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  1. The kind with expendable income.. I dig the return to the 300 series look. I played a 360Ti in high school, loved that club. A buddy of mine broke it attempting an ill fated Happy Gilmore swing at the range the night before the high school state tournament. That was the origins of my golf club hoing.
  2. Special points to “Slow Players…” head covers. Message me with what you have and price
  3. https://forums.golfwrx.com/forum/44-tour-and-pre-release-equipment/
  4. Not a direct comparison, but I game a Piretti Matera Elite with a flow neck. Like you, I bounced around putter to putter before I put this in the bag. The head shape gives me confidence and I find it easy to align and pretty forgiving in off center hits. Piretti makes great putters. Period. The craftsmanship and quality is top notch and the customer service is even better. I hope this helps..
  5. What that means is any Big Box store (Roger Dunn, Edwin Watts, golf galaxy, dicks etc) can place an order for you through their Callaway account. You don’t have to know the rep personally, just have to get yourself to a shop with an account.
  6. I currently game a Matera Elite that I love but I’ve always been a blade putter user prior to putting it in the bag. I’ve been looking at the Potenza 2 putter on their website for the last couple of years and finally decided to pull the trigger but…..when I went to purchase it, they only had Potenza 2’s with the LA Gokf putter shaft that appears to be all the rage these days. I shot Bill at Piretti an email and he quickly let me know he had three left in stock that were ready to be shafted in steel and offered to put them back up on the site so that I could order one of them. Needless to say m
  7. Thanks J, just got my TSi3 with Ventura Black 6x and it was delivered light @ D1. I’m going to try to add a second weight in the track (one at T2 and one and either H2 or neutral) and see how it goes before sending it off for some melt.
  8. Am I reading this right? That copper underlay beneath the chrome is too gimmicky for the pure muscle back fans? I thought the MP20 MB’s looked fantastic and felt even better when I tested them. I settled for the MP20 MMC’s which look and feel best in class compared to other players cavity backs IMO. And kudos to Mizuno for finally including a PW in their iron sets instead of the 3-9 + spatula we used to get. Really looking forward to the MP22 release even though I’m still in love with my current set.
  9. I ended up ordering a TSi3 10* with Ventus Black 6x. Same shaft as I have in my g410 LST but with 1* more in loft. Should be here end of April, can’t wait to see how it performs.
  10. There’s gotta be someone out there who can share launch and spin differences from their own experiences, no?
  11. I’ve been thinking about making the switch from my G410 LST to the TSi3 so I’m happy to see you put your testing thoughts here for us J. Like another member mentioned, my Ping driver is unabashedly fade biased. I love to hit a cut, but it’s not the only shot I need. What are your findings launch wise vs the g410? I’m thinking I may need to use a 10* in a TSi3 vs a 9 in the 410.
  12. I’ve searched and read through many threads (and watched the TXG Videos, including the head to head with these two drivers) about the TSi3 and I’ve noticed that there are many Ping driver users who have either tested the TSi3 or have switched. What I’m curious about is this: what are you all seeing in terms of launch and spin differences between the TSi3 and the Ping g410 LST?
  13. Would have loved to see them expand the line to include 54* and 58* options. Sigh.
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