just want the logo back because it’s an awesome logo.
  6. If you’ve read just about any thread in this site for any new release over the last 18 months and still went ahead and made a purchase of a newly released set of irons thinking that there was a zero chance you might face considerable delays that’s on you my man. We can’t expect for golf manufacturers to wait for a full allotment of components to try and sell their new products. If they delayed their product releases until they could assure orders could be received in the pre-pandemic custom order time window we may be waiting an awful long time. Plus, what the hell would we have to talk about around here?
  7. Love seeing you guys get your orders in and shipping notifications. Played my second round with my T100S’s and these things continue to perform. I can’t get over how well the thing soles move through the turf and have improved my contact compared to my old MMC’s. Can’t wait to hear y’all’s thoughts on yours when you get them in!
  8. Fair enough, you gotta play what inspires confidence and performs for you.
  9. 100% similar doesn’t mean exact same. I don’t notice any significant difference in offset from my T200 4 iron to my T100S 5 iron.
  10. A few items for sale, first to PayPal is the winner. I will consider all reasonable cash offers, I’m not interested in trades at this time. 1. Mizuno MP20 MMC 4-9 iron, T20 46* PW. Modus 120x shafts. Standard length, loft and lie. I am the original owner of these and have kept them in generally good shape for a couple of seasons. There is some bag chatter that forged irons develop over time but nothing egregious. $650 shipped $715 shipped with additional T20 50* wedge (Modus 120x standard L/L/L) SOLD 2. MG2 TW 60* with stock Tour Issue S400. I only spent a few days on the practice green with this wedge and while it is awesome, I just prefer my MG2 LB 60* more. It’s in awesome shape with next to no groove wear. The face has started to patina. $old! pin 8/27
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